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carpet cleaning
1 800 FOR COIT

water softeners

O'Brien's Tax Service
210 653-7550

Copy Products

Broadband Internet

Arredondo Group

Copenhagen Imports
Smart Furniture

Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne
830 981-9543

BJ Associates
Laptop Specialists
10823 Gulfdale

Kitchen Solvers
kitchen remodeling
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Kendall County Air
Replacement ACs
Boerne 830 816-1879

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New Heights
Tree Service

Clayton Hollingworth
Residential pruning, landscaping, land clearing
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Tue May 31 2005
New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
This site surpassed 2-million hits in May
Good morning Mexico, Natherlands and Poland!

San Antonio mayor and Dist 6 and 7 council runoff election Tue June 7 • Only 4 days of early voting: starts today (5/31) ends Fri 6/3

add 11:26am
I am Deep Throat
W. Mark Felt
, who retired from the FBI after rising to its second most senior position, has identified himself as the "Deep Throat" source quoted by The Washington Post to break the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation


Tales of abuse in Guantanamo testimony
Tribunal transcripts offer glimpse into prison

One Guantanamo prisoner told a military panel that American troops beat him so badly he wets his pants now. Another detainee claimed U.S. troops stripped prisoners in Afghanistan and intimidated them with dogs so they would admit to militant activity. Tales of alleged abuse and forced confessions are among some 1,000 pages of tribunal transcripts the U.S. government released to The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit — the second batch of documents the AP has received in 10 days.

Cheney predicts Iraq fighting will end during Bush's second term said the United States was making "major progress" in Iraq

For troops, home is a wet nose Three pups on duty with Marines in Iraq after military guidelines for pets relaxed

CIA has expanded air operations behind a surprisingly thin cover of rural hideaways, front companies and shell corporations that share officers who appear to exist only on paper...

Push on to clarify rights for detainees A key Republican senator plans to push Congress to take on the issue of rights and treatment of enemy combatants captured and held indefinitely in the war on terrorism


From Texas speed limits to blue laws, changes coming soon While lawmakers this session couldn't agree on a school finance overhaul or a new tax structure, they did come together on many items that Texans are likely to notice, from political signs in your front yard to speed limit signs in your neighborhood.

Phones: Commercial mobile service providers must obtain consent from a customer before putting the customer's phone number in a publicly available directory.
Movies: Patrons who use a recording device at a movie theater can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.
Internet hunting: Computer-assisted, or Internet, hunting is illegal if the animal being hunted is located in Texas.
Child support: Grandparents or other guardians who care for a child for more than six months will receive child support.
Gift cards: Stores are prohibited from reducing its value once the card is sold.
Obesity lawsuits: Suing restaurants or food manufacturers because you are obese is not an option.
Political signs: Homeowners associations cannot prohibit someone from displaying a sign, poster, flag or banner endorsing a candidate.

Texas GOP caught in a knot of its own making Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Eastland) suggests the new majority needs to mature a little. "A lot of these fiscal conservatives never learned to govern," Keffer said. "The Republican Party better get acclimated how to do that or they won't be the majority party very long.



Free credit reports for Texans starting tomorrow Previously, people had to pay as much as $21 for the reports from three major credit agencies or ChoicePoint Inc., which maintains the insurance databases. But now consumers can get one copy of each report every 12 months free of charge.
Order free credit reports HERE


Ten-Foot Poll on Bexar Appraisals---RESULT
posted 10a Fri 5/27-1130p Mon 5/30/2005
How has the Bexar County Appraisal District treated you regarding property appraisals and the appraisal appeal process?
With courtesy, fairness and efficiency
Nothing special, but acceptable
Unfairly, plus it's hard to work with BCAD
BCAD should be completely torn down & rebuilt right
Total votes 226



Try an electronic silencer in your cubicle Babble, which is intended to function as a substitute for walls and acoustic tiling, is an example of a new class of product that uses computing technology to shape sound.

Man refuses to pick up $617,000 that's waiting for him

Overlooked last week:
Suspect in fingertip-in-chili case is getting hate mail Anna Ayala apparently doesn't know why. "She's having a little bit of a hard time understanding the depth of the hatred," says her lawyer. "I told her Americans love their fast food."

Karachi KFC staff burnt to death after mosque blast


Rejected toy tie-in



$3000 found in garage sale chair

Call centers in India losing employees because of abusive Americans, Brits "I've had people tell me, "Back off, Paki..."

Love can make you a little crazy New love can look for all the world like mental illness, a blend of mania, dementia and obsession



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