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Officer: Iraq effort 'could still fail'
U.S. commanders' assessment presents bleaker views of war.
The generals pulled back from suggestions that positive trends in Iraq could allow a drawdown of U.S. troops late this year.
"I think that this could still fail," the officer said at the briefing, referring to the American enterprise in Iraq. "It's much more likely to succeed, but it could still fail."



Round One in fight against proposed Bexar coal powerplant The plant [at Calaveras Lake] would be the first coal plant built in Texas since CPS Energy opened its last coal plant in 1992. Coal fell out of fashion in the 1990s because cleaner-burning natural gas was abundant and cheap.

As I say every so often with great sadness and sarcasm, who cares that the powerplants already at Calaveras Lake emit mercury and other toxic substances into the air which typically blows across the southeast and east sections of San Antonio and Bexar County? Kids and adults with little political power live in those areas, and if they're virtually powerless due to their lack of political donations to fatcats, why should the politicians care whether the East County Kids get shot full o' mercury?

"Out of the entire electric industry, coal-fired power plants contribute 96% of sulfur dioxide emissions, 93% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 88% of carbon dioxide emissions, and 99% of mercury emissions." -Sierra Club

States challenge powerplant mercury-emission allowances A coalition of 11 states filed a lawsuit yesterday challenging a new federal rule that allows coal-fired power plants to buy pollution credits to avoid lowering their mercury emissions.

email tax waste
Ran across the story -- "U.S. gives Anchorage $1.5 for bus stop." Makes the San Antonio bus stops kinda pale, in comparison...
Bob M

Chambers support dome upgrades Business leaders are encouraging the City Council to today authorize issuing $2.9 million worth of bonds for Alamodome improvements, saying upgrades will help the city land a Major League Soccer team and reduce the building's $2 million operating deficit.

5,000 to 7,000 troops leaving Fort Hood Officials question previously undisclosed reductions.





School won't allow Marine uniform at graduation Petaluma High School's principal [said] that school rules require that all graduates wear the traditional cap and gown.

Denton man gets 2 years for taping dog's mouth shut

Army schedules another hearing for Lynndie England

Netflix takes over Wal-Mart DVD rentals signaling that the world's largest retailer couldn't beat the Internet upstart at its own game. About 70 percent of Wal-Mart's DVD rental customers pay $12.97 per month for the right to check out up to two titles at a time. Most Netflix customers pay $17.99 per month for three titles at a time.

New Braunfels - McQueeney
TxDOT to reveal plans for widening FM 725 public meeting to discuss a proposed $20 million project to widen FM 725 between New Braunfels and McQueeney.

Upskirt subway camera causes bomb scare

Hot Aspen women to deliver food "in snug T-shirts"

Legislature takes step toward lots of Texas raises State employees would receive a 4 percent across-the-board raise next year, followed by another 3 percent bump in 2006 under legislation adopted late Tuesday by a budget conference committee. State peace officers would enjoy even larger raises, between 12 and 23 percent over two years

New trial denied to man whose lawyer slept in court "We conclude that, although one of his attorneys slept through portions of his trial, applicant was not deprived of the assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment because his second attorney was present and an active advocate at all times," wrote Judge Cathy Cochran.

Records searches: no judge's permission needed The Bush administration is pushing to expand the F.B.I.'s power to demand business records in terror investigations without obtaining a judge's approval.

Allstate won't renew 95,000 Florida policies Decision based on four hurricanes last year

Woman charged with scissor-cutting husband’s penis

Catfight outside bar results in bare-breast photo (with fight photos, of course)

New line of greeting cards aimed at couples in affairs Gallagher launched her line at the National Stationery Show this week. She hoped that retail buyers at the show would purchase the cards to sell at stationery stores, boutiques, gift shops and other places.


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