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Wed May 11 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri


US Capitol, White House briefly evacuated

This morning the White House and other important Washington buildings were hastily evacuated. People in streets nearby heard shouts of "Run! Run!" It turned out to have been a small, single-engine plane straying into the D.C. No-Fly Zone. Thousands were evacuated needlessly.

How dumb can things get? How unprepared can a nation be? Why don't we have AT LEAST ONE military aircraft in the air there AT ALL TIMES to intercept stray planes and assess such situations, so false alarms aren't given? Or would that be too complicated?

12:17 - Scott McClellan at White House NEWS CONF:

Small Cessna came to within 3 miles of the WH before turning west, away from the No Fly Zone.

Shootdown was not authorized, nor even asked for, even though the plane was within THREE MILES (!) of the White House.

People in Executive Office Building near the WH were NOT given the warning to evacuate, although McC says "protocols were followed" to handle the evacuations.

Did fighters force the plane to turn away or did that pilot do it on his own? Unknown at this time.

12:32 - Post 9-11, an alert system was installed in WH, but a reporter said it did not go off.


Timeline per McC (Central time)
10:59 plane 15 miles north of White House
11:01 within 10 miles, evacuations began
??:?? within THREE MILES of WH (time not specified)
11:11 alert level lowered
11:14 all clear


1:02 - I looked up the N-Number of the plane we saw on TV. It is a Cessna 150K registered to Vintage Aero Club, Smoketown PA.


Austin American-Statesman
Statewide property tax axed The Texas Senate today [around 2 a.m.] approved a major shift in state taxes ... increases sales tax over two years from 6.25 percent to 6.75%, boosts cigarette tax from 41 cents per pack to $1.16 ... increases by 25% alcohol excise taxes and gross receipts taxes for bars and restaurants that serve hard liquor ... scraps plans for a 4% corporate franchise tax on a business’ net income plus 25% of its payroll. (click DAILY BUZZ in menu bar)

  • Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos (D-Austin) was the only one to offer comments at the vote, saying that the state needed to work harder to address the expanding underclass of Texas rather than consolidating wealth into the hands of the rich.
  • Sen. Mario Gallegos (D-Houston) tried, and failed, to add video lottery terminals to CSHB 3 in the last proposed amendment to the Senate's tax bill.
  • Senate approved pull-tab bingo, an electronic card version of traditional bingo. Only bingo halls with existing licenses would be able to offer the game.
  • Payday Loan legislation that would create new regulatory safeguards and licensing requirements is dead for this session.


What's appropriate in cheerleading
A bill to tone down 'sexually suggestive' routines draws boos, cheers, and a deeper look at a staple of Texas culture.

Garden Ridge Pottery emerging from bankruptcy The home decor company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 2004 as competition from giant retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot stiffened.

Bombs kill at least 61 across Iraq Four car bombs and a man with explosives strapped to his body killed at least 61 people and wounded more than 100 in three Iraqi cities today as hundreds of U.S. troops pushed through a lawless region near the Syrian frontier in an offensive aimed at followers of Iraq's most-wanted terrorist.

Army to dress down its recruiters Enlistment work suspended a day after recruits — including one in Houston— complain. An incident in Houston in which a recruiter threatened to call police to arrest a man resisting recruiting efforts was among the incidents that triggered the suspension.



FTC moves against fake gas-mileage devices sold to idiots

Hick preacher accused of running out Dems quits In leaving, Chandler did not apologize for the controversy that made him a national lightning rod - the claims by some church members that they were told to leave if they voted for Democratic nominee John Kerry.

Jacko secretly sold Neverland Ranch says National Enquirer

Cops raid wrong house seeking hookers "I told them, "You gotta be kidding. I ain't getting any. Nobody else is getting any out of here,' " Petronella said.

Oklahoma man nabbed for wearing miniskirt and little else

Heads up: Oral-sex-in-car man loses license


wrist tattoo cartoon


COMMENTARY - Boston Globe
Driving out the butterflies The same day President Bush rolled back the ban on roads in the last 60 million acres of undisturbed national forest, National Public Radio ran a feature on how monarch butterflies use ultraviolet light to migrate.

Ten-Foot Poll on Forests---RESULT
posted 10a-11p Wed 5/11/2005
President Bush okayed roadbuilding and logging in the last undisturbed National Forest lands.
I like Bush, and I DO approve his decision to open the forests.
I don't like Bush, but I still DO approve his decision to open the forests.
I like Bush, but I DON'T approve his forest decision.
I don't like Bush, and I DON'T approve his forest decision.
Total votes 246


Flood Safety Awareness Day washed out by floods


Savior the baby rescuing dog
Many would adopt baby saved by Savior the dog (with a few photos)

Also -- Stray dog saves abandoned baby in Kenya


A prank call to Mapquest
JH: I'm trying to find 150 Clarendon Street.
MAPQUEST: I ... ah, I have no idea what city you are in, sir.

Doctor 'bounced' patient's breasts A family doctor today admitted bouncing a female patient's breasts with his cupped hands and calling her a "voluptuous woman" after she visited him with a stomach complaint.


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