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Tue May 10 2005
New page around 10am Mon-Fri


Marines recall 5,277 combat vests The Marine Corps is recalling 5,277 combat vests issued to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti after a newspaper article raised concerns that they failed a test to determine whether they could stop a bullet.

Yesterday's story had a lot more details:

Marines got flawed body armor
The reporter of the Army Times story will be a guest on my program at 1:05 p.m. today


Your Texas Legislature at work
Peggy Fikac - Chief, Express-News Austin bureau
Bill offers tax cut only to wealthiest Only Texas families making more than $140,853 a year would get a tax break under a multibillion-dollar proposal crafted by Senate leaders to reduce local school property taxes through higher state levies on businesses and consumers.

'Cool moms' may be in hot water House OKs bill that would hold parents who serve other people's kids alcohol liable. Texas has the highest rate of alcohol-related automobile crash deaths in the country among people 15 to 20.

Runoff race for San Antonio mayor
Rebeca Rodriguez - Express-News Political Writer

Castro ad asks followers of Schubert to join him The move is a calculated risk for Castro, a Democrat with strong support from some more liberal quarters of the city. The message of fiscal conservatism also raises questions of political opportunism.

email Bush and God
Get a load of this!
Debbie K.
Bush fish
Do you believe President Bush is doing the Lord's work?

Jesus Christ battles for driver's license

Runaway bride checks into hospital

Washington Times
PGA Tour breaks promise to fix course "..violating its good-faith agreement.."
[The PGA Tour organization is integral to the (proposed) PGA Village development in northeast Bexar County, which is currently (again) nuzzling up to the local government feeding-trough for sustenance from taxpayers' money]

Cops find burning car being driven by 9-year-old

Man scared by goose stomps same plus 5 baby geese

What dumb people say during job interviews

What beachcomber found turned out to not be a penis

Renee Zellweger, Kenny Chesney tie knot

Woman arraigned in Wendy’s finger case

Ten-Foot Poll on Mayor Runoff---RESULT
posted 930a-1115p Mon 5/9/2005
Which could be the most important negative issue in the runoff election for mayor?

Castro's opposition to PGA Village
Castro's flipflop on city manager
Hardberger's negative ad campaign
Hardberger's anti-developer statements
Something other than the above
Vote total  303

Prop 1
Thanks so much for your support. A great celebration at La Tuna, wish you could have been there. San Antonio voters are so wise about some things. They do understand how valuable our Aquifer and our beautiful natural are, and they are willing to pay to protect them!! Some of our "leaders" are not in touch with the citizens.
Congratulations to those who voted to support these tangible, irreplaceable assets. Warm regards,
Bonnie (Conner)

Prop 2
Thanks again for your help with Proposition 2 (and 1). Both your on-air and web site support were invaluable, especially for a no-bucks campaign like I had to run. I'm excited about the good for the city we'll be able to do as a result of this additional funding; it will will help provide a parks system that San Antonio can be proud of.
As excited as I am about the results, I'm really impressed with the voters' thoughtful response to the three propositions. That so many people voted for 3, yet voted for 1 and 2 also, really shows that they differentiate between issues. Conventional wisdom might have indicated that a vote for 3 would have meant voting against 1 and 2. But, while they wanted their property taxes capped, they also saw the value of protecting our water supply and investing in our parks system. You played an important role in letting people know what the facts were.
Howard (Peak)


email O Day
Check this link.
Elizabeth G.
Brazilian town declares Orgasm Day ".. intended to improve relationships between married couples."

Andy Borowitz

Situation Disastrous But Not Catastrophic, Defense Sec'y Says

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told reporters at the Pentagon today that the conflict in Iraq had improved to the point that it could no longer be considered a quagmire and should now be thought of as a morass.

"After taking a look at what is going on there on the ground, it is my judgment that it is time to upgrade Iraq from quagmire to morass," Mr. Rumsfeld said, adding that he was "very confident" in making the new assessment.

The Defense Secretary said that the decision to invade Iraq could no longer be considered "a boneheaded mistake of unthinkable proportions" and should now be thought of as "a colossal error we will regret for years to come."

"That's a measure of how much things have improved," he said. "Anyone who takes a look at the big picture over there would come away saying that the situation is disastrous but not catastrophic."

In order to fight the perception that the war in Iraq is going badly, Mr. Rumsfeld said he would ask Congress for an additional $37 billion dollars to go toward euphemisms and synonyms.

Mr. Rumsfeld appeared to bristle at the question of one reporter, Charles Dolgian of the Toledo Blade, who asked if it was still appropriate to refer to the war in Iraq as "a train wreck."

"It is most decidedly not a train wreck," Mr. Rumsfeld said. "It is a train derailment in which the train hurtles down into the embankment and bursts into flames."

Elsewhere, after published photos showed actress Jennifer Garner looking pregnant, Kevin Federline denied responsibility.


Creator of Dilbert has medical problem with his drawing hand

Teenager buried in avalanche of peas

Sun is up in Barrow, Alaska -- until August

Cop sues hospital for accidentally injecting him with glitter


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