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Mon May 9 2005
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Marines got flawed body armor
The Marine Corps issued to nearly 10,000 troops body armor that government experts urged the Corps to reject after tests revealed critical, life-threatening flaws in the vests.

Army 42% short of last month's recruiting goal It was the third month in a row that the active-duty recruiting mission was not accomplished.

Castro v. Hardberger in mayor runoff Julian had 42% of vote, Phil 30% (add Schubert's 26% to Hardberger's 30, you get 56 compared to Castro's 42: is that how the runoff might go Sat., June 7?)
Absolute best roundup of local and area elections HERE
Ten-Foot Poll on Mayor Runoff---RESULT
posted 930a-1115p Mon 5/9/2005
Which could be the most important negative issue in the runoff election for mayor?

Castro's opposition to PGA Village
Castro's flipflop on city manager
Hardberger's negative ad campaign
Hardberger's anti-developer statements
Something other than the above
Vote total  303

Houston Chronicle
40 years separate San Antonio rivals 30-year-old councilman will meet 70-year-old retired judge in mayoral runoff

Marine from S.A. is killed in Iraq A suicide bomb in western Iraq killed a San Antonio Marine reservist. Lance Cpl. Lance Tanner Graham

Weekend raids sweep southward from Baghdad
net more than 100 alleged Iraqi insurgents

Arnold says feds fail to do job at borders "..groups such as the Minuteman Project are rising up to guard the border against illegal aliens because the federal government is failing to secure the nation."




20% of Britain's wildflower species threatened with extinction

email Gumby
Hi Brad,
Came across a photo of SA's Gumby Statue on Dave Barry's Blog. Thought you might find the comments interesting.


Andy Borowitz
Runaway Spokesman Sparks Nationwide Manhunt

Pastor Tom Smiley, who became a familiar face to millions of Americans as the public spokesman for runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, failed to show up at a press conference scheduled for today, sparking a nationwide manhunt.

Those close to Mr. Smiley said that they were shocked by his sudden disappearance and began holding a candlelight vigil for his safe return.

"I hope to high heavens that there is no foul play involved," said Sheila Delawn, a family friend of Mr. Smiley's who joined the vigil outside his home in Gainesville, Georgia. "What we are all praying for is that the pressure of being Jennifer's spokesman just got to be too much for him and he got cold feet."

The possibility that Mr. Smiley might be a runaway spokesman was to be the subject of a press conference held today by Mr. Smiley's spokesman, Pastor Raymond Tonlin, but that press conference was scrapped when Pastor Tonlin himself failed to show up.

"We don't know where Raymond went," said family friend Jonah Coulier, who led a candlelight vigil outside Pastor Tonlin's house. "We just want to put the word out that if for some reason Raymond felt he had to run away, he has our understanding and forgiveness."

Dr. Lars Hensall, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota who studies the runaway spokesman phenomenon, failed to show up today for a scheduled phone interview.

The University of Minnesota said that they did not know Dr. Hensall's whereabouts and that they were "praying for his safe return."

Elsewhere, in a speech in Latvia on Saturday, President Bush made an impassioned call for democracy everywhere but the U.S. Senate.


Financial Times - London
US tourism ‘losing billions because of image’ The US is losing billions of dollars as international tourists are deterred from visiting the US because of a tarnished image overseas and more bureaucratic visa policies, travel industry leaders have warned.

Court orders dog owner to pay $45,480 for cat's death

Boston Globe
Texas A&M boosts image with financial gains
COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Texas A&M University, located in this sleepy city of 74,000 surrounded by bucolic farmland, is accustomed to its students being the butt of jokes told by urbane Texans, like the one about the Aggie who got fired from the M&M factory because he kept throwing out the W's.



DaimlerChrysler plant designates 80 percent of employee parking spaces for Chrysler vehicles only

tallest horse
World's tallest horse on US tour More than 12 feet tall (in heels)

Stray dog saves newborn baby, takes to pup litter

runaway bride toast
Ebay buyer won't pay for Runaway Bride Toast

Vaginal cream for face wrinkles may be unsafe "I have been putting Premarin vaginal cream on my face for 20 years, and it works," said Vicki Mackarvich. Oprah Winfrey was a little stunned, but interested, reported WBAL-TV in Baltimore.




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