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Thur May 5 2005
New page around 10am Mon-Fri

City Elections this Saturday (5/7)
Prop 1 Aquifer Protection | Prop 2 Parks | Prop 3 Tax Cap
Where to vote
based on home address | precinct number
KTSA coverage will start at 7pm with Jack Riccardi and Liz Ruiz.  Reporters will be checking in from all campaign headquaters and Election Central. 

Sunday is Mother's Day (5/8)


added 1231p -- HACK DEAD  Col. David Hackworth has died of cancer at age 74. Happened yesterday, no one knew... Details to follow...

David Hackworth dies at 74 Hackworth served four tours of duty in Vietnam and was one of the first senior officers to speak out publicly against the Vietnam War.

Obituary emailed to my producer Susan Farris from Hack's headquarters HERE



Texas Senate may ignore cheerleader bill which is exactly what Harvey Kronberg ( said on my show earlier this week.
The Express-News published an indication that Gov. Blowdry wants to emulate the grammar skills of the governor whom he succeeded:
“We'll see whether or not the Texas Legislature feels it needs to send a stronger message than, quite frankly, it's already been sent,” Perry said.
cheerleader squad
Ten-Foot Poll on Sexy Cheerleaders---RESULT
posted 10am-1120pm Wed 5/4/2005
Considering a law to regulate sexy cheerleading is

just the sort of thing the Legislature should be doing
a good idea but easy to ridicule
grandstanding and time-wasting
Total votes 359


Mayor Garza will alter soccer deal — after the election "I heard loud and clear that the council has concerns, and I want to take this feedback and lay out a plan that will certainly get their support," said Garza, who met with concerned council members throughout the day. "But doing it before the election won't be in anyone's best interest."

PGA scheme is not a done deal by far Lumbermen's Investment Corp., the project's developer, approached the county several weeks ago about setting up a taxing district after it began to worry about the legality of a resort fee it was planning to charge, Wolff said. Resort fees are under attack in several states, including Florida and California. "I don't know whether it kills the project or not," Wolff said. "All I know is, according to them, it's a major problem."


Mistrial in Lynndie England case
FT. HOOD, Texas -- A military judge abruptly tossed out a guilty plea Wednesday and declared a mistrial in the court-martial of Pfc. Lynndie R. England, throwing in doubt the prosecution of an Army reservist notorious for her role in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal.

$100M in Iraq reconstruction funds missing Auditors find bad bookkeeping, possible fraud for money the U.S. was to distribute

Al Qaeda's #3 a major capture
What the capture of Abu Farraj al-Libbi means to the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Pentagon ready to restart anthrax vaccinations on a voluntary basis
Soldiers could begin receiving the anthrax vaccine again as early as this week, but they’ll be able to choose whether they want it, according to Army medical officials.


Florida considering letting judges end alimony when ex moves in with someone else After debating the heartache of divorce, shacking up for convenience and romantics who "still believe in love," lawmakers voted Wednesday to let judges reduce or eliminate alimony when the person receiving it moves in with someone else. "This bill is more like a country-western song than good legislation," complained Republican state Rep. Nancy Detert

Idaho baby pepper-sprayed during argument

Cow urine new health drink of choice in India

Golden Puffs cereal comes with two-foot snake


Paula Abdul
'Idol' scandal could help, not hurt, the show

The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert gets his own show

Phishing attacks take a new twist The keylogger programs are built specifically to capture login names and passwords for online bank accounts and to send them to the attackers, Websense Security Labs said. They typically exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser program.

Willie: Thanks, but no thanks Singer says a toll road named for him just doesn't seem right.


Runaway Bride billboard
Runaway bride 'deeply regretful,' attorney says
Wilbanks' lawyer issues statement as demand for apology grows

Removing mom's signs brings scorn People from across the United States and as far away as Nova Scotia spent Wednesday telling Cape Coral Fla. officials they're un-American, communists and Nazis — among other things.

One reason why "Car Talk" guys rarely give interviews They're too outspoken. "George Bush is a [unprintable vulgarity]," Tom Magliozzi says, about three minutes into an interview. The reporter writes: "Rule Number One: When you're trying to ensure government funding, it's best not to refer to the head of said government as an unprintable vulgarity."

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