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Wed May 4 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri

City Elections this Saturday (5/7)
Prop 1 Aquifer Protection | Prop 2 Parks | Prop 3 Tax Cap
Where to vote
based on home address | precinct number
KTSA coverage will start at 7pm with Jack Riccardi and Liz Ruiz.  Reporters will be checking in from all campaign headquaters and Election Central. 

Sunday is Mother's Day (5/8)


cheerleader squad
Texas House okays sexy-cheerleader law
Opposition to the bill ranged from complaints that the Legislature shouldn't get involved in local issues to concerns that the bill was unconstitutionally vague. "Show me where you define what is 'too sexually suggestive,'" demanded Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston.

Ten-Foot Poll on Sexy Cheerleaders---RESULT
posted 10am-1120pm Wed 5/4/2005
Considering a law to regulate sexy cheerleading is

just the sort of thing the Legislature should be doing
a good idea but easy to ridicule
grandstanding and time-wasting
Total votes 359



Bush pitches retirement plan to workers the president called the new indexing proposal an attempt "to help people come up with the solution" to Social Security's solvency problems. He said it would help the neediest retirees.


Castrated molester is back in Bexar
A convicted child molester who [said] that he would strike again if he wasn't castrated returned to Bexar County on Tuesday after being released from prison on mandatory supervision.

molester Larry McQuay

What child-predator Larry Don McQuay wrote a decade ago


Early Bexar vote easily beats big 2001 race Early voting ended relatively strong Tuesday, with almost 53,000 people casting ballots in advance of Saturday's municipal election. The number exceeds by more than 50 percent the early vote turnout in the 2001 election, which featured a competitive mayor's race between Ed Garza and Tim Bannwolf.

Rural landowners rally against Gov. Blowdry's transportation plan "One, two, three, four. We don't want this corridor!" the yellow-clad crowd shouted Tuesday, amid other chants and jeers. Some shouted "Impeach Perry."

School bus driver busted for drinking on first day of job

Woman finds spy camera because of crucifix

Cream reunited in Brit concerts

Knife-carrying man bends over, accidentally stabs himself to death

Polite sisters plead guilty to robberies



Andy Borowitz
New Data Confounds Conventional Wisdom

As the countdown continues to the release of "Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith," a new study indicates that contrary to the conventional wisdom, a small but significant number of "Star Wars" fans may actually have sex.

Dr. Davis Preedon, who supervised the study for the University of Minnesota, said that while sexually active "Star Wars" fans still represent a tiny minority of the fan base, the fact that any "Star Wars" fans at all have sex may force scientists to reevaluate their theories about this little-understood population.

"The prevailing profile of the 'Star Wars' fan as a geek who spends ten hours a day on the Internet trying to dig up details of the new film's plotline is only one piece of the puzzle," he said. "For every one thousand 'Star Wars' fans who meet that description, there is another one who has a girlfriend."

Shane Losby, 27, a sexually active "Star Wars" fan from Gary, Indiana, says he has tried for years to convince people that he has sex but "it's really tough to get them to look past the whole 'Star Wars' thing."

Dr. Preedon said his next research project is to test the conventional wisdom that "Star Trek" fans do not have sex: "We've just started the preliminary research, but so far that theory seems to be holding up."

Elsewhere, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that with the U.S. bogged down in Iraq, the only way to contend with the Axis of Evil will be by somehow convincing North Korea to attack Iran.


Drug overdose killed Midland man who died after Taser shock

"Town Without Pity" offers hisses to runaway bride

Lobbyist paid for DeLay's airfare
House ethics rules bar lawmakers from accepting travel and related expenses from registered lobbyists.


Paula Abdul
Abdul + 'Idol' contestant = big controversy
A special edition of ABC's Primetime Live, reported by John Quiñones and airing at 9 tonight, questions the relationship between American Idol judge Paula Abdul, 42, and Season 2 contestant Corey Clark, now 24.


Florida Mom upset after 'Welcome Back Soldier' sign removed Smith, 44, and her friends put up a cardboard "Welcome Back Soldier" sign — the size of a desktop calendar — in the median strip along Country Club Boulevard to greet U.S. Army Pfc. Amanda Smith, 19, as she approached home. Besides the sign, 500 yellow ribbons on knee-high stakes lined the roadside for about two miles from the Smith house...

Kerry used campaign $ to pay parking tickets

Oprah calls in Dog Whisperer for pooch


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