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Tue May 3 2005
New page around 10am Mon-Fri

Early Voting ends Today (5/3)
City Elections This Saturday (5/7)
Prop 1 Aquifer Protection | Prop 2 Parks | Prop 3 Tax Cap
Sunday is Mother's Day (5/8)


Poll methodology questioned
Is Castro REALLY that far
ahead in mayoral race?
With four days left until the election and early voting ending today, San Antonio voters are relying on a single poll to gauge the horse race between Julián Castro, Phil Hardberger and Carroll Schubert. Three recent tracking surveys over six weeks, conducted by the New Jersey-based firm Survey USA, all show Castro with a commanding double-digit lead heading into Saturday's election.




Right after the noon news today Bonnie Conner (former councilman) will be on my program to offer counterpoints to Roddy's anti-parks, anti-aquifer protection column.

Roddy Stinson:
Top 10 reasons for opposing sales tax Propositions 1 and 2

Bonnie Conner:
Top 10 reasons for supporting Proposition 1:

1. The Edwards Aquifer is the primary source of drinking water for 1.7 million South-central Texans today, and will be for a million more citizens within 25 years.

2. If we fail to protect the aquifer and pollute our drinking water, we’ll have to build water-treatment plants that will cost billions of dollars. Talk about squandermania!

3. Proposition 1 has a clear, science-based plan that will be fair and transparent:

  • A Scientific Evaluation Team of experts will identify land important to protect based on how much recharge it provides for the aquifer.
  • Professional land agents will negotiate buying land or conservation agreements at fair-market prices.
  • To make sure the process is fair and impartial, each purchase will be approved first by a community-representative Conservation Advisory Board, then by City Council in a public forum.

4. The Scientific Evaluation Team will identify lands that have the most impact on protecting water quality – the key points of recharge into the aquifer. The issue is not how many acres we protect, but how much recharge we protect.

5. Abundant, high-quality water is essential for the business growth our community needs.

6. Proposition 1 continues a similar effort approved by voters in 2000 that protected nearly 6,500 acres of aquifer-recharge land from development. The $45 million raised by that measure for aquifer protection was spent exactly as voters intended by summer 2004.

7. New state law allows the city to acquire land both inside and outside of Bexar County, so we can now protect land to the west of the city, where 70 percent of the aquifer’s recharge takes place and where land is far more affordable.

8. Edwards Aquifer Authority studies show that when impervious cover exceeds 15 percent, water-quality problems emerge. Attaining that goal is more likely in rural lands to the west, where most of our water comes from.

9. Proposition 1 protects drinking water, natural beauty, habitat for wildlife and our Hill Country heritage. It is our God-given responsibility to protect these precious natural resources for our children and grandchildren.

10. Proposition 1 is supported by a wide variety of groups and individuals (see Aquifer Protection website home page HERE)



Sex offender Larry Don McQuay
leaves prison for Bexar County today

In 1995, McQuay told Houston-based victims rights group Justice For All that he would kill his next victim if he wasn't castrated, group president Dianne Clements said. At the time, the group entered into a contract with McQuay to find a surgeon willing to perform the operation. Clements said the group lost touch with McQuay, but when they attempted to learn last month whether he was castrated, he refused to release his medical records.


The continuing
adventures of the crackers

Jilted groom says runaway
bride 'very, very sorry'

Ten-Foot Poll on Runaway Bride ---RESULT
posted 9pm Sat 4/30 - 11p Mon 5/2/2005
The runaway bride who falsely claimed to have been kidnapped should
serve some jail time
perform community service
just be let alone
get nurturing and counseling
Total votes 459


New Florida law: mandatory 25-to-life for certain sex crimes against children 11 and younger

Lynndie England sentencing phase at Ft. Hood: Graner may testify

Man finds finger in frozen custard

Geologists warn of 13 little-watched U.S. volcanos


Texas Police Officers' Memorial

Chloe Santos, 7, wearing the hat of her father, El Paso Officer Marc Santos, makes a rubbing of fallen officer Andrew Barcena's name at the Texas State Peace Officers' Memorial in Austin on Monday. Barcena was Marc Santos' partner. Thousands gathered at the capital to honor officers who died in the line of duty.
Fallen officers remembered
Ceremony at Capitol marks weekend of events


25% tax on alcohol considered by Texas
The Senate plan would use the higher taxes to offset more than $6 billion in property tax cuts over two years.
"It's hard for me to believe that this bill is going to improve the fairness of the tax system, because it still increase the sales tax, increases the cigarette tax, increases alcohol taxes," said Dick Lavine of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, which advocates for low-income families. "So we may be in favor, for instance, of raising the cigarette tax as sort of a public health measure to help discourage the harmful activity. But we do know that all of these taxes are paid much more heavily by working people and middle-class people than they are by upper-income people."


Commentary > Opinion
Hey, Homeland Security: Will ya just listen to this, please?
The exasperated immigration officers told me they had to process the same people, even if they could verify that they'd already done so, because they weren't allowed to use their judgment. One of their own supervisors had been detained for more than three hours, even after showing his credentials!

Time Warner employee data missing
Information on 600,000 current, ex-workers lost by storage firm; Secret Service investigating.

Tourist terrified by 100mph tow

Mugger squealed as victim broke his nose


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