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carpet cleaning
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O'Brien's Tax Service
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Arredondo Group

Copenhagen Imports
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Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne
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10823 Gulfdale

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kitchen remodeling
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New Heights
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Early Voting ends Tomorrow (Tue 5/3)
City Elections This Saturday (5/7)
Prop 1 Aquifer Protection | Prop 2 Parks | Prop 3 Tax Cap
Sunday is Mother's Day (5/8)

London Telegraph
US hopes to start Iraq
withdrawal in December
The American military has set a target of December for handing over responsibility for security to Iraqi army and police units, says a classified document being circulated among senior officers. It is the first time that a date has been put forward for the phasing back of US involvement in controlling the insurgency that has raged for more than two years.
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At least 116 dead in Iraq in 4 days


Runaway bride may
face criminal charges

DA says vast law-enforcement resources were used to look for Georgia woman
Ten-Foot Poll on Runaway Bride---RESULT
posted 9pm Sat 4/30 - 11p Mon 5/2/2005
The runaway bride who falsely claimed to have been kidnapped should
serve some jail time
perform community service
just be let alone
get nurturing and counseling
Total votes 459


Lynndie England pleads guilty to Abu Ghraib charges Former clerk could face as little as 2 years in prison


US military inching toward resumption of executions Languishing cases, including 1 in Texas, may show Army's reluctance

Miscues at roadblock in Iraq An uncensored version of a U.S. military probe into an Italian's slaying cites lack of training, poor communication.


Mexican senator urges clampdown at US border Though Osuna received enough support for his bill to clear a committee recently, he was pressured by the government to quickly withdraw it with a promise to tone it down.

Mexican drug gangs send message to media: back off, or die



Trans-Texas Corridor critics to rally Tuesday at Capitol Critics have said the Legislature is their last chance to change the plan before the state finalizes a 50-year deal with developer Cintra-Zachry to build and operate the first phase from Oklahoma to San Antonio.

Wyoming men cited for making snow phallus
12:57pm add -- Tried to find photo. Couldn't. But I did find this one from a Harvard report: SNOW PHALLUS




San Antonio premieres Crownridge park atop aquifer The Crownridge Canyon Natural Area is the first preserve resulting from about 6,500 acres funded by a sales tax increase that voters approved in 2000.

Some boo cheerleading bill Teens favor local control of dance moves; lawmaker persists. The bill was modified and it now is scheduled to be sent to the House floor on Tuesday. Under the new terms, funding no longer would be cut, but the Texas Education Agency would be asked to intervene and determine what's acceptable

Interest in small aircraft takes off Manufacturers hope to put planes within reach of every family

Parasite devastates bees, and farmers are worried

Woman can't help it: bees are attracted to her

Australia to get feet-first graveyard buried standing up to save space

Teen wears Eva Longoria's gown to prom


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