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Wed Apr 20 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri


Chubby folks have LOWER death rate! people who are modestly overweight actually have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight. According to the new calculation, obesity ranks No. 7 instead of No. 2 among the nation's leading preventable causes of death.



Execution will end killer's loneliness Convicted Texas inmate Douglas Roberts who described life on death row as "23 hours a day in a cement box," grew up in Houston. He faces lethal injection Wednesday for the 1996 abduction and fatal stabbing of a San Antonio man whose car he stole.

'95 OKC bombing was beginning of end for militias Watchdogs say neo-Nazis and anti-immigration groups now pose the greatest threat

RICK CASEY, Houston Chronicle
Tort reform on a binge ".. lawyers and parties involved in this case on the side of the liquor providers have donated $99,000 to the court's current justices while this case was under consideration.."

TSA blew money bigtime says federal audit



Sam Donaldson on TV network news: "I think it's dead. Sorry."

Mall bans teens unless with parents

Government upgrades probe of GM pickups investigation into reports that tailgates are falling off the back of some pickups

Ten-Foot Poll on Photo ID---RESULT
posted 945a-11p Tue 4/19/2005
Would it be somehow unfair or discriminatory for Texas to require a PHOTO I.D. to vote?

Yes. Poor people don't have photo IDs.
No. It's no more than they require at Blockbuster.
Total votes 412
12:50pm -- We just called the DPS and asked whether Photo IDs are free. They are not. The cost is $15. Therefore I completely reverse my opinion and am AGAINST requiring a Photo ID to vote in Texas because, with a charge for the ID, that can have the same effect as a poll tax that discriminates against poor people.

email photo ID
I was pleased to see you changed your opinion on the issue of a state picture ID at the polling places given the $15 fee to obtain it.
I think we sometimes forget that there are a lot of really poor people out there that don’t live in our world in the sense that they are disenfranchised from a lot of things we take for granted. If you don’t have a job where you earn a regular paycheck and can’t afford a car, you don’t really need a picture ID. And you can’t get a license unless you can show proof of insurance which you probably can’t afford, either. A picture ID would be nice, but what would you need it for if you don’t have enough money to open a bank account?
By requiring a picture ID along with a voter registration card (which IS free), you actually do throw a barrier in front of the least fortunate among us who would otherwise be prevented from exercising their right to vote. How important is that right to someone who can barely afford a hot meal? I don’t know the answer to that – but I know that we SAY that the right to vote is worth sending hundreds of thousands of our precious youth to secure that right for Iraqis. And we have lost over 1,500 souls and many thousands more wounded to win that battle for folks who don’t always seem all that appreciative.
I think we can probably spare enough compassion to allow our own impoverished countrymen the right to participate in our own process – even though our government tends to disregard their rights in nearly every other arena. Just a thought – couldn’t we pass a law waiving that $15 fee for those who can’t afford it? That might not remove all the barriers to the poor who want their quiet voices heard – but it would be a start.
Steve W.

Bush to OK controversial bankruptcy code rewrite Makes erasing debt harder

One year ago this week:

Woman loses job over coffins photo in paper
Her photograph, taken earlier this month, shows more than 20 flag-draped coffins in a cargo plane about to depart from Kuwait. Since 1991, the Pentagon has banned the media from taking pictures of caskets being returned to the United States.


Truckers bristle at anti-terror rules The licenses cost $94 in most states. Once a driver submits his fingerprints at an approved collection center, it takes a week to two months to get approval back from the federal government. In several states, there's only one place where drivers can get their prints collected; it can take a day or more to get there and back.

Minuteman founder leaving border early but other volunteers to remain. "There's nothing for us to do here. We're bored to death"

Man jailed for shooting his broken-down car "I think every guy in the universe has wanted to do it. It was worth every damn minute in that jail."

'Holy man' broke coconuts on naked woman's head

Orlando cop tried Taser to produce urine sample

Taser profits down

Student impaled by javelin, another hit by shot at track meet

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