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carpet cleaning
1 800 FOR COIT

water softeners

O'Brien's Tax Service
210 653-7550

Copy Products

Broadband Internet

Arredondo Group

Copenhagen Imports
Smart Furniture

Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne
830 981-9543

BJ Associates
Laptop Specialists
10823 Gulfdale

Kitchen Solvers
kitchen remodeling
210 404-2667

The folks below are not radio advertisers, but I like 'em for their good work and very reasonable prices

New Heights
Tree Service

Clayton Hollingworth
Residential pruning, landscaping, land clearing
210 386-4252

Simon Edington

210 690-4574


Fri Apr 15 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri

All Dist. 10 city council candidates in studio 1:10p today
I'll be off Tue-Fri next week


Ten-Foot Poll on the Deal Killer---RESULT
posted 830a-11p Thur 4/14/2005
Mayoral candidate Julian Castro killed the deal for the new city manager

He did the right thing (against strong pressure)
He did wrong (and hurt the city)
Vote total 572

Texas Senate approves life-without-parole option

More Nat'l Security Agency jobs coming at least 1,500 jobs at the old Sony chip factory. The NSA already has about 2,000 people at Lackland's Medina Annex. On May 4, the NSA will have a career fair at the Omni Hotel in San Antonio. The agency is looking to hire intelligence analysts, language experts, computer scientists, mathematicians, signals analysts, accountants, financial analysts, investigators and police officers.

Drug war fraying bond of Los Dos Laredos

Two Americans slain in Nuevo Laredo prison

The Scobee Planetarium and the San Antonio Astronomical Association (SAAA) will be presenting a public stargazing event in the Planetarium parking lot on Saturday, April 16th. Start time is at dusk (sundown). Members of the SAAA will be on hand to answer questions, and provide the public with real-time glimpses of the Solar System through SAAA members' telescopes, weather permitting. The Scobee Planetarium is located on the campus of San Antonio College, near the intersection of W. Park Ave. and San Pedro Ave. From San Pedro Ave. turn east onto W. Park Ave. then take the next left into the parking lot. The Planetarium is the silver-domed building at the far end of the parking lot. The event is free. For additional information, contact Pat Lanclos at or phone (210) 566-0878.

email lethal injection
My Dad was murdered years ago. To this day, the pain it has caused my family, sometimes seems beyond belief. I think it's ridiculous to worry about the possible pain a convicted murderer might feel.
No way does it compare to the pain they have inflicted on others.
Duane in Austin

Lethal Injections Called Flawed
Some prisoners executed by lethal injection might be so inadequately sedated that they are awake enough to suffer agonizingly painful deaths, according to a study.

email Gang of 10
Hizzoner the Mayor and the Gang of 10 screwed up big time with the city manager search. They should have waited until after the election. I think the contract was somewhat over the top, but to attract top talent, you gotta pay top dollar.
The lady had the right take on San Antonio politics by making a unanimous vote a requiremnet. She wanted the job, but she also saw what the City Hall Hooligans did to the previous city manager.

email bankruptcy
I have listened to your show for a long time. A lot of the time I disagreed with your viewpoint. After the vote today on the bankruptcy reform bill I must say that you have been correct in the past and I have been wrong. This is hard for me to say but it is true.
I never have had to file bankruptcy and my credit is good. I just feel that this bill is wrong. There is no provision to put any control on the credit card companies. It is now obvious that the Republicans don't give a damn about the majority of the people in this country.
This brings me to a real dilemma: the Democrats aren't a hell of a lot better. Maybe it's time for a real third party. At least it would take a few years for them to become corrupt. Thanks,
Bob T.

email Castro
Castro did not change his mind until Patti Radle told him to oppose the deal for city manager. It also took the spotlight away from his ethical problems. Castro does not need any publicity from you to help him get elected mayor.
We do not need a young person who can only take orders from Ms. Radle. She also writes his letters! It would be the best for SA if Castro withdrew from the election, with Ms Radle approval, and with Ms Radle writing his withdrawal letter. Our current mayor is more interested in what SA can do for him. We do not need another person like that as mayor.
Castro is not the person to lead us!!
Dr. Prentess F.

The Amazing Zoomquilt


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