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Wed Apr 13 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri

All Dist. 10 city council candidates in studio 1 o'clock Friday 15th
I'll be off Tue-Fri next week

Former City Council members Glen Hartman, Helen Dutmer, Al
Rhode and others to file ethics complaints against mayoral candidate Julian Castro this afternoon. Coverage on my program today.

BULLETIN -- Julian Castro sets news conference 1:30 p.m. to announce he'll vote NO on new city manager package tomorrow. Manager candidate Sculley claims that unless council votes UNANIMOUSLY to hire her, she won't take the job here. Is she bluffing? Castro calls her bluff tomorrow. On my show 12:20 p.m.

12:19 p.m. -- I interrupt the above BULLETIN to bring you a new BULLETIN -- Castro cancelled at last minute saying he had to go to a meeting with Mayor Ed Garza.

1:35 p.m. -- Councilman Castro confirms in news conf that he will vote NO on Sculley because his constituents have sent feedback criticizing the high compensation package. Fellow council member Patti Radle says she remains "open" and is getting last-minute feedback from voters.


City Manager would be USA's top-paid $265,000 base salary, $20,000 to move from Phoenix, $3,000 for house-hunting trips, $1,500 a month for up to eight months for temporary living quarters and storage, $10,000 to travel to Phoenix twice a month for a year, $400 monthly car allowance, $70 per month for cell phone, and an annual expense account of $6,000.

Ten-Foot Poll on City Manager---RESULT
posted 9am-1150pm Wed 4/13/2005
Would you hire Sheryl Sculley to be San Antonio city manager for first-year compensation of $320,800?
Certainly. She's hot.
Maybe if I knew more about her.
Let City Hall decide: they're smarter than me.
I'd probably vote against.
Certainly not! What am I-- stupid?
Total vote 620


The Arizona Republic
Phoenix official likely next city manager for San Antonio
Phoenix Assistant City Manager Sheryl Sculley, who has been a driving force in redeveloping downtown, has tentatively agreed to become the next city manager of San Antonio.

San Antonio Express-News Ken Rodriguez
Sculley's ability to bluff is evidence of her highly regarded skills
Sculley not only told the council she wanted their undivided support, she told her hometown paper she would reject the job unless she received a unanimous vote. Is she bluffing again?



Pro soccer in Alamodome? After kicking the idea around for years, the city may be on the verge of scoring a Major League Soccer franchise that would start playing in the often idle Alamodome a year from now

Law allows slaughter of West's wild horses

Jessica Lynch gets Extreme Makeover to build home for Lori Piestewa's family TV executives told Lynch in early March that they had selected the Piestewas, and Lynch was with them when they surprised the family at their residence (an "overstuffed" mobile home)


Ten-Foot Poll on Political Ads---RESULT
posted 930a-815p Tue 4/12/2005
What do you think of Phil Hardberger's mayoral campaign ad claim that he will "get rid of corruption at City Hall once and for all"?

He's just the man to do it!
An outlandish promise at best.
Total votes 593

Lighter ban on planes to begin tomorrow but it's still legal to carry as many as 4 books of matches

Alleged finger-finder decides not to sue But Anna Ayala's decision does not end the police investigation into how the finger got into the chili. In a strange twist, the news came on the same day the Mercury News learned of a late February incident in Pahrump, Nev., in which a spotted leopard bit off part of a finger -- about 1 1/2-inch worth -- of a woman who had been keeping the exotic cat and other animals.


email cat hunting


I listen to some of your show almost daily, preferring KTSA to the garbage that comes on at noon on that other talk station I can get easily here in Austin. Being employed in the wildlife management field, I was naturally quite interested in the discussions of the House Cat hunting proposal being discussed by those in Wisconsin. Wisconsin debates hunting cats that run wild This morning, you had a guest on from Wisconsin, a pet shop owner, who I must congratulate for doing a very convincing job of twisting statements and presenting only what was favorable to his view.

The fact is Brad, cats are natural killers, often killing other wildlife even when they have just been fed by their "owner" (and I am a cat lover, having been tollerated by cats most of my life. My cats have always been house cats in the true sense of the word - never wanting to go outdoors. The last cat I owned died five years ago, three days before Christmas, at the age of 23.) Even the animal nuts on Animal Planet had the decency to recognize them as #1 on their "Most Xtreme Animals" show this evening when they were discussing most extreme killers.

Surveys done by competent biologists across the United States have shown that feral cats are a serious problem that must be addressed for the benefit of our native wildlife populations. Your guest had the nerve to imply that the Audubon Society does not recognize this. Even a cursory glimpse at the material on the Audubon Societies national web page,, can not help but show one that they consider the cat a serious threat. With quotes like:

"House cats are non-native predators. Even with a full stomach, their instinct to hunt drives them to stalk and kill available prey. In a wildlife-friendly yard, birds, small mammals, and even large insects are sitting ducks for the well-designed feline carnivore. House cats are effective hunters but unnatural predators in any outdoor setting. By killing millions of birds each year in North America alone, cats have a negative and dangerous impact on bird populations."

I can not begin to imagine where your guest got the idea that they do not consider cats the number one threat to North American wildlife. Yes, there are other threats - habitat loss is a serious burden on our wildlife, windows kill thousands of birds each year, as do electrical towers, power lines and other factors. Audubon does have programs to recognize these, but they have taken a formal position on cats that can be found at:

To summarize, they state in no uncertain terms that:

Cats are a serious and growing threat to wildlife in general and birds in particular
Cats can not be controlled by capture, neuter/spay, vaccination and feeding programs (something your guest was advocating)
SCIENTIFIC research has shown that cats can have a significant impact on bird populations (which your guest denied)
They as an agency would support and encourage action by government agencies to deal with this scourge.

Your guest grossly misrepresented the Audubon Society on this matter.
While I do not necessarily agree that the Wisconsin proposal is the best possible plan, I will say that at least we finally have a regulatory body that is recognizing that there is a problem and is acting to deal with it. I am sure that jurisdictions all across the United States and Canada are watching the outcome in Wisconsin intently.

For more information I would recommend that you visit and

Mark K., Bastrop, TX


For more private pilots, home is where their plane is parked Communities convenient for pilots are popping up next to airports around the country

A reward (maybe) for ratting on a tax cheat The IRS wants Social Security numbers, documentation, and financial data before it will take a serious look



Lover who lived in cheating wife's closet kills her husband

Term "Holy Ghost" deemed too spooky for religious schools plus a couple more propagandizing tricks

Surprise, surprise! Buxom ‘Stacked’ is bad! Apparently acting isn’t a required skill for sitcoms stars, at least not on Fox’s new “Stacked,” which arrives exceedingly top-heavy tonight at 7:30.

Author of "On Bullshit" is surprised by his tiny book's success

Drunk limo driver busted by prom kids

Care to eat another cockroach?

Farmer wills body to wild animals