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Ten-Foot Poll on Political Ads---RESULT
posted 930a-815p Tue 4/12/2005
What do you think of Phil Hardberger's mayoral campaign ad claim that he will "get rid of corruption at City Hall once and for all"?

He's just the man to do it!
An outlandish promise at best.
Total votes 593


Wisconsin debates hunting cats that run wild
including any domestic cat that isn't under the owner's direct control or any cat without a collar. South Dakota and Minnesota allow wild cats to be shot and have for decades.

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IRS a subsidy system for super-wealthy The federal tax system that millions of Americans are forced to deal with before April 15 is not at all what you think it is. Congress has changed it in recent decades from a progressive system in which the more one earns the more one pays in income taxes. It has become a subsidy system for the super rich.

DeLay fundraising targeted special interests Federal law and congressional ethics rules prohibit government officials from connecting political donations to their official actions. DeLay was admonished last year by the House's ethics committee for creating the appearance of connecting energy industry donations with federal legislation.

Man claims kidnap by anti-terror feds said he was kidnapped in Macedonia, beaten by masked men, blindfolded, injected with drugs and flown to Afghanistan, where he was imprisoned and interrogated by U.S. intelligence agents. He said he was finally dumped in the mountains of Albania.


Ten-Foot Poll on Cans---RESULT
posted 930a-940p Mon 4/11/2005
Should San Antonio provide public restrooms downtown?

Vote total 350


NYC cops lied about GOP convention arrests A sprawling body of visual evidence, made possible by inexpensive, lightweight cameras in the hands of private citizens, volunteer observers and the police themselves, has shifted the debate over precisely what happened on the streets during the week of the convention.

Physicians outrun poor records and their pasts Facing problems in one state, hundreds of doctors simply moved and restarted their careers despite a system designed to prevent just that.

North Dakota OKs 'Black Box' data ban Insurance companies would be barred from using data from vehicles' "black boxes" to set drivers' rates, under legislation that won final approval Monday in the North Dakota Legislature.

Willie's picnic back to Fort Worth Bob Dylan, Los Lonely Boys will join him on July Fourth

Can spyware pierce Vatican Walls? Computer hackers, electronic bugs and supersensitive microphones threaten to pierce the Vatican's thick walls next week when cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel to name a papal successor



Cardinal Law gets small snub in Rome Six U.S. Catholic leaders skipped a Vatican Mass led by the disgraced former Boston archbishop, but Rigali of Philadelphia did attend

US wages have been falling Wages for the average American worker fell last year, after adjusting for inflation - the first such drop in nearly a decade.

Feds check out Columbia art show
The agents turned up just before the public opening of "Axis of Evil, the Secret History of Sin," and took pictures of some of the art pieces -- including "Patriot Act," showing President Bush on a mock 37-cent stamp with a revolver pointed at his head.

Cool-headed cashier baffles bank robber

Devils Tower official drops renaming idea

Baker, California boasts World's Tallest Thermometer
See beautiful downtown Baker HERE including thermometer