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Companies I endorse on my radio program, listed here at no charge to anyone

carpet cleaning
1 800 FOR COIT

water softeners

O'Brien's Tax Service
210 653-7550

Copy Products

Broadband Internet

Arredondo Group

Copenhagen Imports
Smart Furniture

Hovey Motorcars
9919 San Pedro

Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne
830 981-9543

BJ Associates
Laptop Specialists
10823 Gulfdale

Kitchen Solvers
kitchen remodeling
866 404-2667

The folks below are not radio advertisers, but I like 'em for their good work and very reasonable prices

New Heights
Tree Service

Residential pruning, landscaping, land clearing
210 386-4252

Simon Edington

210 690-4574


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A special welcome to my new sponsor Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodelers, specializing in re-facing cabinets and drawers for a completely-new look. I am pleased to endorse this local, family-owned and operated business (Mike and Pam Moore: toll-free 866 404-2667)

I will be off this Friday and all of next week as I am scheduled to be probed by space aliens, which I had to agree to if I wanted the flying saucer ride.



Arizona-Mexico border to get Blackhawks "Operation Full Court Press" will  redeploy Black Hawk helicopters and significant numbers of air and ground resources from around the country

Wendy's Finger Chili woman files lawsuit "Just knowing that there was a human remain in my mouth ... it is disgusting. It is tearing me apart inside."

Stolen laptop exposes data of 100,000

Perry-Hutchison bickering signals vicious campaign After Gov. Rick Perry's campaign made a video showing Democratic U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking kindly of GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a 1993 letter has emerged in which Perry calls Clinton's health care reform efforts "commendable."


email ignoring
Hey Brad,
Any reason you've been actively ignoring It's a totally non-partisan site that provides our electorate valuable information about the May 7 elections. Might be nice to link to it, eh?

Lori, I didn't even know the site existed until last week. What a fine job you have done, and a wonderful public service. It is obvious that a terrific amount of work went into your site.



Girl says San Antonio policeman fondled her A 26-year police veteran was charged with molesting a 9-year-old girl

Crooked San Antonio councilmen to be sentenced back-to-back hearings tomorrow for former Councilmen Enrique "Kike" Martin and John Sanders, and attorneys Juan Peña and H. Jack Pytel Jr.

CPS buys more windmill electricity from West Texas another project will generate 9.6 megawatts by burning methane gas created at the Covel Gardens landfill in Southwest Bexar County.


US human rights report Is critical of allies The annual State Department report says that upholding human rights will be key to assessing relations with other countries, but omits mention of U.S. prison abuse scandals in Iraq and Afghanistan.