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Fri Mar 25 2005- New page around 10am Mon-Fri


1:10pm Today on KTSA
Sig Christensen, military writer for the San Antonio Express-News, brings tapes he made during the US invasion of Iraq two years ago this week. Sounds of battle, soldiers' comments, Sig's observations (in studio)


Convention Center hotel deal wobbly The promise of money, but no cash on hand, did not sit well with council members. "Basically those are just words," Councilman Art Hall said. Councilman Carroll Schubert said he has seen billion-dollar businesses go bankrupt overnight.


Ten-Foot Poll on Mayor---RESULT
posted 9a Wed 3/23 - 7p Thur 3/24/2005
Who will get your vote for mayor?
Julian Castro
Carroll Schubert
Phil Hardberger
Vote total 437


Old promise might weigh on Sen. Hutchison Term limits were a popular Republican campaign issue in 1994, serving as a centerpiece of Newt Gingrich's Contract with America. Term limits also were one of the first agenda items dropped by Republicans once they gained control of the U.S. House.

Kelso: How low some will go to get ahead It is encouraging to see that Gov. Rick Perry has managed to unhinge his lips from U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's behind long enough to turn against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.


If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill Him Christ was a long-haired peace activist who would have been sickened to his soul by the war in Iraq. "Blessed are the peacemakers" Jesus said in his defining Sermon on the Mount. "Turn the other cheek...Love thy neighbor." Such hippie-radical ideals are the "Christian" right wing's worst nightmare.

The God Racket, from DeMille to DeLay "American moguls, snake-oil salesmen and politicians looking to score riches or power will stop at little if they feel it is in their interests to exploit God.." All this is happening while polls consistently show that at most a fifth of the country subscribes to the religious views of those in the Republican base whom even George Will, speaking last Sunday on ABC's "This Week," acknowledged may be considered "extremists."



Doubts about rebel death count in Iraq raid New details about an intense battle between insurgents and Iraqi police commandos supported by U.S. forces cast doubt on Iraqi government claims that 85 insurgents were killed at what was described as a clandestine training camp. U.S. military officials said Thursday that no bodies were found by American troops who arrived at the scene after the fighting.

Bush approval rating slips 45% the lowest of his presidency: largest drop for Bush came among men, self-described conservatives and churchgoers

Vigilante violence: Death by gossip His assailants believed Paul Cooper was a pedophile, so they beat him to death. But he was innocent.

added 1240p
Necrophilia among ducks ruffles research feathers



World's Worst Logo?

The Arlington Pediatric Center apparently had a LOT of unexpected website traffic, and some time during the day 3/25/05 they deleted this spiffy logo from their home page. But you could still see small versions on their awning and window.
3/26/05 Nope. Now they've deleted the whole page. Here's the storefront photo that was part of the now-zapped page:


Cops plan to lift print from finger found in Wendy's chili The mystery of how a human finger found its way into a bowl of fast-food chili has sparked a series of investigations that hope to trace the finger back from a San Jose restaurant to the hand it was detached from.

Houston cop had nude photos of suspect He downloaded them off her cell phone after her DWI arrest

Rich SoCal oldies want bunnies shot on sight Many residents in the Casta del Sol retirement community, frustrated for years by the abundance of rabbits gnawing on native shrubs and plants and doing their bunny business on their lawns, want to thin the ranks.


rock balancer
The rare art of rock balancing


“Incredibly stupid” Blake jurors want apology from D.A. "I'm just disgusted," Blake jury foreman Thomas Nicholson said Thursday. "It appears to me he has no faith in the jury selection. After all, it was his people who helped choose us."

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