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Wednesday, March 23, 2005- New page around 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Jessica Lynch and the other soldiers of the 507th Maintenance Company were ambushed two years ago today near Nasiriyah, Iraq.


Bush role in Schiavo case bothers some conservatives
Some leaders said the new law allowing a federal court review of the case is an example of the big government they have always opposed.

In Texas, interest surges in living wills

This is the story that's Harvey Kronberg broke yesterday on my program, even before members of the legislature had heard about it:

Peggy Fikac, Chief, Express-News Austin Bureau
Surprise! Tax bill doesn't add up to relief Texans would pay billions more in new state taxes next year but not see anticipated local school property tax cuts until 2007 under a House-backed bill.

Cops drive along, point magic computer at parked cars, it scans license plates, lawbreakers' cars get towed
Man stabs himself intending to blame neighbor, accidentally kills self

Florida town outlaws fake lawns because they give off pellets of some sort
Calls 911 to report bad wreck, Operator scoffs “Too bad” and hangs up

Ten-Foot Poll on Mayor---continued 3/24
posted 9a Wed 3/23/2005
Who will get your vote for mayor?

Julian Castro Carroll Schubert
Phil Hardberger Other

1:10 p.m. Thursday -- Kevin Wolff and Weston Martinez, in studio. Candidates to replace Schubert in Dist. 9 city council.

1:10 p.m. Friday -- Sig Christensen, military writer for the San Antonio Express-News, brings tapes he made during the US invasion of Iraq two years ago this week. Sounds of battle, soldiers' comments, Sig's observations.

News agency sues Google over “fair use” laws

Use of human corpses for testing decried Researchers at an Austrian university used human corpses to study how to develop better crash-test dummies

Texas schools could lose funds if cheerleader and dance team routines too hot

email laugher
Brad, I love your show, and the man in the background laughing is great. I enjoy hearing him and wish you could keep him laughing more often. If he stops, I'll stop listening to you, even tho I really admire you and your comments. Those griping people need to get a new life!

email laugher
Are those people in the background live or canned?
Bill W

Bill, laughing boy is Brian Parrish, who runs the studio for Jack Riccardi and me. Brian is a very intelligent, well-informed and overqualified young man who laughs when he feels like it, and who would probably walk if someone tried to make laughing mandatory.

email laugher
Oh please, don't tell me someone is complaining about laughter!?? Has the world lost its sense of humor. I mean, really, these days ya gotta laugh or never stop crying.

email laugher
The laughter is a great addition to the shows. Please don't silence Brian!

email laugh poll
That’s too funny. The results are private? ... I like to hear the guy laughing... Have a great day. You are much better than Rush.
Arline H, Dilley, Texas

Arline, I took that poll after becoming curious when someone called Jack's show and deemed the laughter "inane" and Jack stomped on the caller's head. Between you and me, the poll on the audible laughter came out like this: Pleasant 141, Not a factor 100, Distraction 19, Irritating 86.

email Schiavo politics
Brad, I want to thank you for making it easy to connect to our state and congressional leaders thru your website. I have sent letters to my reps and the president this morning because I am absolutely appalled at their actions re: the Schiavo situation. This scares me more than any other action that this body of mis-representatives has taken. I only hope that more people take a few minutes to do the same. I salute the 58 patriots who voted against it.
Magdalena A

Some IMAX theaters not screening volcanoes flick because of potential for religious opposition IMAX theaters in Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas have declined to show the film

Voters un-elect town trustee who balked at Pledge

Diving Pig electrocuted by bad wiring, owner will sue rodeo owners and PETA to boot [owner Virgil] Randall said the water was so charged with electricity that he couldn't get into the tank until all the power was off, which took a few minutes. "I jumped in the water and gave the pig mouth-to-mouth," he said.

Mexican border big topic in Bush's meeting today at Waco with high wazoos of Mexico and Canada Worries about tunnels form the backdrop for talks today between President Bush and the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

The story below is from the USA Today website, which lately has been goofy as hell with full-page popups and ads that you have to click past to get to the story. USA is apparently devoted to ruining its own website's usefulness. -Brad

Report claims Bin Laden evaded U.S. troops Document is first official confirmation that terror leader was at scene of Tora Bora battle

Christian Science Monitor
A 10-lane road to the future A mammoth toll highway in Texas could bring new prosperity ... or let it pass by.

600-pound woman no longer allowed on city buses

Indian woman marries clay pot