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Friday, March 11, 2005- New page around 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Senate may block Social Security vote President Bush's bid to add private accounts to Social Security faces such opposition in the Senate that its supporters may be unable to bring it to a vote, according to a Washington Post survey of senators.

Austin American - Jason Embry
Debate stalls on Texas business tax Most businesses in Texas avoid paying the franchise tax, many by organizing as partnerships. The House plan proposed Thursday would expand the tax to include partnerships, then give businesses the choice of paying the current franchise tax or the payroll tax that a House committee approved earlier this week.
Legislators will work on the plan again today.

Wentworth floats new redistricting bill

Mexico will settle water debt (supposedly)
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, expressed reservations. "This agreement is long overdue, and it may well be the best deal available," she said. "But the debt should have been paid in full."

I don't know what she means by "in full" because the Houston Chronicle story specifically says "Under the agreement Mexico will repay its entire water debt to the United States.."


Senate committee OKs pay raise for governor $115,000 to $150,000. The pay for other statewide elected officials would go up from $92,217 to $125,000. But Gov. Rick Perry said he doesn't want a pay increase.


Pfc. England's Fort hood trial is slated May 2

US held 'Ghost' prisoners at Abu Ghraib Top military intelligence officials came to an agreement with the CIA to hide certain detainees at the facility without officially registering them, in possible violation of international law, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Florida lawmaker seeks toilet paper tax

ABC edits Fox News out of 'Boston Legal'

Senate okays bankruptcy law overhaul both Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Hutchison supported the new law. It goes to the House next month and then to President Bush. "The concerns and interests of consumers, poor and middle-class families, our uniformed service members and their families, and veterans were cast callously aside," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. Over the past two weeks, Republicans knocked down Democratic attempts to ease the impact of the legislation on people facing huge debts they cannot pay, including single parents, the unemployed and the ill.

email chupa, and striped pants
Hey Brad,
I love those pinstriped pants on you in the helicopter photo! Hard to believe I had a pair just like them back then <g>. Got this link from and thought it looked familer. chupacabra in What Is This Creature?
According to the story, this pic was shot just a few days ago around Tyler. So, what are your thoughts? Suddenly this creature is all over TX within about 10 months or so of the first sighting in south TX? Either this guy is reproducing really quick, ranges all over the place, or something. Just darn right weird. Later,

Brad's KYA striped pants click for 144K plaque

email San Fran oldies
Dear Brad,
Thank you for sharing the recording of KYA back in 1970 when you were doing the news back then. I am from the Bay Area .. graduated in 1967 from Arroyo high in San Lorenzo .. my father hated to hear any of the music that I listened to at that time .. I can hardly tolerate listening to what my son calls music...
Yours truly,
Mike G.

email makeup
Hey Brad,
Saw Shubert's campaign ad on Ch 4 10 o'clock news. Looks like he got a dye job including eyebrows, is he trying to go for a younger look? Anyone else notice?

email Bush "town hall" meetings
In the March 14 issue of Newsweek, cover People Power, there is an article on President Bush’s road trips to sell his partial privatization accounts for Social Security. On page 34, under the title Tricks of the Trade, we are told that a pro Bush organization called "Freedom Works" coordinates with the Bush administration the LOADING of the audience with sometimes up to a third being Freedom Works members, and the organization often suggesting THE NAMES of the people from their group to be placed onstage with the President to assure all goes as scripted...
David P in Wimberley

Man with two penises loses wife