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Thursday, March 10, 2005- New page around 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Avoid I-35 near Buda tonight Southbound lanes to close 9pm Thursday to 6am Friday, traffic diverted to access road, so an old overpass can be blowed up

School finance overhaul gets OK A closely divided Texas House on Wednesday voted 76-71 in favor of a major overhaul of the school finance system that reduces local property taxes and raises teacher pay.
" ... would replace the high-school exit exam with a series of end-of-course exams. It would mandate on-line testing and require districts to start school after Labor Day... It eliminates state funding for gifted and talented programs."

Red-light camera ban encounters red light
Bill to outlaw picture-taking of stoplight runners stalls in Senate. San Antonio police chief signed a letter opposing the camera ban.

email Brad's olden days

Dear Brad,
I'm writing to let you know that the Bay Area Radio Museum is getting ready to go live in a few weeks, and you play a major part of our first archive feature.
The aircheck is from 1260/KYA on May 29, 1970, and features Bwana Johnny and Pete McNeal doing their morning shows. During the Bwana Johnny portion of the broadcast, you anchor a news report updating the situation on Alcatraz involving the takeover by American Indians. Larry Brownell interviews a spokesman for the Indians as part of the report.
We're still building our website and adding more features, but I thought you might enjoy a "sneak preview." The feature is here if you'd like to give it a listen. Feel free to invite your listeners to stop by, too!
With best wishes,
David Jackson

Hi, David:
A very well-done page! I haven't listened to the airchek yet - partly because I can barely stand to hear myself on tape - but I will listen soon. Far's I can remember, everything on the page is accurate. Nicely written, too. Thanks a million for letting me know!

KYA plaque <Click for 144K plaque
During the Alcatraz event, my boss put together a plaque and gave it to me. There's a shot of me out there in a little chopper, me interviewing an "Indian" (who was a plant, remind me to tell you about that sometime), a photo of me as a black man, and the printout of the ratings report when KYA made #1 in San Francisco.

Disabled veterans protest budget proposal for health care
Hundreds of disabled veterans booed and jeered Republican House members on Tuesday for their budget proposal for veterans’ health care, which critics call inadequate to deal with the future needs of current troops.

Ten-Foot Poll on Un-Taxing the Rich---RESULT
posted 10am Wed 3/9 - 830am Thur 3/10/2005
The Texas GOP proposal to shift tax burdens from the rich to the un-rich is

Quite creative and impressive
Very unfair and disgusting
Vote total 301

Rocket farewell for those who don't want to just fizzle out

Clerk foils robbery by laughing at crook's Pluto dog mask

Man nabbed having sex with sheep Englar allegedly told police he was just petting the sheep. Northern Regional Lt. Mark Bentzel said it was not a reasonable explanation for being inside somebody's barn at 3 in the morning.

Doctors remove wedding ring from penis You think the ring was extra big? Or not...

Sandra Bullock uses hemorrhoid cream on her face