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Monday, March 7, 2005- New page around 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
On this date in 1731 - Fifty-five Canary Islanders arrived in what is now San Antonio to establish a civilian settlement, San Fernando de Bexar.
San Antonio-born man admits he was voice of Bambi Dunagan saw Bambi before its original release and was surprised by its most notorious scene: when Bambi's mother is killed by hunters off-screen. "That was the only thing that bothered me," he said. "Nobody told me when I recorded the line 'Mother! Mother!' what it was about.


Would make Texas sales tax rate highest in USA
Texas GOP pushes payroll "not-a-tax" plan "..would shift the state tax burden by creating a new levy on payrolls and boosting the state sales tax and other taxes, to reduce school property taxes for homes and businesses by a third."

Ten-Foot Poll on Payroll Tax---RESULT
posted 10am Mon 3/7 - 8am Tue 3/8/2005
Would a Texas lawmaker's support of a ONE-PERCENT PAYROLL TAX be enough to make you vote against him or her?
Vote total 341


Tax cuts lose spot on Republican agenda President Bush and GOP lawmakers are being forced to temper their anti-tax ambitions as expenses for Medicare, Social Security and the Iraq war pile up.

Area Guardsmen say goodbyes, off to Afghanistan

Nuevo Laredo beefs up street patrols
More than 40 vehicles loaded with federal agents rolled into the city Sunday morning, while soldiers arrived to patrol poorer, violent neighborhoods.

New Braunfels Council to look at sign ordinance The real estate industry in New Braunfels apparently has joined ranks to oppose the city's new sign ordinance.

FishbowlDC tries to get a White House Day Pass like Gannon/Guckert had Open Letter to the White House Media Affairs Office
3/7 UPDATE: New York Times
White House OKs pass for blogger
Another signal moment for bloggers is to occur this morning, when Garrett M. Graff, who writes a blog about the news media in Washington, is to be ushered into the White House briefing room to attend the daily press "gaggle."


San Antonio Dems would ban free baby formula Health-care providers would be banned from passing out free infant formula to new mothers. Sen. Leticia Van de Putte and Rep. Ruth McClendon have filed the bills, which are meant to stop formula companies from using health-care providers to "advertise to a vulnerable population."

Dan Rather
As the Los Angeles Times see it:

Reluctant Rather set to sign off After Bush report fiasco, the TV anchor's messy exit epitomizes larger problems at CBS News. But to paraphrase one of his homespun Rather-isms, don't bet the trailer money that he'll disappear. CBS Chairman and Chief Executive Leslie Moonves openly speaks of a "revolution" in the news division, prompting further anxieties internally.

Many missteps tied to delay in armor for troops in Iraq The Pentagon's difficulties in shielding troops with armor have been far more extensive than officials have acknowledged.
In the case of body armor, the Pentagon gave a contract for thousands of the ceramic plate inserts that make the vests bulletproof to a former Army researcher who had never mass-produced anything. He struggled for a year, then gave up entirely. At the same time, in shipping plates from other companies, the Army's equipment manager effectively reduced the armor's priority to the status of socks, a confidential report by the Army's inspector general shows. Some 10,000 plates were lost along the way, and the rest arrived late.


USA Today
Texas set to super-size highways Trans-Texas Corridor designed as quarter-mile wide network of expressways; could cost $185 billion


Massachusetts butterfly habitat charms visitors



Explains Decision to Leave Lebanon

Speaking to reporters in Damascus today, the nation of Syria announced that it would leave Lebanon immediately, explaining that it wanted to spend more time with its family.
Choking back tears in a forty-five minute press conference that was suffused with emotion, Syria reflected on its decision to leave Lebanon.
"As someone who's occupied Lebanon for thirty years, I don't regret a minute of it," said Syria, flanked by family members and supporters. "I can look back and honestly say, I've had a darn good run."
Explaining that it "didn't want to stay too long at the dance," Syria added, "I've always wanted to go out on top, and that's what this decision is all about."
Calling its pullout from Lebanon "not an ending, but a beginning," Syria said it looked forward to having time to travel, write a book, and drive its kids to soccer practice.
"My family is going to be seeing so much of me, they're going to wish I was still occupying Lebanon!" Syria joked.
In response to reporters' questions, Syria denied that its decision to leave Lebanon had anything to do with mounting pressure from over three hundred nations including the U.S., France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and, as of late last night, Liechtenstein and Andorra.
"This decision is not about Syria bowing to pressure," Syria said. "This is all about Syria wanting to work on Syria's golf swing."

Elsewhere, in a crushing blow for the actor Robert Blake, the jury in his murder trial today found Mr. Blake "not a celebrity."