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Friday, Feb. 25, 2005- New page around 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

San Antonio mayor race
Push-poll flap hits Schubert campaign "I'm not denying that we have polled and will continue to poll," he said. "This has nothing to do with talking about the issues that are important to the citizens of San Antonio. It's not an issue worthy of being talked about."


Hotel developer's parking changes irk council In a big departure from its proposal for developing a Convention Center headquarters hotel, FaulknerUSA wants to drop plans to build 500 public parking spaces underground.

Texas blacks, Latinos more likely to be searched at stops Two out of three Texas law enforcement departments were more likely to search blacks and Hispanics than whites at traffic stops in 2003, according to a study released Thursday. The white motorists, however, were at least as likely as blacks or Hispanics to be found with illegal items such as drugs or weapons.

Racial profiling used by Texas law enforcement A new study commissioned by advocacy groups found that police throughout the state stop and search minority drivers at higher rates than whites but that officers are more likely to find drugs, guns and other contraband on whites.


Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher considered paying for sex
Don't everyone volunteer at once...


Toyota hiring to begin at midnight Monday morning Toyota will begin taking applications for 1,800 assembly line positions at its Tundra truck facility in San Antonio. The company will take as long as 12 months to call some applicants for a hiring assessment.

Casino bill promises Texas-size jackpots Downtown Houston and Galveston Island could become casino destinations to compete with anything Las Vegas has to offer, a Houston senator said Thursday.
"Why should we subsidize Louisiana and Nevada when we can create jobs and boost economic development here at home?" Sen. Rodney Ellis asked.
Ellis filed a proposed constitutional amendment Thursday that would let Texans decide whether to allow seven casinos in urban areas, two on Gulf Coast islands and three in targeted economic development areas.
His measure, Senate Joint Resolution 18, would require a statewide vote and then local option elections in each county where a casino is proposed.


Bills propose cover for journalists Texas reporters would be protected from having to reveal sources in some cases.

Court protects reporters' phone records The New York Times has a qualified right under the First Amendment and federal common law to protect the identity of its confidential sources by refusing to release telephone records to a prosecutor, a federal judge in New York ruled yesterday.





I saw Americans kill terror suspects, says Guantanamo Briton. One of the four Britons released from Guantanamo Bay last month said he was tortured by the Americans at a separate holding camp and spent many hours trussed like an animal with a bag over his head.

Iraq's neighborhood councils are vanishing After their members were killed, many councils were scared out of existence.

Terry O'Quinn
Terry O'Quinn finds belated stardom on "Lost"


SBC/Yahoo blocking outgoing email From my ISP "SBC has started doing port filtering (mail blocking) on most of their services. If your mail sending has broken" here's why

email Roadrunner

Brad -
I am sure you know that Roadrunner did the same thing in January and again in early February which caused me to change from a really great email service to the Roadrunner email service on the assumption that Roadrunner would not block themselves. The excuse I finally dug out through other sources was the same "spam" control issue discussed in the SATEXAS information on your web site today.
Roadrunner did not notify me (and I presume anyone else) that they were going to do that. All I received was a message that appeared on my email page when I attempted to send messages. That message read, "Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: authorization failed."
My email service was "down" for 10 days in January and 2 days in February with absolutely no prior notice from Roadrunner. I know you advertise for Roadrunner so you will not knock them in any way but, as I look back at the whole situation, I wonder if that was really a ploy on their part to get people to switch to Roadrunner email if they also had Roadrunner High Speed Internet service. It worked for me, but I feel "used" by their system. I really did not want to drop my other email server but I could not afford to be down 10 days at a time.
If you are going to "boil" SBC you might as well throw Roadrunner into the pot with them.
Incidentally, I had SBC High Speed Internet Service, had nothing but problems with them, found it was down more than it was up and finally dumped them for Roadrunner about halfway through the SBC contract. I have told a number of people to consider avoiding SBC if they are looking for a high speed Internet connection. So, you can see I do not have any particular love for SBC here.
Emmett D.

Thanks for the email, Emmett. I had the exact opposite situation in that I used to send email thru a Roadrunner account, but it quit working last year, and I had to shift to the server that hosts my websites at That's where I have remained without problems. -Brad


Kraft Roadkill Candy
Road-kill candy not popular with PETA
Kraft Foods product shaped like critters run over by cars — complete with tire treads.


Cold hands, warm heart A lovestruck American who tried to walk from North Dakota to Winnipeg is recovering from severe frostbite in a hospital in Manitoba.


Obese man
Man who weighs about 800 pounds seeks community's help


Mini Christo gates
Man with mini-Christo display says new fame is "so overwhelming"
After he posted photos on his website of his 13-gate installation -- made from stuff he picked up at Home Depot that he glued together and painted orange -- Hargadon received more than 4 million hits, so many that he had to take it down yesterday because his Internet service was charging him for every visit. He owes thousands, he says.