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Mayor hopefuls square off San Antonio's three major mayoral candidates took up a few of the city's sharpest issues during their first televised debate.


"Captured soldier" just a doll

HOSTAGE HOAX -- So many people yesterday fell for the Action Figure hostage hoax, I expect a Mr. Bill hoax can't be too far off...


Father can't sue DEA for killing Ashley Villareal but "ruling does not affect the civil suit brought by the girl's mother and grandmother." The 12-year-old girl was shot by a DEA agent Feb. 9, 2003.

Naysayers tight-lipped since success of Iraq vote Skeptics of President Bush's attempt to bring democracy to Iraq have been largely silent since Iraqis enthusiastically turned out for Sunday's elections.

18-foot plywood farmer
decorates Salinas Valley

John Cerney, on a ladder, works on "The Farmer and the Irrigator"


Yogi Berra sues TBS over Sex and the City "yogasm" ad

Sugar Land teen nabbed for bugging teacher's computer

Medicare to cover Viagra, other such drugs Sexual performance drugs such as Viagra will be covered in Medicare's new prescription-drug program

Q: What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra?
A: He gets taller.




London: terror suspect held 3 years without trial freed

Infighting cited at Homeland Security "..remains hampered by personality conflicts, bureaucratic bottlenecks and an atmosphere of demoralization, according to officials and independent experts."

Colorado unlinks from illegal immigrant guide

The Victoria Advocate 2/1
2 Wharton Democrats switch to the GOP "..to have more influence with state and national leaders."

email vets

This is on Salon. Another fine example of how much the Bushie administration just loves the vets: making the ones who are recuperating at Walter Reed for too long (more than 90 days) pay for their own meals. Gotta love them.

Insult to injury (subscription or watch an ad) or try THIS link
Some wounded soldiers back from Iraq are having to pay for meals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Veterans' groups say it's another symptom of fighting a costly war on the cheap.

email vets added 11:01 a.m.

GI's who are paid a monthly ration allowance have always had to pay for their meals if hospitalized. This is nothing new. I know it's been in effect since 1954.

email vets added 11:08 a.m.

I saw on your web page today the item about what an outrage it is for some wounded vets to have to pay for their meals while in the hospital.
I know you were in the service at some point in your career. Have you forgotten that people who have families or are authorized to ration separately have to pay back that money they are given when the government provides meals. These soldiers are just paying back what the government has already given them for meals. It's not an injustice at all and certain nothing to get outraged about.
Todays solders, sailors and airmen are paid well for what they do. They go into it knowing the possibility of being killed. They don't have to go into harms way, they volunteer.
Gee, wouldn't it be nice if they couldn't get anyone to go?
Wayne S.


USA Today
Schieffer set to fill Rather's seat
Washington correspondent is almost certain to be named interim anchor, CBS News sources say.

Thank Heaven the net is replacing Mr. Rather with a more-youthful anchor. Scheiffer is only 67.

New York Metro
Black Days at Black Rock
Inside CBS News, the rage over the handling of the National Guard fiasco only deepens. And does Les Moonves really have a plan for replacing Dan Rather?




Cell phone use increases accident risk
Talking on a cell phone makes you drive like a retiree - even if you're only a teen, a new study shows.

Pentagon to revive anthrax shots Department of Defense said use of the vaccine will be voluntary for now, in contrast to the mandatory program that was blocked by a federal judge in October.


Masked man who helped neighbors dig out after storm wants anonimity


Chinese chair
Chinese man grows his own chairs


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