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Doonesbury Jan 28 05 panel   Bush's stake huge in Iraq election
(AP) -- Sunday's vote provides the world a chance to measure the results of a US-led war that has killed more than 1,400 Americans - and thousands more Iraqis - and is costing over $1 billion a week.
If the elections lead to a stable government and open the way to a phased American withdrawal, Bush could win acclaim, cementing the legacy he seeks for spreading democracy through the Middle East.
Borowitz: "U.S. officials said that exit polls for the Iraqi elections will be unreliable because voters will be running too fast."


Six Texas Marines died in Iraq crash Canyon Lake, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Midlothian, Fort Worth

Bush cartoon from Iraq into Iran



Iraqis' big issue: US exit plan US troops are vital to security, but pressure is growing for them to leave

Excerpt from story re. election:
"You are looking for someone with especially bulky clothing," Lieutenant Visel, an Army infantryman from Uvalde, Texas, coaches his team. "Do a quick search, then get people into a safer area for another search, because an attack on the line could be as devastating as an attack on the election place."

Kennedy calls on US to begin troop pullout Senator Edward M. Kennedy yesterday called on the Bush administration to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq shortly after national elections there Sunday, saying the presence of US troops is fueling an increasingly violent insurgency and exacerbating the security situation, not improving it.

Closing in on Vietnam Iraq has already cost more in current dollars than either the Civil War or World War I. It is about to pass the Korean War. We are on pace to pass Vietnam in two or three years.

From yesterday's NY Times Oval Office Bush interview:

On whether the United States would feel compelled to pull out if asked to do so by the sovereign government:

Yeah, absolutely. This is a sovereign government. They're on their feet. We anticipated that, by the way, on the passing of sovereignty. And had the Allawi government said, "out," we would have been required to leave.

On the other hand, again, I think there's - obviously, it's very speculative. But I believe that most of the leaders that are there understand that the coalition troops are very important to helping them provide the stability necessary for people to gain confidence in their government.

A fundamental question also that I think a lot of Iraqis understand - and I do, too - is how do we make sure the Iraqi citizens view U.S. troops as helpers, not as occupiers. And to the extent that a coalition presence is viewed as an occupying force, it enables the insurgents, the radicals, to continue to impress people that the government really is not their government, and that the government is complicit in having their country occupied.

I view that as reasonable. I also view that as pretty hopeful that there's kind of a nationalistic sentiment that says, "This is my country." I mean to me, that's a positive sign that, you know, "We want to run our own affairs, we don't need to be occupied to survive."

On the other hand, there is a certain realism amongst the leadership - at least, the ones I've talked to - that says, "Look, there's much more work to do before we're ready to move out on our own."

More interview excerpts


US says kidnaps high on Mexico border Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez had said the State Department public announcement, issued Wednesday, exaggerated the danger.

Mexico bristles over 'exaggerated' border alert

Assaults on border agents increase Sixty-four Border Patrol agents have been assaulted in the past three months along a 260-mile stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border — the country's busiest illegal entry point — as the U.S. government continues its fight for "operational control" of the region.

Ford recalls nearly 800,000 F-150 pickups, SUVs
MANY earlier Ford recalls: go Car & Driver search "Ford recalls"

Owner auctioning drive-thru strip club

Mistake put Omaha gas price at only 18 cents


email Bud spot

You said you were putting a link to the unshown Bud commercial about Janet Jackson on your site. Can you tell me where to find it? Love your show.

Sorry, Deborah. Couldn't do the link because of the Bud site structure. Go to budweiser.com, fill the dumb birthdate blank, then click on "Watch the ad you won't see during the big game"


Solstice photos and specs HERE
Pontiac Solstice roadster at 2005 Houston Auto Show

Mexico decides worms can stay in liquor bottles

Southwest pulling out of Houston's Bush Airport

Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi dies of cancer


Little Black Lies
Social Security privatization really is like tax cuts, or the Iraq war: the administration keeps on coming up with new rationales, but the plan remains the same.


Washington Metro must accept pro-pot ads

Chicago sub teacher taped second-graders' eyes, mouths

Boy, 6, charged with a felony after hitting teacher, cop


Bulverde closer to Home Depot agreement The Bulverde Planning and Zoning Commission is not ready yet to recommend a special use permit for Home Depot, but it is getting closer.

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise
Oak wilt a ‘growing’ problem


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