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Thursday, January 20, 2005 - New page around 10am Monday-Friday
Presidential Inauguration DaySpeech transcript

Public hearing 7pm at San Antonio City Hall on whether the CPS utility should be allowed to construct a giant power line across Proposition 3 aquifer recharge zone land that was bought with tax money to protect it "forever" from development.
I am asking council members how they plan to vote and as I talk with them I'll put their position below:
Mayor Ed Garza
City Council email links HERE
Dist 1 Roger Flores Dist 6 Enrique Barrera leaning YES
Dist 2 Joel Williams Dist 7 Julian Castro NO
Dist 3 Ron Segovia Dist 8 Art Hall leaning NO "public trust" is an issue
Dist 4 Richard Perez Dist 9 Carroll Schubert YES
"only 4 poles on Prop 3 land" + perhaps CPS should buy tradeoff land
Dist 5 Patti Radle Dist 10 Chip Haass NO one issue is credibility + Prop 3 docs specify no infrastructure improvements
We called everyone several times but got the cold shoulder from some, whom I suspect desire NO publicity about their votes Mayor candidate Phil Hardberger NO people voted to charge themselves taxes to buy the land: a deal is a deal, not to be weaseled out of

San Antonio Express-News today:

The council will have a 7 p.m. public hearing and discussion in council chambers on the proposed Cagnon-Kendall transmission line CPS says needs to be built to maintain electrical infrastructure.
The utility is asking the city to give up Proposition 3 parkland — land over environmentally sensitive recharge features for the Edwards Aquifer. Voters approved a sales tax increase in 2000 to pay for this land to remain undeveloped.
The proposed route is the culmination of two years of planning and public hearings. A TV ad campaign is touting the debate as one of public trust.
Individual residents who would like to address the council during the hearing will receive three minutes and must sign up in advance. Groups will receive nine minutes, but three representatives of the group must be present and sign up in advance.


email trust

Hi Brad,
I listened to your show today. I just want to say I if those power lines over the preserved land that were bought with some of my tax money are approved, then I will not be voting for any one of them that votes for it. I also will not vote again in favor of a propostion of that sort.
To me it is the principle that matters here. To say it would be okay to take some of that land away then replace with land elsewhere is ridiculous. What happens when they decide to put Power Lines over the replacement land? Will they be buying land and replacing the replacement land?
This is the kind of crap that goes on and on at City Hall and has absolutely killed my trust in them. Best Regards,

Personal comment

Although I do support the issue in the anti-powerline ad on TV, a certain amount of disgust is warranted because the type of tower depicted in the ad is absolutely not the kind proposed to cross the Prop 3 land. The ad shows a huge lattice-type tower, whereas the kind that is planned is a huge single-pole tower, and there is a big difference. -Brad


ALSO San Antonio City Council Executive (closed) Session agenda item tonight: discussion of the Convention Center Headquarters Hotel

Texas loses millions federal CHIP funds Texas forfeited $104 million in federal funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program for fiscal year 2002, according to recent figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Judge rules Spiderman creator due millions

"I am gratified by the judge's decision although, since I am deeply fond of Marvel and the people there, I sincerely regret that the situation had to come to this," Lee said in a statement.


Refineries and chemical plants buying neighborhoods A company can't be sued by a neighbor who isn't there, and residents won't be annoyed or injured by a plant if they don't live so close.



Public doubtful of Iraq and US economy, poll finds A new poll offered a conflicting portrait of the nation's view of President Bush on the eve of his second inauguration. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they were generally optimistic on the eve of Mr. Bush's swearing-in about the next four years, but clear majorities disapproved of Mr. Bush's management of the economy and the war in Iraq.



< Bald eagles return to Llano nest






Iraq elections 10 days (Sunday, Jan. 30)

Half of IRR call-ups seek delays, deferments; hundreds are no-shows

Half the Individual Ready Reserves members given orders by the Army to fight the war on terror have asked for either a delay or an exemption to the order, and Army officials are approving the majority — 66 percent — of the requests.


Parachutist goes into labor in mid-air

School backs off pay restrooms


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