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500 soldiers from Fort Sam Houston headed to Iraq

Volunteers needed to help service members prepare their tax returns

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Thursday, December 30, 2004 - New page around 10am Monday-Friday

Turkish Press
Millions homeless, wave toll near 119,000

Survivors fight over packs of noodles
As tsunami death toll passed 100,000, one of the biggest relief efforts came to life as ships, helicopters and planes were sent from around the globe.

Tsunami area local newspaper (English) Jakarta Post

Large python saved lives As she struggled for her own life and that of the twins, she said a large snake as long as a telephone pole approached her. She and the nine-year-olds rested on the reptile, which was drifting along with the current.
Internet providing instant donations Americans are finding an instantaneous way to reach out to tsunami victims via their home computers.

email US stingy?
In regard to how much financial aid the U.S. has promised for disaster relief in Asia: considering that the cost of our occupation of Iraq is $1 Billion per week, $35 Million would be what we spend in any given 8 hour period there.
David P in Wimberley


WHO says bodies not health threat "Dead bodies do not pose any health threat, but they feed fears and can divert precious attention and resources from effective relief efforts."


Ottawa, Canada "Citizen" - Cameron Cardow

Ten-Foot Poll on Pot---RESULT
posted 10am-11pm Wed 12/29/2004
What should the Texas penalty be for possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana?
Reduce to Class C misdemeanor ($500 fine max)
Remain Class B ($2000, 6 months)
Automatic 10 years in cell with same-sex rapist
Total votes 206


Comal sweetens Home Depot bait County commissioners join New Braunfels city officials in offering Home Depot 50 percent rebate on sales taxes for 10 years.

Carlin still scheduled for Corpus Christi Although he is entering drug rehab, the show March 10 at American Bank Center Selena Auditorium will go on.

Laser beams hit planes over Cleveland and Colorado Springs

Thieves steal $10,000 in toys from Alvin storage unit

Company makes apparel out of fur from living pets

Faulty signals common at US rail crossings Peggy Wilhide, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Railroads [said] "I would put our safety record up against any industry"

Republicans to make ethics inquiries harder to start




< Port Lavaca

Christmas Snow photo archives from Victoria Advocate readers

Schroeder area, Goliad County


Top Scientists Warn: Sea Gods Angry Washington, DC - Pointing to the devastating weekend Indian Ocean tsunami that left over 24,000 dead, an international blue ribbon committee of climatologists and ecoscientists today issued a stark warning that man-made pollutants have increasingly "make water spirits angry."



Falloujans jolted by city's condition Refugees eager to return change their minds after seeing the ruin. Will balloting be feasible?

25 insurgents killed attacking US Mosul outpost

Memorial for soldiers at Fort Lewis The Christmas presents he had promised to send her, the ones she had promised not to open until he came back from the war, made it all the way to Tumwater from Iraq.
The box arrived at the house near this military base a few days before Dec. 25. It was a delivery that might have offered Stephaine VanKomen some proof, if only imagined, that her husband would be coming back to watch her open them. But he was not coming back: on that same day, 30 minutes before the postman came with presents, the Army came to tell her he was dead.

Baghdad house blown up after police enter
Insurgents lured police to a house in western Baghdad and then set off a powerful explosion that killed at least 28 people late Tuesday night, including three families whose homes were completely flattened in the blast, officials said Wednesday.

Honk! The quiet progress of Iraq. Many Iraqi families have been able to afford cars as the government has doubled the salary of its million or so workers.


USA Today
TV shows coming in January or next few weeks


Cops seek pranksters who toss soda at drive-thru workers
400+ trapped on Wild Animal Park monorail several hours


Gift certificate for adventure: an introductory Ultralight Flying Lesson by a qualified instructor • Ultralights USA • 651-4004
(Not a paid ad. These are my friends.)


Women in Chile strip for poet (with lousy photo)
Ashlee Simpson says she can burp the alphabet

Eva Longoria turned on by vibrators, gives them as gifts


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