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Friday, December 17 -- New page uploaded by 10am Monday-Friday
Noon today... Bill Kurtis (Cold Case Files, American Justice, 30 years with CBS) joins me to talk about two death penalty cases which helped convince him to question and then reject his lifelong support of capital punishment.   1pm today... An hour in studio with mayoral candidate Phil Hardberger, a personal-injury trial lawyer, ex-Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals, long-distance sailor, solo transAtlantic pilot, and enough other admirable, macho and intellectual qualifications to make you hate him almost instantly.



Texas moves toward huge toll road to supplement Interstate 35 from near San Antonio to near Dallas
Deal makes TTC-35 toll road plan a reality
I-35 alternative estimated to cost $6 billion. Long-term partnership with consortium led by Spanish toll road operator Cintra and San Antonio-based Zachry Construction Corp.

Click for route map (Flash)

San Antonio Express-News
State on road to new highway era The Texas Transportation Commission selected a construction consortium that includes a San Antonio firm Thursday to build the first leg of the Trans Texas Corridor ó launching what officials called the nation's most important highway project since the 1950s.

The Trans Texas Corridor is huge and costly. The $184 billion endeavor is eventually supposed to crisscross the state with 4,000 miles of 10-lane highways and rail lines in swaths up to a quarter-mile wide.
Officials will have to charge tolls to finance bonds and pay for operations and maintenance. They'll also have to confiscate farmlands and wildlife areas.



PGA Tour Project Comment
In last night's San Antonio City Council session, Julian Castro correctly pointed out that the PGA Village proposal, now dead, inspired the largest petition drive in the city's history, conducted by citizens who believed the public should have an opportunity to vote on aspects of commercial development over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone.
Council slicked past that and avoided a public vote, leaving a very bad feeling among a great number of San Antonio voters.
The first project eventually died from a lack of hotel financing and other factors.
Now the replacement project, the PGA Tour plan, seems to be a slam dunk at City Hall, but there has been very little public input and only last night's virtually unpublicized public hearing so far.
Mayor Ed Garza made the point that the appearance of doing business behind closed doors detracts from the council's reputation.
The PGA Tour development in northeast Bexar County, with its proposed 25-year non-annexation scheme, deserves a good deal of public input in place of a hurried approval by City Hall.

Public gets shot at PGA Tour project A controversial proposal to build a PGA Tour golf course over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone got its first public airing Thursday, after weeks of what some opponents call "closed-door negotiations."

PLEASE help. To donate, click their website (In the "Specific Use" box put "San Antonio, Texas")


San Antonio strippers must wear ID badges

Council set to okay twin-tower downtown hotel next Tuesday

Kerik never filled out New York background form


Need an ID and password?


Soldier had himself shot to avoid return to Iraq, police say

Police recover JFK artifacts in Dallas drug raid A police card bearing Jack Ruby's nine fingerprints is among the items unexpectedly turned up in a drug raid on a Dallas apartment. Bonnie and Clyde autopsy photos, too.

Puget Sound whales may get endangered status Bush administration, which ruled two years ago that endangered species protections were unwarranted, reversed itself after a federal judge ordered it to reconsider its legal justifications.

KB Home earnings soar 35% in quarter Builder lifts its 2005 outlook even as U.S. housing starts post their biggest drop in 11 years.



DOD seeks emergency OK to resume anthrax shots
Anthrax vaccinations by the military have been suspended since late October, when a federal judge ordered the military to stop requiring personnel to take the vaccine.

May I remind you of the controversy over these shots as detailed by Gary Matsumoto in his book Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--And Why GI's Are Only The First Victims


National Guard enlistments off sharply Army National Guard fell 30 percent below recruiting goals in the last two months and will offer new incentives, including enlistment bonuses of up to $15,000.

Fiddling as Iraq burns

British court says terror suspects denied rights


At Guantanamo, a prison within a prison
Inside heavily guarded Guantanamo Bay, the CIA has maintained a detention facility for valuable al Qaeda captives that has never been mentioned in public.


email "comments" killed

Dear Brad,
I am sorry that, because of the actions of a few, you have turned off the comments section of your website. I always enjoyed putting my two cents in and really enjoyed it when my comments were read on the air. I always found humor, common sense and passion in the remarks of "some" of the contributors.
It seems that your comment section has followed the path of a lot of other fun and interesting activities in that a few have ruined it for the many. That seems to be the way for a lot of things these days, the few spoiling it for the many. Sad, sad, sad...
As a postscript, the TTC is an extremely bad idea that is a thinly veiled conspiracy for a money and land grab that, regardless of what Govemnor Blow Dry and his ilk are telling the public, WILL cost the taxpayers for generations to come in a lot more ways than money...sigh...
Thanks for what you do.
Bill D.



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