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posted 12am Mon 12/13 - 10p Wed 12/15/2004
Should tax money be used to build, or to back, a big downtown San Antonio "convention" hotel?
(326 votes)

300 Absolutely not 92%
026 Certainly 8%

San Antonio now

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Is there any evidence at all that the See Clearly Method of "vision improvement" actually works? Here's an independent article I found on the internet: The See Clearly Method: Do Eye Exercises Improve Vision?

1:53pm -- Ben Wear, Austin American-Statesman transportation reporter, tells me that Cintra is a consortium which includes H.B. Zachry and many other companies.

12:26pm -- Harvey Kronberg's QUORUM REPORT in Austin reports the $6B contract will go to Spanish toll road operator Cintra. I'll do a segment on this TTC development tomorrow.

Trans-Texas Toll Corridor vote today
The Texas Transportation Commission is poised to strike a deal today with a consortium that will build and operate the toll corridor's first segment, an 800-mile stretch paralleling Interstate 35 from Mexico to Oklahoma.
The proposed route would take traffic away from San Antonio: that could be good for traffic but bad for the local economy

Excellent info website Corridor
Time magazine Dec 6: The Next Wave in Superhighways, or A Big, Fat Texas Boondoggle?

Austin's "tea party" toll road knockoff Austin Toll
Texas Dep't Transportation Trans Texas Corridor maps, etc.


President George W. Bush presented the government's highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, to three men closely involved in the planning, execution and immediate aftermath of the Iraq war - and in some of the war's biggest controversies; L. Paul Bremer 3rd, the civilian administrator of Iraq after the invasion of Baghdad; General Tommy Franks, retired, who led the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and George Tenet, the former director of central intelligence. STORY


Friday Noon... Bill Kurtis joins me to talk about his study of two death penalty cases which helped convince him to reverse his own lifelong support of capital punishment.


Friday 1pm... An hour with 2005 mayoral candidate Phil Hardberger



Americans disappearing in Nuevo Laredo While noting most visitors here never get hurt, the U.S. Consulate is warning of an unusual spike in kidnappings or disappearances of Americans since mid-August. Of the 21 known victims, an official said two are dead, 10 missing and nine have been released.

San Antonio seeks rebate on Alcoa tax-abatement deal because plant closing. City Council will decide the issue today

The New York Times' 6th-most Emailed article today:
Finding Homosexual Threads in Lincoln's Legend A new book ... concludes that America's greatest president was a gay man.




Military telling Gitmo detainees about court access The Pentagon begins to formally notify some held at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that they have the right to challenge their imprisonment in an American court.

Iraq terrorists changing tactics Iraqi insurgents and foreign terrorists have become "more effective" at locating and attacking pivotal supply routes for U.S. combat forces in Iraq

Iraqi official shot dead 4 others killed in insurgent attacks.

Pattern of discontent in US ranks While some don't see much defiance, others see an unusual amount of tension surfacing for an all-volunteer military force.

Bush Prepares for Possible GPS Shutdown WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush has ordered plans for temporarily disabling the U.S. network of global positioning satellites during a national crisis to prevent terrorists from using the navigational technology, the White House said Wednesday.


PLEASE help. To donate, click their website (In the "Specific Use" box put "San Antonio, Texas")


Why the bad grammar? Have you ever wondered why so many reporters don't know that "criterion" is singular and "criteria" is plural?

and why so many in the media don't know that "media" is plural, as in "the various news media"?



Casino fined for hidden cameras' wandering eyes ATLANTIC CITY (AP) — Women, beware: Those "eye in the sky" surveillance cameras used by casinos don't just look for card cheats and crooked dealers. Sometimes, they look for low-cut blouses.
Downstream dangers of your perfume Musks used in everything from detergents to air fresheners build up in human tissue as well as in fish and invertebrates.
Judge surprised by buzz over his Ten Commandments robe Two days after an Alabama judge donned a robe in court displaying the Ten Commandments on his chest, his staff was busy fielding calls from media outlets and supporters across the nation. "We have not had a single complaint called in," says a secretary.
Did you hear the one about the gay Mexican cannibal? (No, really.. this one IS sickening)


Woman who rolled murder victim's head down a hill gets life Marcia Ann Johnson, 44, and her partner drained the bank accounts and sold the home of the victim, Mt. Baldy resident Jack Irwin, after the grisly 1999 murder.

Tourists thought getting lost was part of mountain guided tour

Return of the hanging chad: Recount continues in Ohio


2:02pm add
home computer
Look up "home computer" on and you'll see
that picture is a hoax.
Richard S.

Richard is correct. Here's the LINK. Thanks!

email home computer
Subject: 1954 Popular Mechanics Magazine
What do you suppose that steering wheel looking thing is?? Hmmmm, this is the year 2004 and my computer doesn't look anything like this.
Bob B.





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