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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 New pages Mon-Fri 10 a.m.
Today my KTSA air schedule is 11am-2pm


USA Today
U.S. forces hold 70% of Fallujah American forces bottled up guerrillas in a narrow strip of Fallujah's alleys and streets Wednesday after a stunningly swift advance

Christian Science Monitor
US forces pour into Iraqi city Despite the steady rumble of fighting, US Marines found Fallujah a veritable ghost town.

Red Kettle Crisis

I've observed and reported on human tragedies and human triumphs all of my adult life. Wherever an individual or a community has needed help, the Salvation Army has always been there. Not asking to be paid, not even asking for thanks— simply doing good for the sake of doing good.

In "Specific Use" box enter "San Antonio, Texas"

Maybe you're thankful for the Salvation Army, too. Perhaps during the holidays, you drop some money into Salvation Army red kettles.

Unfortunately, this year it's going to be different. Some retailers have banned the red kettles from in front of their stores.

The Salvation Army in San Antonio is afraid donations will fall $130,000 short of need. You know the Salvation Army: they could do a whole lot of good with that much money.

So it's time for us to help them. Please go to their website HERE and in the "Specific Use" box put "San Antonio, Texas".

Contributions may be sent directly to The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 12568, San Antonio, TX 78212.


email kettles
It’s sad to see some companies not make common sense exceptions to their solicitation rules to allow the Salvation Army to ring their bell and fund the many great things they do. I for one will no longer grace the doorway of a Target store and I will give my kids an extra buck or two each time we do see the bell ringers elsewhere. The Salvation Army is as much a part of the holidays as is the Christmas tree or holiday lights. It wouldn’t be the same without them. Thanks Brad for what you are doing to help them out and I know KTSA listeners will come through like always.
Michael J.

email kettles
I can't believe certain stores are killing Christmas by removing the Salvation Army kettles. No only do they do wonderful work with the money contributed, the people who man the kettles are usually so cheerful, even open doors for people, whether you contribute or not. I love them!!! It won't be Christmas without them. If I notice that they are gone from my usual stores, I will go in an complain to the manager and leave. If they really want to get rid of something that's annoying, let them get rid of the opinion pollsters with the clipboards in the malls. Now THAT is annoying!



Ten-Foot Poll on Gay Marriage---RESULT
posted 8:50am-730pm Tue 11/9/2004
Gay marriage is already illegal in Texas. Would you support the proposed Texas Constitutional Amendment that also would ban it?
Total votes 293


Doctor discovers the 'Orgasmatron' Thanks, Anne Another media report on the Orgasmatron. The inventor has been a guest on my program

Gunmen snatch Iraq prime minister's relatives

Ashcroft to run penal colony on Mars

Ashcroft challenges Oregon's Death With Dignity Act

"Very Christian person" spanked teen female workers


Firefox browser now available (free)


Scooter Store pulling out of Houston Medicare market Scooter Store and others in the wheelchair industry say the local crackdown has crushed legitimate suppliers as well as fly-by-night firms. They say patients are being denied chairs they need.

Clear Channel cuts KTRH/Houston radio news department

The KTRH news operation often provides newscasts to out-of-town stations such as WOAI/San Antonio, in place of newscasts which used to be generated locally, although the WOAI 'casts are still passed off as local rather than being identified as coming from elsewhere.
A not-so-free press in the USA
".. a broad assault on freedom of the press that would appall us if it were happening in Kazakhstan."


Vets return, but not always with healthcare As the nation honors its veterans Thursday, some advocates say too many are falling through the cracks.


Aurora seen from much of northern USA




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