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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Election 6 days away Election results ? days away
Where to vote Bexar County or use 24-hour line 335-VOTE

(I'm gonna be off tomorrow and Friday)

Army won't cut Iraq combat tours
Citing the insurgency, a lack of manpower and a plan to reorganize, the service's chief of staff says deployments cannot be shortened

Editor & Publisher's analysis of newspaper endorsements Sen. John Kerry now holds a fairly narrow lead in the number of endorsements, but he has gained many more of the larger papers, holding about a 17 million to 12 million edge by circulation. Most telling, however, is that at least 35 papers that backed Bush in 2000 have now switched to Kerry, and another nine that supported Bush before have declared their neutrality this year. Only five so far have gone from Gore to Bush.

Lunar Eclipse tonight total 9:43-10:45
"The pale-white moon will turn pumpkin orange as it plunges into shadow, becoming eerie red during totality." (NASA) Times and other Info HERE • Begins 8:14 p.m. • About 3 hours start to finish • “Howl at the Moon” star party • Free • You're invited • Starts 8 p.m. • San Antonio College next to Scobee Planetarium
PDF flyer with all the info San Antonio Astronomical Association
Entire eclipse will be visible from San Antonio if it isn't cloudy. The latest hour-by-hour forecast is HERE



Bush's gay union stance irks conservatives

33 ways to an Electoral College tie a computer analysis finds no fewer than 33 combinations in which 11 battleground states could divide to produce a 269 to 269 electoral tie.

Unit commander: No one said to check for explosives Col. Joseph Anderson, of the Second Brigade of the Army's 101st Airborne Division, said he did not learn until this week that the site, Al Qaqaa, was considered sensitive. "I didn't know what the place was supposed to be. We did not get involved in any of the bunkers."

Congratulations, Ricci!

My colleague Ricci Ware will be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame this weekend, in a ceremony in San Antonio. Carl Wiglesworth will also be inducted. It is a fine honor and I can't imagine being in better company. A complete list of 2004 inductees is HERE

Brad Messer

Charter Inducted Member
Texas Radio Hall of Fame
, 2002



Andy Borowitz
President Bush said he was "furious" that Iraqis looted 350 tons of explosives since the looting of Iraq was supposed to be handled by Halliburton.

Aransas County man used unearned Army medals at drug trial

Ten-Foot Poll on Right Wing Radio---RESULT
posted 830am Mon 10/25 - 4pm Tue 10/26/2004
KTSA hosts openly campaign for Bush on the air.

I prefer hearing both sides of issues
One-sided right-wing is fine with me
Total votes 530

Small military minority says draft could happen Many military experts believe that reviving some sort of military draft is extremely unlikely, even impossible -- but not all of them.




On-air women snub Mackris, Olbermann offers cash When MSNBC host Keith Olbermann offered Fox News producer Andrea Mackris $99,000 to pay off her reported debts if she, in return, would come up with an audio tape of Fox News star Bill OíReilly speaking rancid nothings to her on the phone, his viewers took him seriously. By Tuesday, Oct. 26, Mr. Olbermann said heíd received $25,000 in online donations.

36 papers abandon Bush for Kerry The Orlando Sentinel has backed every Republican seeking the White House since Richard M. Nixon in 1968. Not this time.

Western women can't squat
A study aimed at finding the perfect way for women to pee has floundered because Westerners can't squat properly.


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