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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Election 6 days away Election results ? days away
Where to vote Bexar County or use 24-hour line 335-VOTE


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Ten-Foot Poll on Right Wing Radio---RESULT
posted 830am Mon 10/25 - 4pm Tue 10/26/2004
KTSA hosts openly campaign for Bush on the air.

I prefer hearing both sides of issues
One-sided right-wing is fine with me
Total votes 530

Los Angeles Times
White House downplays missing Iraq explosives

Today's Drudge Report makes a big deal of a report by NBC which claims that the explosives had already disappeared by the time Americans invaded Iraq, but not even the NBC News site mentions the story today, nor do any other major media report on the claim, except for two lead paragraphs in this CNN report (Thanks, Robert W) which pays lip service to the NBC angle and then devotes the next 36 paragraphs to the original missing explosives story.
add 10:35 a.m.
US: No Explosives When GIs Arrived is another odd piece of reporting in that the first paragraph reports the Pentagon claims our troops found no munitions, with grafs far down the story reporting fruitless searches "both during and after major combat operations" without pinning down a date. This is a very loose report, worded in a way that reminds me of President Clinton's issue with the word no.

email Brad an idiot
You have to have some egg on your face after your rant on this [missing explosives] yesterday. You are to anxious to run this administration down into the dirt. Give it time the truth will come out be it good or bad for them. You sounded like you worked for the NY Times yesterday. (that is not a compliment).
Now I wonder if you will devote as much energy today to correcting the impression you made yesterday? I doubt it. This story is over a year and a half old, I could get better and more accurate crap from the Kerry/Edwards campaign or the DNC.
This is one reason your listeners are dwindling you have let you personal opinions color the truth so much so that it is becoming very distasteful to listen to. But it is your radio show and you are the professional so keep at it,eventually it will be you yelling into a rusty tin can with a string connecting it to another tin can with your sole listener on the other end parroting back platitudes of endearment to you. Maybe a slight exaggeration there but you get the idea.
Don in Uvalde
your not a half bad talk show host when you try to be, And you used to be a hell of a newsman, what happened?

I was taken over by the Martian pod aliens, Don.


email Iraq explosives
The Boston Globe has a story today stating that the explosives were looted AFTER the U. S. arrived. IF they were moved before we arrived, WE had been told exactly were this place was, and its importance by U. N. inspectors pre invasion.
IF we were not watching this site via our satellites, which can read a license plate, before we invaded we certainly should have been. And IF we were we could have followed via satellite where they were taken. AFTER we invaded we most probably discontinued satellite monitoring of the place "thinking" it no longer necessary to monitor.
David P. - Wimberley

Increase in war funding sought The new numbers underscore that the war is going to be far more costly and intense, and last longer, than the administration first suggested.

USA Today
US considers ways to increase troops in Iraq for vote Concerned that they won't get enough new troops from allies to help provide security for Iraqi elections in January, Pentagon officials are considering increasing the current U.S. force by delaying the departures of some U.S. troops now in Iraq and accelerating the deployment of others scheduled to go there next year.

Dow at low for year, stocks flat

CNN poll has Bush ahead in Florida But other surveys of state voters indicate no clear leader

Tonight: Rumsfeld's War

FRONTLINE and the Washington Post join forces for an in-depth assessment of the state of the American army and the nation's military establishment. The program digs into the aggressive attempts to assert civilian control and remake the military by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his allies.



Colorado's glaciers disappearing The surface of the 62-acre Arapaho Glacier along the Continental Divide west of Boulder has dropped 100 to 130 feet since 1960

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and now today's humor:
Murdoch: Fox News does not favour Bush


fun with Photoshop





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