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Wednesday, October 13, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Election 20 days away
Bexar County where to vote, early voting calendar etc.

On my program at 12:35, attorney Stephen White will discuss his eyewitness interviews about U.S. Border Patrol officers forcing Mexicans into the Rio Grande and then throwing rocks at them— an incident in which three Mexicans drowned.

Here are some earlier reports on the issue:
Express-News 9/23/04
Migrants blame Border Patrol for 3 deaths
11:48 a.m. -- Just booked the above reporter for 12:10 segment 9/29/04
Border Patrol accused in immigrants' deaths
La Oferta 10/1/04
US Border Patrol investigated for drowning of three migrants

Final presidential debate tonight Although Bush was credited with a solid showing in the second debate last week in St. Louis, the gains Kerry has seen in state and national polls in the past two weeks underline the need for Bush to come across as presidential and in command.

“We’ve heard the criticism that the debates have been too choreographed and controlled,” said Jean Stovall, a spokesperson for the committee. “Hopefully, the promise that gunfire could break out at any moment will go a long way toward changing that perception.”


What were they thinking?

Ten-Foot Poll on Trains---RESULT
posted 830a-12mid Tue 10/12/2004
Union Pacific derailments here have contaminated waterways and killed 3 people this year. UP says it will now improve rail safety.
It's just talk
They may try but probably fail
UP will do it
Vote total 232


Yesterday I saluted our big bud Saudi Arabia for not letting women run for office or vote due to an alleged shortage of women to operate separate polling places. Today I salute Nigeria for deciding on fatal stonings for adulteresses but not adulterers

Two Nigerian women to die by stoning The sentences for extramarital sex are based on Islamic law. The men are acquitted.
However, all stoning sentences since 2000 have been overturned on appeal

FTC sues spyware suspects Federal authorities have asked a federal judge to shut down an operation that they said installed intrusive "spyware" on people's computers and then sold anti-spyware software to those same victims

Missing Iraq nuke technology raises alarm UN's nuclear watchdog says key equipment has disappeared, heightening concern about proliferation.



email election fraud
Brad, is this the lowest, worst election cycle you have ever seen? I'm sure thinking it's another example of how the great Republican party wants to suppress votes.....they'll just throw away the new registrations that are listed as Democrats!
Las Vegas Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed
What a bunch of jerks.

Thanks! We'll try to get the reporter on my program today.
also see

Denver TV investigation uncovers voter registration fraud

UPDATE 11:40 a.m. -- My star producer Susan Farris looked at the America Votes website and noticed that virtually all the sponsoring organizations are screaming liberal tree-hugging types, which raises the question "why would America Votes be throwing away Democrat voter registrations? If they were inclined to shred registrations, wouldn't they go for Republican ones?"


email gas price commentary
Yeah, I hate pulling up to the pump in my Silverado too, but demand for oil is going to continue to increase and thererfore the price of its byproducts. What these guys really don't want to talk about is what they're doing about renewable energy. Bush said he's in favor of Hydrogen cars, but hasn't done jack taco about it. They're both for giving tax cuts to all sorts of people. How about a system of massive tax credits for renewable energy development, or do those only go to the president's oil buddies.
Until we wean ourselves off of foreign oil we won't put a dent in the terrorist problem and our economy will continue to suffer.


email Martha imprisoned
Thought you might like this.
Brent C

Doily Diva Martha Stewart reported to prison in West Virginia last week to serve out the sentence for her stock fraud conviction.
The Top 5 Things Overheard in Martha Stewart's Cell
5 "OK, Ashton, you can come out and punk me now."
4 "I carved this soap into a glue gun."
3 "This isn't the first gated community I've lived in."
2 "Kmart is marketing my shivs in eight designer colors."
and's Number 1 Thing Overheard in Martha Stewart's Cell.
1 "I am NOT your bitch; I am my own."


email train wrecks
I listen to your show often and I finally have to put my 2 cents worth in. For nearly 2 years we (railroad engineers & trainman-BLET), have tried repeatedly to set up meetings with city council to discuss, and to warn the city officials about the dangerous conditions that exist not only for us but the citizens of San Antonio as well. Right off New Braunfels St.,maybe a mile or two from downtown, recently hired railroad switchmen with 2 weeks training ,are operating Remote Controlled Locomotives. As a licensed engineer,I recieved nearly a year of formal training and am frequently tested both out in the field as well as by the FRA.In addition, I have written tests to pass annually. My point Brad is that you haven't seen the worse yet. The 2 rail yards in San Antonio handle hundreds of Hazmat cars each day with RCL's manned for the most part, by rail workers with little knowledge of train handling. Think about it for a moment. Houston and over 60 other major cities & counties throughout the U.S. have enacted resolutions to ban the use of RCL's in their area until the FRA is forced to pay attention and come up with rules,not guidelines, for major railroads like the U.P. to abide by. Right now its a free for set rules pertaining to their use. Why can't we get the city officials to work with us on this very important issue? Do you really think the U.P. is going to move the tracks? NO WAY!!
One more thing.San Antonio was the first city in the nation to have a railroad worker killed from the use of the RCL's. (December 2003). What an honor.


email CPS lines
Hello Brad,
My name is Ronnie B. I live in northwest Bexar county on State Hwy 211 where the Cagnon to Kendal county 345 KV line is to be run, if City Public Service (CPS) has their way. I'm writing to express my concerns about this line and to provide hopefully a little insight on this project.
I obviously have some concerns about having to give highway frontage, 150 feet of easement rights, to CPS. This is personal. Unfortunately this type of scenario happens to individuals all the time. It's pretty hard to justify why there should be an exception for me if others have suffered the same fate.
What I do have a problem with is this electrical line will be built on some Proposition 3 property. I have yet to figure out how CPS can even consider this option. My understanding was that Proposition 3 land was purchased to protect the Edwards aquifer/recharge zone. My understand was that Proposition 3 meant that the land was to be kept in it's pristine shape. This would imply to me that construction of any sort should not be allowed - this would include 180 electrical towers.
Assuming some how CPS gets their way and in December City Council approves the project and the construction on Proposition 3 lands, how in the world can City Council expect to come back to the voters with Proposition 3 - II in May asking for more tax money to protect our aquifer.
Doesn't make sense to me but I'm sure it doesn't matter to City Council since I can't vote for them because I'm out in the county anyway.
Thanks for your time.
Ronnie B.

Ronnie, I will cite your email on my program, and will ask Prop 3 proponent Bonnie Conner about that situation. Thanks for writing.
Tomorrow City Council agenda item 19 is "An Ordinance ordering a Special Election to be held on the 7th day of May, 2005" on another round of Prop 3 land acquisition


email Churchill Band
Congratulations to the Winston Churchill Charger Band for placing 1st with a score of 82.80 this past weekend at the La Joya, Texas Bands of America Competition. Churchill won Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance and Outstanding General Effect in both the Preliminary and Final Performances.
This year's show was entitled "BluePrints." Directors of the band are Albert Lo (Director), Alan Sharps (Asst. Director), Brian Hildreth (Asst. Director), Mike Stevens (Asst. Director), Michael Sloan (Colorguard) and Dan Butcher (Drum).
The band is preparing the represent San Antonio in the 2005 Tournament of Roses Parade.
Elaine K.



email Commentary on torture
"Torture is not our way," makes a clever slogan but belies the facts of our history. Torture has been part and parcel of American history since the rise of agencies and organizations capable to implement torture arose after the founding of this nation. Castrating, whipping and hobbling slaves was a common and legal practice for many years up until the Civil War and an accepted practice for many years after in many cases. There are thousands of historical references to the torture of American Indians. Then there was the memorable case of the Sheriff in north Texas who publicly tortured a retarded negro man by cutting him to pieces while he was alive in front of 10,000 onlookers about 1880 for the alleged rape of his daughter. The Texas Rangers were investigated by the Federal Government for torturing Mexicans along the border at the turn of the century. Mennonites and Quakers were routinely tortured while imprisoned for their beliefs during WW 1, and there are instances of torture of Japanese internees during WW II. Hell, we exported torture techniques to many South American police and army units all through the 50's to the 80's, showing them the marvelous confessions that could be had by using old style crank phones and creative uses for metal chairs and car batteries. What is not our way is admitting that we condone torture. We are experts at denial both as individuals and as a nation. But you are 85% right, you just need to the words "Admitting to" to the beginning of your sentence.
Gary B.






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