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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Election 3 weeks from today

On my program tomorrow, attorney Stephen White will discuss his eyewitness interviews about U.S. Border Patrol officers forcing Mexicans into the Rio Grande and then throwing rocks at them— an incident in which three Mexicans drowned.




11 detained terror suspects "disappeared" At least 11 al-Qaida suspects have "disappeared" in U.S. custody, and some may have been tortured, Human Rights Watch said in a report
HRW website
CIA’s Long-Term “Ghost Detainees”

Judge: Texas can't ban sale of sex toys the El Paso County District Attorney's Office said the ruling will be appealed.
The law was created during a revision of the state's obscenity laws in 1979. In 1985, the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals upheld the law.

Poll: Aussies, Brits, Italians say Iraq war increased terrorism danger More than half of those in the United States, 52 percent, believe the Iraq war has increased the threat of terrorism, while three in 10 in the United States think it has decreased the threat - a view promoted by President Bush.
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go to which is always in the left column of this page. In this case, says try the user name BUGMENOT and password STARTRIBUNE, which worked for me.

UN says Iraqi nuclear-related materials have vanished




Well, at least one good thing about invading Iraq: we get our hands on a significant part of the Middle East oil supply and guarantee our access to easonably-priced petroleum. No, wait. There's an unexpected development:

Oil prices hit new all-time high, pass $54

Bush, Kerry talk tough on oil, terror In a last-minute flurry of accusations before their final debate, John Kerry tried to tie President Bush to record oil prices while the president charged that his Democratic opponent has totally misunderstood the war on terror.

Lieutenants Bush and Kerry
What the records really show

Bush's approval rating slipping President Bush and Sen. John Kerry head toward their third and final televised debate this week with voters increasingly pessimistic about the economy, the war in Iraq and the battle against terrorism, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows.


Electoral vote flipflops again: Kerry 260 Bush 274


email spyware
Remember when TurboTax put spyware on everyone's machine? They claimed it was to validate their serial numbers and for copy protection. The also make Quicken and QuickBooks. ... Apparently, they are checking valid serial numbers if you use their online payroll function.
I say this not in a bad way, but as a 'heads up'. Micro$oft is allowing 'voluntary serial validation' when getting Service Pack 2. The point is, with everyone online 24/7 with RR and DSL, more and more software is 'calling home', without the end user knowing about it.
Thank god the Congress is passing a spyware bill, but when legit programs begin 'phoning home' without letting the end user knowing about it, privacy violations will be the next step. Quote me on this.
There is a fine line protecting your right to your intellectual property, and the end users right to privacy. I expect it to be crossed within the next year, either by RealNetworks (RealPlayer), Intuit, or Micro$oft.
Hoping for the best,


Ten-Foot Poll on Trains---RESULT
posted 830a-12mid Tue 10/12/2004
Union Pacific derailments here have contaminated waterways and killed 3 people this year. UP says it will now improve rail safety.
It's just talk
They may try but probably fail
UP will do it
Vote total 232


email cartoon
You might like this cartoon from the Guardian.
Cliff G.


Texans will get their sales tax deduction

Scientists try to unravel Gulf 'dead zone' mystery

Nevada man arrested after he wakes up from coma

And now a democracy update from our big buddies, the Saudis:
Saudi Arabia bans women from vote
Saudi women have limited freedoms. Without written permission from a male guardian, they may not travel, get an education or work. Regardless of permissions, they are not allowed to drive, mix with men in public or leave home without covering themselves with black cloaks, called abayas.


  Two first-rate books listed here on my whim (I never put paid ads on this site)


Dr. Mac: G5 is thin, lovely and fast as the wind

Checking the facts, in advance Mr. Bush's statements ... are fundamentally dishonest. He is insisting that black is white, and that failure is success.

Man with revoked license arrested for a driving lawn mower


Flying saucer mystery revealed as a hoax -- 57 years later
Bob Huntley says he was just trying to create a little summertime excitement with the extraterrestrial prank he pulled in 1947 on the people of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. But then the FBI showed up. "That was when I really freaked out,'' says Huntley, 76.


Sex, drugs? Tatum did them at 12 Here is the book Hollywood has been dreading. In "A Paper Life," Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal doesn't just spill sordid secrets - she names names.
Who is the screen siren that dragged O'Neal into an opium-fueled orgy when the "Paper Moon" star was just 12?
The answer is Melanie Griffith, according to O'Neal.
Which superstar tried to make out with O'Neal even though, at age 17, he was five years older than she?







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