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Tuesday, October 5, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Ten-Foot Poll on Veep Debate was UNDERWAY
posted 830pm Tue 10/5/2004
Who won the Vice Presidential debate?
(TIE was added 1115pm)
V.P. Cheney
Sen. Edwards
Pretty much a tie the VolcanoCam

Bush readies 'significant speech' stung by the erosion of his lead over Sen. John Kerry in post debate polls, has abruptly scheduled a major speech for tomorrow in hopes of halting Mr. Kerry's momentum.

Rumsfeld backs off al Qaeda assertions Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld appeared Monday to back off earlier statements suggesting Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had links to al Qaeda. He also conceded that U.S. intelligence was "wrong" in its conclusions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Full text: Donald Rumsfeld's statement "A question I answered today at an appearance before the Council on Foreign Relations regarding ties between al-Qaida and Iraq regrettably was misunderstood...


email draft
Dear Brad,
David Hackworth's latest column is quite interesting.  He is proposing that the draft will be reinstated.  Hackworth has been proven to be right so many times that I tend to find him more believable than the government in general and this administration in particular...
George H.
Uncle Sam Will Soon Want Your Kids


Bremer criticizes lack of troops in Iraq said Monday that the United States made two major mistakes: not deploying enough troops and then not containing the violence immediately after the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

Fighting continues in Samarra, Ramadi, Sadr City

17 years on Texas Death Row, may be entirely innocent

Governor Blow-Dry won't halt executions Despite turmoil at Houston PD crime lab, Perry aide says present reviews sufficient
Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt last month said he believes all executions from Houston should be delayed until evidence is examined in 8,000 cases handled by the crime lab.

Kathy Walt is Blow-Dry's spokeswoman. Some of her remarks about the issue are just plain vapid and silly. From the Houston Chronicle:

Walt said Perry's existing procedure for reviewing death penalty cases is adequate without having to establish a moratorium.
"The governor looks at each case individually," Walt said.
"Is there a question about DNA? Is there a question on the evidence? Is there a question about innocence? These are all questions he's looking at anyway."
She noted both Green and Miniel confessed to their crimes and that is "the strongest evidence."

What century is she living in, believing that confessions are strong evidence? Search Google for "false murder confessions" and browse the first 44-thousand results, Ms. Walt!
Look at the coerced confession in the Austin yogurt shop murders that resulted in a successful lawsuit against the city. Wake up, girl! Wake up, Blow-Dry!



Borowitz book giveaways this week on my program, and Andy as a guest

San Antonio CPS child agency blasted as secretive, punitive




email Baghdad kid deaths
Dear Brad,
I listen to your program whenever I can and I think you are the best talk radio host on the air, on any station I can tune in.
This afternoon you were talking about the children who are being killed in Iraq and who is to blame for this. Please consider this. The US started this war in Iraq. We invaded that country. Regardless of what our intentions were, we started it. It follows that we are now responsible for all the resulting death, bloodshed, and destruction which has occurred...
Jim H.

email you liberals
just tuned in for a laugh...i haven't listened to ktsa in a long time.i drop in on you just like cnn and the rest of the liberals.please tell the dnc that they ought to get the facts right before spewing out lies about our president.tuning to ktsa(cbs) is not the only news outlet out there anymore. don'you get it!
Ed T.

email Ed T. email above
Brad, my rhetorical question for the day: Why do nimrods like Ed think you must be a liberal if you disagree with the monarchy? I guess I went from libertarian to liberal this weekend and didn't even notice. I've got to stop drinking. As always, love the show, PLEASE keep up the excellent work.

email election
I appreciate your realistic comments about the current President and about the decisions he has been making for our country. I voted for Bush in 2000; my distant cousin is Donald Rumsfeld, so I have always been a supporter of Rumsfeld and thus the Bush administration, in the past.
However, although I admire the intelligence and ability of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell and others, I cannot say the same about George W. Bush. Listening to Bush over the past four years, I have come to see him as the "C" student he actually was during his school years ... the war in Iraq has been ridiculously tied to the 9-11 attacks and it seems as if we've all been hoodwinked into thinking that war against Iraq was actually a good way to stop terrorism...
Linda K.

email undecided
Hey Brad,
I guess I'm one of the 3 or 4 undecided voters out there. Why am I undecided? Bush- I like him, I've met him (as governor), as a moderate conservative he resonates with me, and I want so hard to believe him. BUT, we have no business being in Iraq. The decision to invade was based on flawed information. I think that's why our "major" allies were unimpressed (except England -and I'm not convinced Blair was excited about the invasion). Bush's inability to hear opposing voices concerns me. It's one thing to give a clear and consistent message. It's another thing to close your mind to opposing opinions and build a "strong case" on shaky information... if Bush loses, it might have the Republican party rethink itself. Get rid of the right wing, hard core conservatives. Good thing- if Kerry wins, it keeps the Clintons out of the White House for, at least, 8 years OR make him a one term president and get a common sense Republican in office.
Is Nader on the Texas ballot?
William S.

No, he isn't.

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