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Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Hit count: August 1,791,336 • July 2,409,046 • June 2,198,555

CBS fined $550,000 for Janet Jackson's Super Bowl exposure

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Election---DAY TWO RESULT
Who will you vote for? Who do you think will win?
Voting for Bush. He will win.
Voting for Bush. Kerry will win.
Voting for Kerry. He will win.
Voting for Kerry. Bush will win.
Voting for Other. Bush will win.
Voting for Other. Kerry will win.
Running total 839


Swift Boat Vets at it again with deceptive ad
New ad says Kerry 'secretly' met with enemy— but he told Congress of it Some of the independent organization's [previous] assertions were refuted, and several links between it and President Bush's campaign subsequently came to light. But the media storm created by the ad put Kerry and his campaign on the defensive.

Jersey, Ohio polls put Dems in a tizzy New polls yesterday hinted at disaster for John Kerry, fueling panic among Democrats. But Kerry proclaimed he's unbothered.



Women's sex-drive patch on fast track

The woman said that once she started using the patch, sex with her husband of 29 years went from once a month to twice a week. "He sure is smiling a lot," she said.


email sym-phony
It's probably a sign of early senility that I almost always agree with you. I do, however, differ with you concerning the symphony. I don't believe that a great city is complete without a functioning symphony, and I say that as someone who listens to 60's pop/rock and country for the most part.
It'd be nice if the symphony could pay its own way, but that is difficult even in the most sophisticated of cities. My observations of SA since I've been back is that the public would be more likely to support a mud wrestling team than anything cultural. Face it, a place that took forty years to put fluoride in the water and considers building its own reservoir a communist plot has more than it's share of knuckle draggers.
Still I wouldn't live near any other big city. It surprises me sometimes that there are enough triple digit IQ's in this town to keep you on the air.


No deal yet over zoning of Miller land

Gen. Staudt ran Bush's guard unit, says no favortism

Repo man runs over Sugar Land woman chasing her car

Plan for Schlitterbahn water park in Galveston on Hold after fire

Junk Fax bill could trigger flood of faxes Junk Fax Prevention Act bans unsolicited faxes, but makes explicit an exception for firms that have existing business relationship with customers.



DeLay's top fund-raisers indicted in election case While the felony indictments put the two-year controversy on DeLay's doorstep, the investigation also inched toward Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, R-Midland. Craddick was not indicted, but it was disclosed for the first time that he accepted a $100,000 corporate check on behalf of the Republican political action committee from a nursing home alliance that was indicted.


US, Iraq at odds over 'Dr. Germ' Conflicting reports on release of woman come as decapitated corpse is recovered.

Cash-short Pentagon into emergency fund A $25-billion account was to have been an 'insurance policy' unneeded this year. But insurgents in Iraq changed the equation.

Under DOD plan, soliciting prostitute would be a career-ending offense
Next year, troops buying it could face dishonorable discharge and jail time under a proposed change to the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Patrols turn ugly on Baghdad's Haifa Street


Is it a bird? Is it a weirdo? No, it's Ivanman, handing out cash and kindness



email embezzler’s sign
Heard the talk about the yard signs today and it makes me wonder this: regardless of all the pros and cons about the judicial intent, what is to stop the offender from committing the same act or acts again? The sex offender may be able to go to another location and do his thing, and, even though there is a record of someone stealing or embezzling money, it's possible the lady could be employed or associated with some business or organization in the future that would not be aware of her crime.
In other words, the signs may cause undue embarrassment for family or others living at the location, but I doubt they will prevent a reoccurrence should the individual(s) get the urge or feel they can get away with it. The thought of being returned to jail or prison seems to be more of a deterrent than a sign in the yard that won't prevent another incident, but only serves to publicize what was, not what could happen. Maybe this doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but that's my take on it.
Larry H

email poll over-represents Republicans
Brad, Praise tell me how in the hell you think your poll would be correct? You are a conservative talk show host and just who do you think listens to you most of the time. It surely isn't the Dem's! Do you know that 43% of all polls are worthless? Doesn't mean a hill of beans! and "As you grow older, you will find the only things you regret, are things you did not do! And after election day we are ALL going to find that we should have voted George W. Bush out of office!


of the



email poll
My wife voted on our computer and I wanted to vote also but will not accept my vote since we only have one computer. Please add my vote to the results if possible. I'm voting for Kerry and think he will win.
Enjoy your show. A moderate voice in a state that tilts too far to the right. A hostage Democrat in republican Williamson County,
George S.



email poll over-represents Republicans
The poll you are running is so unfair it deserves to be completely ignored. When, approximately, 90% of your listeners are die hard Republican conservatives, all voting for Bush, asking who will get more votes is ridiculous. Sure it will show a far higher percentage OF KTSA LISTENERS WILL VOTE FOR BUSH. What is so surprising? Be careful Brad you do not become PREDICTABLE like a Rush Limbaugh, because you might lose the few Democrats who listen to and love your show. YOU are the "Fresh Air" of talk radio. We sure would hate to lose you.
Great job on your Web Site.
E. D., Jr .

email Sandra Bullock
Hey Brad,
Got anymore news items on see-thru dresses? I think I found a topic I'm interested in!
Alex J F in Austin

email embezzler’s sign
Hi, Brad,
I think the sign should accompany the embezzler, Cindy Henly, to prison, and the sign should stay in her cell with her for a prison term of one year. Maybe she could sleep on it. I think the 90-day sentence for a theft of $22,000 is pretty short. What punishment would a person get if they stole that amount from HEB or Jack-in-the-Box, or from a medical practice or church? That will ease off the embarrassment her family will suffer from having a sign in the yard and will avoid placing the rest of the family in danger from drive-by's, cross-burnings, or other physical harassment.
Anne R


Something to consider when deciding who to vote for



email Lackland Project Homecoming
Hi Brad,
You have a lot of resources. I was wondering if you could find out any info on this years Project Homecoming. Thanksgiving is almost here and I haven't heard anything about it. I have participated for the past few years, and there is no better way to show your support for our troops. I navigated through the Lackland AFB website with no luck finding info for this years event. If you find anything I would ask that you share the information on air to your audience. Thank you,
Elizabeth A



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