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Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
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Hondo Corn Maze

  Hurricane has Gulf Coast folks fleeing— or stuck
"Got no place to go and no way to get there," said Latonya Hill, who waited out the storm Tuesday sitting on her stoop. Hill, 57, lives on a disability check and money she picks up cleaning houses or baby sitting.
"They say evacuate, but they don't say how I'm supposed to do that," Hill said. "If I can't walk it or get there on the bus, I don't go. I don't got a car. My daughter don't either."

Sending all I-10 lanes west scarcely eases bottleneck



. . .

New Orleans newspaper series "Washing Away" Computer models show that even storms weaker than Category 3 could break through the levees.

New Orleans could disappear forever If a strong Category 4 storm such as Ivan made a direct hit, he warned, 50,000 people could drown, and this city of Mardi Gras and jazz could cease to exist.


Charges dropped against bad tipper

Student collects fake parking fines



Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Assault Weapons --- RESULT
posted 12am-1145pm Tue 9/14/2004
The "assault" weapons ban
a useless PR sham
effective and should be renewed
Total votes 431

You Comment writers have occasionally been getting pretty far out of line lately. You know who you are. Don't make me come over there and turn Comments off again, heah?

Hello Brad;
Elc0chin0 here. I must apologize for taking the forum out to the nether regions of cyberspace. I can understand your concern to enforce some civility; otherwise it can begin to resemble a Jerry Springer script.
Your forum is a useful tool regardless of the slant some people take. Some feel the need to lash out on others personally I know I probably fall into that category. In the future I will try to abstain from "name calling" or addressing people's sexual perversions. You have to admit some of the posts are downright funny. And I'm not referring to the ones I post.
It's not always easy to ignore a gift of opportunity. But if it means keeping the forum open then I guess I should practice some self-control. It keeps me away from the goats.



the woman I wrote you about yesterday now has a job working for John Kerry! A Kerry fan gets fired, and then hired, for her politics Her old boss, tired of the uproar, offered her the old job back, but she then got a call from John himself. Some good news for once.

Dear Brad,
Your show today was right on the money. Very good. I do not see how people can support Bush when he has proved he is a liar about our reasons for going into Iraq. But people continue to support him, regardless of how bumbling he is. What would these same people say if a president who was a Democrat would have done what Bush has done? Hang in there, Brad.
Faye & Hank

Thank goodness you are not joining the other [Bush] cheerleaders Jack Riccardi and Chris Duel. I have to turn them off. There are so many other angles to this issue of the Iraq war than just simplistic Kerry flip-flops, and than Bush rules. KTSA is wasting its advertising money on me during the half hours that have Bush cheerleading, because I turn the radio off. Then, if I remember, I turn it back on during the next segment, or maybe in a next couple of segments.


The Daily Kos

We've lost this war. We've literally lost entire swaths of Iraqi territory to the insurgents. We've empowered Al Qaida and Islamist militants with new recruits and pictures of prison torture and rape to fuel their cause. We''ve stretched our military thin, hurt recruitment, made it impossible to respond to actual threats.
In short, this is the biggest political and military blunder this country has faced since -- I'll let the historians decide when. But as things are going, this is going to have worse repercussions for our nation than Vietnam ever did.


I'm listening to your show, as I do most everyday, including your editorial on Trey's show. I will not challenge your message about Bush. However, I must tell you this. 35 years ago is a long time. Many of us may not have conducted ourselves and/or spoken in a manner that brings us great credit today. If Kerry no longer believes in his actions and/or comments in his testimony to Congress, 1971, and they were the result of war time frustration etc. Then let him say so. Until then I will believe he is of the same convictions. And he will never get my vote, a right I know I have earned. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, However, those who act and speak, even you and I, must be responsible for our actions and words. By the way keep up the good work.
John, a Veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

I am new to San Antonio and just began listening to your comments at lunch today while driving back from lunch. If I had known your phone number I would have called.
Your position on the war in Iraq is right in line with CBS and their political agenda. Both are very transparent. Your facts regarding Saddam H and his terrorist links are about as ligitimate as the documents that CBS just released about W's military record. You might want to stop watching only CBS and maybe turn on FOX NEWS every once in a while to get more of a complete picture.
By the way, FOX has interviewed many soldiers in Iraq who all believe in what they are doing over there. Many of them have been injured and have voluntarily returned to battle. You are trying to make this sound like Vietnam and it is NOT.

(I seldom correct spelling in emails which are mean to me.) Here's an AP television writer's story on the CBS memos:
Reports fuel doubts on CBS Bush story

and a report in the Los Angeles Times

Ex-Guard typist recalls memos criticizing Bush
but the commander's secretary says she thinks the ones that surfaced last week are fakes.

You are the only completely honest talk show host on KTSA or radio in the U.S. You are equal to Charlie Rose, and Bill Lehrer.
Pat B

I was at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas this past weekend doing interviews with truck drivers for my magazine and noticed the glaring dichotomy regarding the war.
I met soldiers and civilians who either were on leave from the Baghdad area, or had close relatives in Iraq who are involved in transportation. They all told me to tell my audience that the soldiers support the work they are doing and are proud to be a part of bringing a new era of freedom to the people of Iraq, who they say are very warm and friendly.
At the same time I met many people in the industry who feel that the entire adventure was misguided and that we were lied to about the reasons for invading Iraq. But they tend to support Bush overall because they are seeing some rebound in the industry and more importantly a rise in rates as the truck driver shortage becomes more acute.
I think that privately some in the industry are personally reflective that while they feel they were lied to, and the war has caused unnecessary casualties, they personally are benefiting from the increase in military related goods.
And those on the front lines are supportive of the war because it affects them with an intensity that precludes looking at the overall picture. (Much like loggers who dismiss the Serria Club as simply tree-huggers)
What I did come away with was the feeling that we are as a nation polarizing politically between the haves and have-nots on the surface, but even deeper than that, between those who by nature must have, and those who simply evolved past the noisy needs of wanting excess material goods, making those personal desires a reason for defensive posturing and outright animosity. These extremes are a natural part of society and to some degree a natural part of the growth of individuals as they track through life. Most Presidents have been able to unify the nation in spite of that by simply understanding that once you reach the Oval Office you are neither Republican or Democrat but the leader of all the people.
But now a lack of vision and balanced leadership appears to have gotten us to this point non-violent civil war and neither candidate is clearly able to correct the problem, so no matter what happens we will probably be adrift for the next four years as a society unable to form any consensus on what we stand for as either individuals or as nation.
The events of 9/11 offered us a opportunity for concensus and focus but that has been lost by the distraction of Iraq.
I appreciate very much the efforts you personally make to present a balanced platform on your show, I think in the future you may be the best investment your radio station has ever made.

Well, I would hope to be something close to that of course-- but I have only a few more months on my employment contract and no bosses have said a word about renewing it, so we shall see. Maybe I'm headed for Social Security and the trailer park before much longer, eh?

Thank you for a great show especially yesterday and the questioning of the Iraq situation. Some people in American have this great idea that we can go around the world making it safe for democarcy. Tried it in before and we see where it ended. In 1966 when things were going bad I signed a memo that stated that I "would not make any statement against the VN war." This was directed by a Lt Gen USAF.
Orlin W, MSgt, USAF-Ret


Ex-TV anchor Gerry Grant home from prison two years after he began serving a five-year sentence for possession of child pornography.





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