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9/8 U.S. death toll in Iraq surpasses 1,000

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Presidential election too close to call
The "bounce" in national polling President Bush is enjoying after the GOP convention may signal an important shift in voter opinion. But a state-by-state Houston Chronicle analysis shows it's too subtle and too soon to seal the deal in the competitive states that will decide this election.

Evacuation order lifted in Keys; powerful Ivan approaches Cuba Ivan still was expected to strike the northern Gulf Coast late Wednesday or early Thursday, possibly in the westernmost Florida Panhandle

Mama Mia, this thing's bigger than the Gulf—
bigger than Texas!


Commentary: Ivan the Terrible
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CBS sticks with memo story The memos seem to show President Bush's National Guard commander believed Mr. Bush at times shirked his duties and used his political influence. The network is adamantly defending the authenticity of the memos, saying experts who examined the memos concluded they were authentic

Will Bush / Kerry "truths" affect votes? Glenn Smith, the veteran Texas Democratic political operative who launched Texans for Truth, says the group raised $400,000 within 72 hours after unveiling its television ad last week in which a retired lieutenant colonel from the Alabama Air National Guard said he never saw Bush at a time the future president was supposed to be serving in the same unit.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Terror War --- RESULT
posted 12am Fri 9/10- 11pm Sun 9/12/2004
What do you consider our invasion of Iraq to be?
the War on Terror
Just the war
Total votes 458


Arrest in case of mandatory tips at restaurant raises the issue of whether the gratuities that restaurants automatically tack on for serving large groups are legally enforceable debts.

Ban on assault weapons expires tonight
It was 10 years of hypocrisy and foolishness and its expiration will mean virtually nothing

Major toll road meeting tonight Republican Gov. Blow-Dry (Rick Perry), who opposes raising the gas tax and appointed the toll-happy Texas Transportation Commission, has taken toll road flak from potential 2006 primary challengers U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn. Blow-Dry (Perry) now says he's against levying tolls on "existing" roads, which his spokeswoman says means road improvements already in use.


I don't agree at all with the politics of this editorial cartoon, but it is perversely amusing, ain't it...


Families of wounded face huge burdens A mother who showed her brain-damaged son photos of his family to revive his blurred memory. A Colorado man who kept a vigil by his son's hospital bed during the 19-year-old Marine's three-month coma. Nearly 7,000 men and women have been injured since fighting broke out in Iraq in 2003, more than half wounded badly enough that they could not return to duty.

Iranian military units start exercise at Iraqi border with a top commander saying the exercise was designed to reinforce Iran's resolve to defend itself against "big powers."

Violence escalates across Iraq as insurgents attack
At least 40 Iraqis were killed and 142 wounded during a day that included three suicide bombings and hours of mortar fire.

Trial nears for airman but case is crippled Almost half of the 30 original charges against Al Halabi have been dropped amid revelations of sloppy evidence-gathering and defense claims of overzealous prosecution

Coalition holds off efforts to take rebel-run cities US surgical strikes continue, but no major move is expected before November

US strike kills TV reporter live on air
At least 37 people were killed in Baghdad alone. Many of them died when a U.S. helicopter fired on a disabled U.S. Bradley fighting vehicle as Iraqis swarmed around it, cheering, throwing stones and waving the black and yellow sunburst banner of Iraq's most-feared terror organization.
The dead from the helicopter strike included Arab television reporter Mazen al-Tumeizi, who screamed, ``I'm dying, I'm dying,'' as a cameraman recorded the chaotic scene.


"Memory Foam" beds discussed In the 1970's, NASA was seeking to cushion astronauts from tremendous G-force during take-off and landing. Agency scientists came up with what they called visco-elastic memory foam - a dense, heat- and pressure-sensitive foam that conforms to the body's shape, returning to its original shape when the pressure is removed.
After a few trips, NASA decided that the material wasn't durable enough for the demands of space flight. But Swedish scientists recognized that the foam might be useful for more earthly pursuits, like sleeping, and spent a decade adapting it.


Dad tries to kill self with cop's gun after baby dies in hot van "He was certainly distraught," a cop says of the father, who is on suicide watch. "He went to work and forgot to take the baby to the baby sitter. His routine was to take her to the baby sitter, and he forgot."




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