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9/8 U.S. death toll in Iraq surpasses 1,000

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Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
Hit count: August 1,791,336 • July 2,409,046 • June 2,198,555

Cheney: US risks attack if Bush loses If you vote for Kerry, you're voting for a terrorist attack? Cheney warned on Tuesday that the country would be at risk of a terror attack if it made "the wrong choice" in November
2 Cheney ties election result to chance of terror attack The presidential campaign spiked to a new level of rhetorical heat Tuesday when Vice President Cheney warned that a vote for Democrat John Kerry could bring terrorist attacks on the USA.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Campaign Lies---RESULT
posted 1145p Tue 9/7 - 1230a Thur 9/9/2004
In the Bush and Kerry campaigns, on average, about how much of what is said is lies?

Almost none
Almost all lies
Total votes 370

  60 Minutes tonight
CBS to air Barnes interview this evening Ben Barnes, a Democrat and the lieutenant governor of Texas in 1968, will explain his role in securing for the 22-year-old Yale graduate Bush a coveted place in the state's Air National Guard - a unit so full of the sons of Texas's rich and powerful that it was known as the "Champagne Unit".

Media view Kitty Kelley's Bush book with caution Kitty Kelley's volume on the Bush family won't be published until next week, but the White House communications director yesterday dismissed the book as "garbage" and a Republican National Committee spokeswoman said journalists should treat it as "fiction."


Bexar may become first county to freeze taxes for those 65 and older, and some disabled people

Profiling software predicts your fast-food order ".. if there is a Big Mac promotion, and there are five cars in the drive-through that will move through in six minutes, "there is a 100 percent likelihood, based on collected data, that someone will order a Big Mac within the next three minutes.."

Amarillo woman pleads guilty to giving drugs to unborn child A spokesman for the bill's sponsor in the Texas House said legislators intentionally exempted mothers and that [the District Attorney] has misinterpreted the law [which] was intended to address harm brought to by a third party

Pentagon discovers "lost" Bush records The records show his last flight was in April 1972, which is consistent with pay records indicating Bush had a lapse of duty between April and October of that year. Bush has said he had permission to go to Alabama in 1972 to work on an unsuccessful Republican Senate campaign. Bush skipped a required medical exam that cost him his pilot's status in August of that year.



US admits loss of control of parts of Iraq As American military deaths in Iraq operations surpassed the 1,000 mark, top Pentagon officials said Tuesday that insurgents controlled important parts of central Iraq and that it was unclear when American and Iraqi forces would be able to secure those areas.

Army to re-bid part of Iraq contract Following questions about performance of Halliburton subsidiary, the U.S. Army plans to rebid portions of a giant logistical contract with the company for food, housing and other troop support in Iraq.

Gitmo spy case takes big hit Only one document was secret. The prosecutors' move, six months after the collapse of a case against a Muslim chaplain in the same probe, is fueling questions about whether there ever was a spy ring at Guantanamo.


Austin retains traffic congestion crown Area remains at top of medium-size cities in road congestion, but average delay still amounts to just six minutes per rush-hour trip
Urban Mobility Report

Jeff Wentworth still trying to get Senate to record votes Wentworth said more than 80 percent of those polled last year favor a constitutional amendment requiring a record vote.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Finding Osama---RESULT
  posted 12am-11pm Tue 9/7/2004
What are the odds of Osama bin Laden being found prior to the U.S. presidential election?
Very likely
Wouldn't surprise me
Don't think so
We'll never catch him
Total votes 464


Delta dramatically cuts D/FW flights Delta flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will go from 254 daily to 21 under a sweeping restructuring plan announced this morning.

FTC bans pitch man from TV infomercial king Kevin Trudeau has been ubiquitous on television for well over a decade, peddling products that claim to extend life, stop pain, shed pounds, expand memory power, and cure lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Now when will the FTC get moving on the rest of the obviously-phony products hawked over the airwaves, which take advantage of the uneducated, ignorant and irrationally hopeful among us? Was there ever such a thing as honesty in advertising?


Mr. Bush signed up in May 1968 for a six-year commitment, justifying the $1 million investment in training him as a pilot. But after less than two years, Mr. Bush abruptly stopped flying, didn't show up for his physical and asked to transfer to Alabama. He never again flew a military plane.
Mr. Bush insists that after moving to Alabama in 1972, he served out his obligation at Dannelly Air National Guard Base in Montgomery (although he says he doesn't remember what he did there). The only officer there who recalls Mr. Bush was produced by the White House - he remembers Mr. Bush vividly, but at times when even Mr. Bush acknowledges he wasn't there.

Kerry "woke up yesterday morning with yet another new position, and this one's not even his own; it is that of his one-time rival, Howard Dean," Bush told thousands of supporters Tuesday at a rally in Lee's Summit, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City.
Bush said Kerry "even used the same words Howard Dean did back when he supposedly disagreed with him. ... Senator Kerry flip-flops. We were right to make America safer by removing Saddam Hussein from power."


Sept. 7, 2004 Fact Check
The Antiwar Candidate?

Covering a campaign speech by President Bush in Lee's Summit, Mo. this morning, Agence France-Presse quoted President Bush verbatim: "When he got on the Democratic primary, he declared himself the anti-war candidate. More recently he switched again, saying he would have voted for the war, even knowing everything we know today," Bush said.

As Campaign Desk has noted before, the hackneyed and discredited claim that Kerry ever declared himself "the antiwar candidate" is based on the following exchange between Kerry and Chris Matthews, that aired on MSNBC's "Hardball" on January 6:

Matthews: Do you think you belong in that category of candidates who more or less are unhappy with this war? The way it's been fought? Along with General Clark, along with Howard Dean, and not necessarily in companionship politically on the issue of the war with people like Lieberman, Edwards and Gephardt? Are you one of the anti-war candidates?

Kerry: I am, yes, in the sense that I don't believe the president took to us war as he should have, yes. Absolutely. Do I think this president violated his promises to America? Yes, I do, Chris. Was there a way to hold Saddam Hussein accountable? You bet there was and we should have done it right.

The Bush campaign recently ran an anti-Kerry ad that edited the exchange to show Kerry answering Matthews by saying simply, "I am. Yes." The ad so enraged Matthews that he asked Matthew Dowd of the Bush campaign, on-air, to ask the president to repudiate the charge: "Is the president going to keep saying that something that was said on this show wasn't said?" Matthews asked. "Would you like to have your sentences cut down like to a third of their length and let people decide on the first three or four words what you meant by the 20 words?"

That didn't stop the president from repeating it in his speech today, three weeks later. And it didn't stop AFP from passing it right on, unchallenged, to its readers.


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