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Chicago Tribune - 8/22/2004
"This is what I saw that day"
By William B. Rood

Kerry & Rood

William Rood

There were three swift boats on the river that day in Vietnam more than 35 years ago--three officers and 15 crew members. Only two of those officers remain to talk about what happened on February 28, 1969.
One is John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate who won a Silver Star for what happened on that date. I am the other.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Swift Boats---RESULT
posted 12am - 1115pm Mon 8/23/2004
These Vietnam swift boat stories

are starting to get good!
are an instant tuneout.
Vote total 402


Andy Borowitz

KERRY DENIES PERFORMING GAY WEDDINGS ON SWIFT BOAT One Million Anti-Kerry Boatmates March on Washington
The ad, financed by a group calling itself Swift Boat Veterans For Truth About Gay Weddings On Swift Boats, accuses Sen. Kerry of using his status as commanding officer on his boat to perform gay weddings on an almost non-stop basis.



Bush promises detailed plans at convention Republicans also plan on portraying street demonstrations as Democratic-sanctioned displays of disrespect for a sitting president.

With thousands of demonstrators coming to New York, Mr. Bush's aides said they expected competition for attention but said that posed more of a risk for Democrats than for Republicans. Even though Democrats are not involved in organizing the protests, some of the participants are almost certain to be aligned with traditionally Democratic groups, like labor and environmentalists, and Republicans made clear they would seek to link Mr. Kerry and the Democratic Party to any disorder.



E-vote machine certification criticized "Suppose you had a situation where ballots were handed to a private company that counted them behind a closed door and burned the results," said Dill, founder of "Nobody but an idiot would accept a system like that. We've got something that is almost as bad with electronic voting."

New Florida ballot expected to confuse Palm Beach County is the only county in the vicinity where absentee voters are asked to connect the arrow next to a candidate's name instead of filling in a bubble.

US may have to stay in Iraq for years U.S. officers say the continuing attacks suggest that it will take time, possibly years, to crush the insurgency. President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have said U.S. forces will stay in Iraq as long as they are needed to assist Iraqi security forces.

Iraq abuse hearing procedures begin
The US soldier accused of organising the alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison has appeared before a military judge in Germany.

How stupid can our anti-terrorist policies be?
Air marshals say discount may cost them their cover Must disclose position upon hotel check-in

Comal county testing phones Not a telemarketer

Coastal cities ban short-term rentals Galveston -- Some Texas Gulf Coast communities are joining a nationwide trend of banning short-term rentals of vacation homes in an effort to protect the peace and quiet of their neighborhoods.

Guadalupe / Schertz tax freeze hits roadblock A grassroots initiative to establish a tax freeze for elderly and disabled residents may be stalled. Harvey Hild, who began the movement in Guadalupe County, said officials with the county and the city of Schertz are dragging their feet.


If the intelligence information announced Sunday 8/1 about a Terrorist Threat against 5 financial institutions actually justified placing defenses in public places in New York, Washington DC and Newark, then those guards should still be in place 30 days later, due to the vagueness about when any such attacks might happen.
If the guards are gone by 9/1 (and there has been no new intel to cancel the "attack threat") then I will believe the public measures weren't considered really necessary in the first place.


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