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Monday, August 16, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Miller Boycott--- RESULT
posted noon-11pm Mon 8/16/2004
Some in San Antonio are calling for a boycott of Bill Miller BBQ restaurants, over a land use issue. Will you boycott?

Hell, no
Total votes 452

Encore by popular demand - NOT for kids!

EARL now only a tropical wave

  • Austin Highway median project PUBLIC MEETING Wednesday 7pm at Aloha Flowers, 1242 Austin Hwy (Info 828-0111)




Sanda Bullock? No Way... This is who she looks like Brad.

Wayne G.

Tootsie Heinz Kerry


Air marshals cover only a few flights Federal air marshals protect less than 5 percent of daily U.S. flights, and the numbers are declining, despite assurances by the federal government that most planes would be protected

Air Marshals ordered to wear suits, ties Marshals, who have been feuding with management over the practice of wearing "professional attire" even when traveling to vacation cities such as Orlando or Las Vegas, fear terrorist hijackers will target conspicuous-looking air marshals to get their loaded handguns during a flight.



email City Budget Cuts

Concerning the proposed budget cuts to the city's emergency services, I would like to offer the following.

My life changed January 30, 1999 after experiencing a high-speed, triple rollover at 410 and 35N around 11:30 pm. Admittedly, the accident was due to my own negligence. Upon awakening and still strapped in my truck, an EMS angel named Joe Gutz appeared from nowhere. Suffering from an odontoid fracture, the most severe form of a broken neck, La Vernia resident and EMS tech Gutz held my head and life in the palm of his hands, keeping my skull from falling backwards into my shoulder blades and killing me instantly. Had he not been there at that moment, I would have perished the second I tried to right myself. Mr. Gutz very gently slid a neck collar on and lifted my limp body from my vehicle himself, literally saving my life at that moment. Had my accident been on a rural road or somewhere less populous, even trying to make a phone call would have been deadly. By the grace of God, Joe Gutz and the EMS transported me to an area trauma center, where my lengthy and painful recuperation began. I think about Joe and the God given efforts of the EMS on that night every waking day.

My point is this: Even though I had one of the finest neurosurgeons in the world, Dr. Hilton, I would never have made it that far had it not been for our wonderful emergency services and their dedicated personnel. They are the first line for medical care in an emergency. To think our city leaders are even contemplating cutting salaries to our firefighters and EMS is so scary, it sends shivers down my spine. You can have a top-notch surgeon waiting in the wings for you at the hospital, but unless emergency services does their job, you won't make it that far. I urge our city leaders to really reconsider their stance on budget cuts to these invaluable departments. We cannot live without them; literally.

Thanks, Joe, and thank you emergency services.

Joe S.B.




Human shields await troops and tanks in Najaf With his militants and human shields holed up inside one of Shi'ite Islam's most sacred shrines, radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is playing a shrewd waiting game before an expected American-led offensive.

Iraq evicts reporters from Najaf Iraqi police ordered all journalists to leave the holy city of Najaf on Sunday, just as a new U.S. offensive against militants hiding out in a revered shrine there began.

Shia backlash wrecks US strategy When troopers of the US 101st Airborne Division first entered the Iraqi city of Najaf 17 months ago, they were greeted by huge and welcoming crowds chanting "Die Saddam, die".

Iraqi conference on election plan sinks into chaos The conference was thrown into disorder by delegates staging protests against the U.S.-led military operation in Najaf.

Pakistan: bin Laden's trail still cold Despite a surge in arrests of al-Qaida suspects, investigators still don't have sight of their target.


email Gov. Blowdry's budget shifting

Now Brad,
I think you’re being too harsh with Perry about his number-shuffling at the Governor’s Mansion. As a scoundrel, he still has a long way to go before he can rise to the Bush League. If he had the wit or imagination to really con everyone in a grand way, he would have shifted HALF of the salaries of the Governor’s office and mansion and split them between CHIP and Education….then he could tell a truly grand lie about how he cut costs to take care of poor children and the schools!!!
(so just how many porters do they need in public schools?)
Christopher E.

AUSTIN --- To reduce the budget of the governor's office, Gov. Rick Perry transferred the salaries of two maids, a cook and a porter at the Governor's Mansion to a state agency while continuing their duties. Perry's office also reassigned the salaries of five other staffers [who remain assigned to the governor's office]... to the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. Last year, Perry ordered state agencies to reduce their budgets 7 percent, promising he would cut his own office 14 percent.
Salaries of the transferred personnel, amounting to $300,000 annually, were part of the equation the governor used in January to achieve his 14 percent "cost savings."

email Crooks
You asked "When was the last time you heard a politician tell the truth"? When Will Rogers was running for mayor of Beverly Hills, CA, he told the voters, "I'm not saying I won't steal from you, but I will split with you 50-50."
Van C.

email Gov. Blowdry's budget shifting
Hey Brad,
All state agencies are suppose to cut 5% off their budgets. Ours is proposing to close the San Antonio office in order to meet the 5% cut. Too bad they just can't transfer our salaries to another agency....what a crook!
Virginia D.



Email posted by, my website host:

STIC.NET, a local internet service provider, has laid off its staff and sold its customer base to, prompting a large reaction in San Antonio. If you had been using STIC.NET and would like to stay with a local company, or are not happy with the changes, please try SATEXAS.COM. We are offering FREE SERVICE for 60 DAYS to any member of STIC.NET who would like to try our services. 659-4981

Washington man jumps off ferry to save his dog "It was really hard to see in those big waves!" The ferry stopped, backed up and sent out a life boat to rescue both Fisher and Ruben.

Lifespan calculator online It is based on a lifestyle and family history questionnaire that can be completed in minutes. Then, after some instant data crunching, it displays a number: Your personalized life span, down to the decimal point.

Activists getting closer scrutiny from the FBI Agency says it's targeting violence; others say rights are being violated

Houston drivers adjusting to first US automated tollway The tollway had to be automated because there was no room for toll booths on the road, which is squeezed onto part of an old railroad right-of-way.

Olympic 'security lapses' exposed

Man dressed up as pregnant woman to beg

I'm pleased that Ricci Ware, Carl Wiglesworth and my old mentor the late Herb Humphries are among the folks scheduled to join me in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame later this year. The induction ceremony will be October 30, 2004 at the San Antonio Radisson Hill Country Resort.

Brad Messer
2002 Charter Inducted Member
Texas Radio hall of Fame


If the intelligence information announced Sunday 8/1 about a Terrorist Threat against 5 financial institutions actually justified placing defenses in public places in New York, Washington DC and Newark, then those guards should still be in place 30 days later, due to the vagueness about when any such attacks might happen.
If the guards are gone by 9/1 (and there has been no new intel to cancel the "attack threat") then I will believe the public measures weren't considered really necessary in the first place.


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