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Thursday, August 12, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
July hits 2,409,046 (June also exceeded 2-million hits)

  Bill Miller BBQ lawyer on my show 1:35pm

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Toyota Buffer ---RESULT

BBQ heirs make things hot for city
posted 810am-1130pm Wed 8/11/2004

Should the Bill Miller family develop its own land even if it threatens the Toyota deal? (455 votes)

Certainly. It's their land.
No. They must be stopped.
Compromise: use city tax money to buy and hold their land.

Ten-Foot Poll
COMMENT excerpts

(Various emails signed Mayor Garza aren't really from him)

The mayor should never have promised Toyota to "try to limit" development on land near the proposed Toyota plant because the city does not own or control that land. It's private. The private owners weren't asked, and made no promises. It's a case of the mayor having a larger mouth than brain.

The Millers certainly have every right to build whatever they choose on THEIR property but they must weigh the cost. To be thought of as the primary cause of a Toyata pullout could also have some pretty high cost for the Millers. Maybe they should consider building something other than houses.

But The Miller's have to remember that without Toyota they probably won't be selling alot of homes. So maybe everyone should compromise, instead of taking the hard line, on both sides.

Toyota ain't pullin' out! What a crock! Get real! New roads, new RR tracks, new bridges, work underway at the plant site. Sheese! Garza is such a bonehead! Pull out, my a**!

Don't buckle, Miller family. Don't do it. I would spend a few million before I capitulated to a worthless human like EG. He needs his ass kicked really good.

Mayor Ed Garza is the most pathetic excuse for a mayor I can remember. Making promises he could not back up and then blaming his failure on others.

Garza you stink! Face it you made a promise you had no business making. Like most politicians you stuck your foot in your mouth; now start chomping.

Miller Family should dig in and do what they want with their land, but we in San Antonio are blessed (?) with the absolute dumbest mayor in the country . you gain nothing negotiating an issue on the front page of the E-N. Where are the Howard Peaks, Nelson Wolffs when we need them? Are we stuck with this Dunce Garza forever?

I just promised Toyota that land because it the right thing to do for the children of San Antonio. I know better than you how to spend San Antonio's money. That's why you elected me!
Mayor Garza

I live on the southside, and I both welcome Toyota and cringe at the same time. Having Toyota means that the roads will be improved and HEB might move closer than the hour round trip I have to make now. Having Toyota means that there might be a greater market for my little side business. On the other hand, my taxes will go up, traffic will be a lot different, and my quiet, peacefull nights might not be so. All in all, though, I look forward to Toyota. As for Garza, thank goodness he'll be gone soon. The Millers have every right to build what/when they want.

Brad, I think we ought to Recall every Idiot that was on the Council during the Toyota Debacle--all persons under Indictment or serving a Sentence are Exempt.

We already have our first Toyota recall and they are not even in production.
Mayor Garza

Who's minding the fort folks? No one. Someone should swing for this screwup. You want to see Fred Astaire reincarnated? Watch the city bureaucrats dance around this one.

Seems to me the Millers lose no matter what they do. If they decide to build houses on the property and Toyota pulls out, then the houses and land wouldn't be worth a flip. In addition there will be a number of people that blame them and not buy from their business. If the Millers decide to do nothing then they lose the money that could be made on their investment. Seems the only way out is for the Millers to talk directly to Toyota and try to make a deal. Whatever is done our idiot mayor needs to stay the hell out of it.

I don't usually go to Bill Miller's but I may start.

In all fairness to the Mayor (who I think is an incompetent, arrogant boob, by the way), I think you can lay this latest screwup directly on the "permanent" staff in our city. They have proved time and again that they can't draw up a decent contract. So, what makes you think that this incompetent bunch of clowns wouldn't screw up negotiations for important business, like Toyota?

I wish our city council would pull their heads out of their respective asses, excuse my language. I can't stand how our representatives and mayor have dorked up other projects (PGA VILLAGE!!!) and act differently from how the city majority wants them to. I believe that since the Toyota buffer zone rightfully belongs to Mr. Miller an excellent, philanthropic businessman, he should do whatever he desires in respect to the land. I must make clear, however, that I hope a compromise can be reached so that the Toyota development is not threatened in any way.

I am disapointed in the Miller family. This land would be worthless without the toyota plant now they are willing to endanger this. I for one will nolonger be eating at Bill Millers. Even though they have the best pecan pie around

To promise a protected area around a new plant without consulting landowners is a perfect example of a self-serving, egotistical man who really, really thinks he has power! How dare he think he speaks for all citizens of San Antonio! Had this land been owned by a city hall crony, this wouldn't even have made the news. I hope the Bill Miller family does exactly what they want to with their land.

I'm pleased that Ricci Ware, Carl Wiglesworth and my old mentor the late Herb Humphries are among the folks scheduled to join me in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame later this year. The induction ceremony will be October 30, 2004 at the San Antonio Radisson Hill Country Resort.

Brad Messer
2002 Charter Inducted Member
Texas Radio hall of Fame



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How in the world does ANYONE at SAHA keep his job?

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If the intelligence information announced Sunday 8/1 about a Terrorist Threat against 5 financial institutions actually justified placing defenses in public places in New York, Washington DC and Newark, then those guards should still be in place 30 days later, due to the vagueness about when any such attacks might happen.
If the guards are gone by 9/1 (and there has been no new intel to cancel the "attack threat") then I will believe the public measures weren't considered really necessary in the first place.


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