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Wednesday, August 4, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
July hits 2,409,046 (June also exceeded 2-million hits)

Cowboys send last years starting QB packing

At tomorrow's City Council meeting, the City Manager will present her proposed new city budget, and we should find out how much is to be frittered on certain "arts" projects such as Blue Star, Jump-Start, Dance Umbrella, gay men's choir and so on.
You will be told that this isn't really your tax money because it's from the Hotel-Motel Tax fund. Don't believe it. To an extent, that's just another pocket in the same pair of britches.
Hotel Occupancy Tax money must go for certain things, it's true, and can't be used for, say, fixing potholes. Categories for which it may be spent include the Convention Center, Visitor Information Center, tourism ads and historic preservation and restoration.
If San Antonio takes any money from the general fund (the property taxes and other fees which you pay) for any of these categories, then there's less money in the budget for other stuff. Tax money isn't endless, alas, and blowing it on silly arts projects is not productive.


Thanks, Jason G.


Article 32 hearing for Leash Girl— Pfc. Lynndie R. England
(Lowly) MPs blamed for Abu Ghraib abuse ".. beat and humiliated detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq as a way of "having some fun" and to blow off steam, not at the behest of their superiors.."

Another look at Abu Ghraib abuses 'There are some serious unanswered questions,' says Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee. The Pentagon is stalling on several investigations, and congressional inquiries have ground to a halt. The foot-dragging is astonishing..."

Released Brits claim Guantanamo abuse  


Old data, new credibility issues for Administration The White House's failure to make it clear that the information that led to Sunday's dramatic terrorism alert predated the 9/11 attacks is a case study in the difficulty of managing such warnings for the administration.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Terrorism --- RESULT
Terror alert intel "3 or 4 years old"
posted 910am-1110pm Tue 8/3/2004

Any chance that you-know-who is playing politics with the terrorism issue?
Heavens to Betsy NO!
Gosh, I've begun wondering.
Certainly! Will you wake up now?
Hush! I'm ignoring it.
Total votes 282

D.C. officials complain about security measures "..the curtailed access to major roads around key symbolic and functional centers in Washington marked a dramatic acceleration of the creeping encroachment of security measures in the nation's capital in recent years. District leaders decried the steps yesterday, pronouncing them draconian and an overreaction whose legacy would be felt for years."

Brooklyn drivers sit and stew Anti-terror roadblocks turned Brooklyn into a parking lot yesterday morning, pushing drivers to the breaking point and forcing police to retool their traffic strategy for today.


Texas researcher links Gulf War Syndrome and brain damage Robert Haley, from the University of Texas, told the independent Gulf War Illnesses inquiry in London that his findings were the first sign of physical injury associated with the syndrome.


Teacher imprisoned 7 years for sex with boy is freed
A small crowd gathered outside the prison gates on Tuesday night -- a few families and some rowdy teenage boys flaunting signs that said "I'm 18, Baby" and "Take Me Home" for the TV cameras.



Armbrister's law protects polluters It is no accident that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has neither the aggressive culture nor the resources to enforce air-pollution laws. If they did get aggressive, you can bet that the industrial-strength lobby would convince the Legislature that the commission had become anti-business.



Austin student may be king of the spammers Spammers are proliferating in spite of new federal anti-spam legislation ... spam now accounts for 85 percent of all e-mail traffic, by some estimates.

Killed as she slept

Filing says Hacking then put body in a Dumpster


Scott ordered porn after tragedy Scott Peterson looked like anything but a fearful husband, ordering up hard-core porn on his TV and flashing a big grin at a vigil soon after his pregnant wife vanished, the court heard.


Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico growing A huge “dead zone” of water so devoid of oxygen that sea life cannot live in it has spread across 5,800 square miles (15,000 square kilometers) of the Gulf of Mexico this summer, in what has become an annual occurrence caused by pollution.



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