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Monday, August 2, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
July hits 2,409,046 (June also exceeded 2-million hits)



Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on $ --- RESULT

posted 1045am-1145pm Mon 8/2/2004
What's the best policy on city political donations? (226 votes)

Put definite limits on them
97 43%
No limits but everything clearly reported
68 30%
No rules because they'll all cheat anyway
61 37%


email campaign $
"They've (San Antonio city politicians) done virtually nothing to set up rules on donation caps, self loans and other cogs in the political money machinery."
Right. They haven't done anything about "caps" until a political and financial powerhouse like Phil Hardburger decided to run. Now they (city council) are crying for donation "limits" only to serve their own interests. None of them can even begin to compete with our next mayor (thank God) Phil Hardburger. Maybe when PH is mayor, our inept, corrupt, and impotent city council will have a real boss to answer to, not a spineless bastard like our current mayor.
Have a good day, Brad.


Police beef up security around financial buildings in New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C Police set up metal fences surrounding the headquarters of Prudential Financial, blocked off two streets, and armed themselves with assault rifles Sunday after federal authorities warned of a possible terrorist attack on it and other financial institutions.

Pakistan raid uncovered terror plans One of the men arrested in the raid led authorities to documents which contained the startling details of al Qaeda surveillance of corporate and government targets in Washington, New York and New Jersey.



Convention speeches stomped by anchors and talking heads Whatever happened to "we report, you decide"? Shouldn't Fox viewers get to hear Gore before O'Reilly and his guests start sounding off?

email on Fox blabbering heads
The main reason Fox didnt want to air the Gore speech is that they didnt want their ratings to go to heck in a hand basket. Gore is now a nobody and no one wants to hear what he has to say.
You and the other 2 people who wanted to hear him could have always turned over to CNN.
Your conservative buddy

Chuck, I put many items on this website beause they represent a range of viewpoints, whether I agree with them or not. I don't use the site exclusively to hammer on my own opinions, although that is certainly part of what's here. Thanks for writing. By the way, I too believe that Gore is about as exciting and interesting as Dan Potatoe Quail.


Zachry Construction wins $154M Austin toll road contract

Princess Diana memorial fountain is dry

Couple kicked off flight because of bare-breast T-shirt

Still writing checks? Watch out! if you don't know the merchant, don't use a check, industry officials warn, because it doesn't offer the same consumer protections of a credit card.

US spending in Iraq undocumented Receipts? What receipts? U.S. authorities in Baghdad spent hundreds of millions of Iraqi dollars without keeping good enough records to show whether they got some services and products they paid for, government investigators said.


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Key West chicken catcher quits "You know why they hired me? They were impressed with my résumé, and then you know what they did? They wiped their butt with my résumé. So why hire an expert?''

Missing Utah woman's husband gives new details?
1 Families: Search for missing woman 'unnecessary'
2 Plenty of hype but no breaks in Hacking case a report co-written by Pat Reavy, the reporter I talk to up there

His mom killed his molester, now he's a killer, too More than a decade ago, Ellie Nesler took the law into her own hands, stepping purposefully into a courtroom to gun down the man facing trial for molesting her 11-year-old boy. Now the son finds himself accused of a killing and is on the run.

email on pigs

Two pictures of two very real hogs [I'm just using one]. They are probaby crossed with Russian boars: they are not just feral hogs. Ferals do not get this big.
I live in Victoria. We are not anywhere near the hog capital of the world... I do believe the man with Hogzilla is full of it. The picture has to be fake... Thanks
Darrell S.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Arts---RESULT
posted 10am Fri 7/30/2004 - 315pm Sun 8/1/2004
Should hotel/motel tax money go to the Blue Star Art Center, Jump-Start Performance Co. and the Dance Umbrella?

Yes! Taxes should support culture
No! Is City Council nuts?
Total votes 384

email on arts funding
They all want to be reelected and are therefore for sale. Case in point: You will notice that the Blue Star Art Complex is owned by the Lifshutz Companies (Bernie and son). Now follow the campaign donations from Lifshutz (always willing to help out a politician for a price) to the elected representatives of the city.
Think maybe that he is just getting some return on his purchase/investment.

I went to the bottom of my own website and clicked Jay Kumar's San Antonio Campaign Finance Reports to get the info below:

Bernard L. Lifshutz's recent local political donations
(These may be only partial records: see note below. These figures make it appear that Mr. Lifshutz in no big spender)

Moorhouse, Toni
Hall, Art
Schubert, Carroll
Sanders, John
Garza, Edward
Radle, Patti
Gutierrez, Roland
Carpenter, David
Barrera, Enrique
Year total


These are contributions filed in electronic form only. If a candidate or officeholder chose to submit handwritten or typed (noncomputerized) donation reports, they would not show here.

City Hall politicians IF THEY WANTED TO could tell city employees to enter ALL the contribution reports in a searchable database for citizens to research. The politicians obviously don't want to.



email Central Texas aggregate shipping cut by a third
While the interview you had on the Ricci Ware fill-in show was accurate about the problem itself, there was some misleading by the fellow you interviewed, David or Scott, about the trucking connection.
Number one: there are probably not enough trailers suitable for this kind of work available to fill any immediate void.
Number 2: while there are plenty of available tractors there are only about 2 qualified drivers for every three tractors right now due to a host of problems that will take years to correct.
Federally mandated background checks, tighter medical card requirements, experience and safety requirements demanded by the insurance carriers and a pay system for both drivers and owner operators that has lagged by inflation for 20 years, are all contributing to a dwindling base of drivers right now.
In short, I doubt that trucks can fill the void caused by the railroads, and nobody is even going to try when it is well known that the situation will only last a short time anyway: come winter they rails will be once again able to handle the shipments.
I only mention this in case you decide to do future segments on this story, as sort of a background snapshot and possible question resource.
Gary B.


All the pretty words the campaigns ignore facts Dreams of democracy taking root in the garden of Baghdad and then spreading like the flowers of spring throughout the Middle East have given way to the awful reality of bombings, kidnappings and beheadings.
You won't hear straight talk about this all-important matter from either camp. And you can forget the chatter about an exit strategy for American troops. There isn't one.

Big bash gives no bounce to Kerry The Democratic presidential ticket did not profit from last week's Boston convention and even slipped behind President Bush among likely voters, a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of likely voters showed yesterday.


Internet scams targeting users rose in June

Canyon Lake residents want their own mailboxes— not cluster boxes

Man named Dong cuts off own dong

Missouri to vote tomorrow on gay marriage ban


Man who paid $10,000 ransom for dog gets financial aid offers

Woman needs shots after bat crawls up her leg

Man wins right to stick tongue out on passport photo


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