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Friday, July 30, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Council okays photo ID motel registration The photo identification requirement — targeted primarily at prostitution and drug dealing behind the closed doors of hotel and motel rooms — won unanimous council support

Kerry and Edwards on campaign tour a two-week bus, boat, plane and train trip that will take them from coast-to-coast in pursuit of the White House.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Arts---RESULT
posted 10am Fri 7/30/2004 - 315pm Sun 8/1/2004
Should hotel/motel tax money go to the Blue Star Art Center, Jump-Start Performance Co. and the Dance Umbrella?

Yes! Taxes should support culture
No! Is City Council nuts?
Total votes 384

Committee balks, but mayor wants taxes to fund symphony San Antonio’s Cultural Arts Board late Tuesday issued its preliminary grant recommendations for next year, and the San Antonio Symphony was conspicuous by its absence from the list.
One proposed recipient (again) is Blue Star Arts Complex

email about tax money for S.A. Symphony
I agree with that woman. They do need that tax money to survive. No question about it. And I have the same problem. I can't support my activities on my own. Just not enough money coming in from my business. I need some tax money, too. It's in the community interest. It really is. Make 'em give me some money, too. Please. Hell, that's the American way, ain't it?
Kelly in Boerne


Stepford soldiers? The great reward for fighting for your country: liposuction. In a bizarre attempt to attract recruits, the Pentagon now offers soldiers free cosmetic surgery, from face-lifts and nose jobs to breast enlargements and liposuctions.

Houston-area toll road scheme draws fire Several speakers criticized local legislators for approving the law last year that allowed converting a free road into a toll road, and said they will work to vote them out of office.



Arab-American data given to Homeland Security James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, said the data sharing was particularly harmful at a time when the Census Bureau is struggling to build trust within Arab-American communities. "As this gets out, any effort to encourage people to full compliance with the census is down the tubes," Mr. Zogby said. "How can you get people to comply when they believe that by complying they put at risk their personal and family security?"
In 2000, the bureau issued a formal apology for allowing its statistical data to be used to round up Japanese-Americans for internment during World War II.


Miss Kansas Angelea Busby is shown during preliminary talent competition at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. in 2003.
Amid steadily declining ratings, Miss America axes talent competition


ID theft victims in Texas can freeze their credit reports The process is a bit of a hassle, and the credit-reporting industry says it complicates things unnecessarily. But it appears to be one of the few ways to virtually guarantee that a fraudster cannot open an account in your name.


Chris Griffin, 31, poses beside a half-ton wild hog. Georgia game officials say it is the largest they have ever heard of. Feral hogs live off the land, damaging crops and wildlife habitat. (AP Photo/River Oak Plantation)


email about the hog
Being a person that has hunted hogs for the last 20 years, I believe that the picture is real. I don’t believe that the hog weighed 1000 pounds: probably around 700. Some hunters around here (Gonzales about 70 miles east of S.A.) have killed hogs weighing an estimated 600 pounds. I have seen them. They are long once you stretch them out like that.
I have a friend that is 6'4" and he killed one of these big hogs. Once he got it hung up, it was about 3 feet taller than him.
Raymie Z

email about the hog
If this was true he would have that hog in the bed of his truck showing it off to anybody willing to look at it until that hog was maggot infested and rotting, then he would throw some ice on it and drive around some more.

Cowboys logo banned in Oxnard "America's Team" is holding its summer training camp in probably the only city in the nation where wearing Dallas Cowboy paraphernalia could draw a $1,000 fine or six months in jail.

Members of Oxnard's Colonia Chiques started taking the team's apparel and logo as their own in the mid-1980s, police say. They remove the W on Cowboy T-shirts and jerseys to form the words "CO BOYS," short for "Colonia Boys." They also took a liking to the Dallas Cowboys' star — tattooing it on their shaved heads, for example. Officers said they recently encountered a suspected Colonia gang member with Dallas Cowboy bedsheets


Beating in US hits nerve in China
A Homeland Security officer's alleged attack at Niagara Falls on a female tourist from Tianjin sparks public and official outrage.

Yates back in prison after illness Clear Lake mom who drowned kids was in the hospital for refusing to eat

Bryant defense says accuser profiting from victim's fund



E-Voting critic issues challenge to computer hackers attending their annual Black Hat conference, encouraging them to test whether it's possible to rig an election.

Rebecca Mercuri, a Harvard University-affiliated research fellow, (who will be on my program Monday) encouraged hackers to inspect software code made available on the Internet by VoteHere, an electronic voting software company based in Bellevue, Wash., and called upon other voting machine vendors to make their codes and products available.

St. Petersburg Times
Florida Republicans reject e-voting While Gov. Jeb Bush reassures Floridians that touch screen voting machines are reliable, the Republican Party is sending the opposite message to some voters.

Orlando Sentinel
Jeb Bush press secretary assigned to e-voting State and local officials scrambled Wednesday to try to salvage election records wiped out during a computer crash in the state's biggest county
Miami's missing vote data turn up




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