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Thursday, July 29, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
The most-used exit link from this home page is usually today's Commentary. The two most-hit photos on this site, ever, remain the "tasteful nudes" of Charlotte Ross and Arnold Schwarzenegger
July hit total as of midnight 2,198,701


Hogzilla, the legend grows
| Commentary

3 emails
(1) I sent the picture home to my husband, a professional photographer and graphics artist. He's really good at finding the Photoshopped details. I'll let you know his response.
(2) Fake, from initial look. There are shadows behind his legs, etc. He's right behind the thing; how come there's no hog shadow on him? The angle should cast one. Also, take a measure of the man vs hog. Honestly, it's probably 8-9 ft tops.
(3) Addendum: Hubby says feral hog meat is VERY good; his cousins used to hunt it out regularly. So that excuse for burying the evidence isn't good. And moose heads can be as big as this purported hog, and are mounted just fine. I smell something in this story, and it ain't hog meat.
Elizabeth G.

Your commentary quote that "people will believe anything" is fortunately correct, otherwise the dollar bill would just be what it is: a piece of paper. But, considering all things, there is at least some evidence of the Hogzilla, which is more than we can say about certain unnamed WMDs. And unfortunately for about 5,000 dead and wounded GI's, the WMDzilla is still an object of belief by some people.


Council to consider IDs at hotels

Last night one of the TV stations had a story claiming that motels would have to photocopy guests' driver's licenses and keep them on file. The reporter interviewed a couple of citizens who were worried about motels keeping their personal info where almost anyone could get at it.
The reporter obviously had not read - or did not comprehend - the proposed ordinance (below) which doesn't require anything of the kind. It is, in fact, laughably vague-- with no specific requirement about ID retention other than "to document the type of identification" and keep that record for two years. It would be enough, as the proposed rule is now written, to scrawl "Texas DL" as the type of ID and let it go at that, with no copy required.
This is typical of the weak structuring of some local ordinances written by the weak City Attorney's office.
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Motel ID---RESULT
posted 810am-9pm Wed 7/28/2004
A law requiring photo ID to get a hotel or motel room in San Antonio would be
a good anti-prostitution policy
political posturing (and unenforcable)


total votes 321

On Thursday's San Antonio City Council agenda:

35. An Ordinance amending Section 15-83 of the City Code to require persons registering in any hotel/motel to present a valid official photo identification sufficient to establish the person's identity, or in the alternative, documentation that the person guaranteed payment using a valid credit card issued in the name of the registrant; prohibiting a person from registering in a hotel/motel or attempt [Ed. note: "attempting" would be correct English] to do so under any false name or identify or by providing false identification; requiring the owner or operator of the establishment to document the type of identification provided and [to] maintain this information for a period of two years; and providing for a criminal fine not to exceed $500.00 for violation of this ordinance; as requested by Councilman Ron H. Segovia, District 3. [Presented by Albert A. Ortiz, Police Chief; Christopher J. Brady, Assistant City Manager]

Wednesday's Commentary: Motel ID


Your website seems to indicate that the reason given for the new ordinance that makes it a crime (by which party, or both?) not to present a proper ID or credit card when registering at a hotel/motel is to reduce prostitution.
That may be so, but it looks suspiciously like something that would be desired by the Department of Internal (homeland) Security. That statute has resulted in initiatives to get local law enforcement under the thumb of the federal government or at least to try to get local police to go along with certain "programs."
I would hope that the ordinance is truly just directed at the world's oldest profession.
Even then, how can it be a crime not to present an ID? Since not every type of bad conduct is a crime (breach of contract, etc.), the idea is that only behavior that is really bad can be said to be a crime "against the peace and dignity of the State," as the charging papers say in Texas. Since when is not presenting an ID such a bad act that it becomes a crime?
Another incursion on the rights of private property and private business owners...
Robert W.


John Kerry and War
Mr. Kerry, as the world already knows, is not a black-and-white kind of thinker, especially when it comes to foreign policy. That's good - it should give voters a real sense of choice this fall, given George Bush's tendency to view the world in absolutes. But it's not an excuse for fudging every issue. Mr. Kerry's history on the critical Iraq question has been impossibly opaque.

Washington Post convention highlights HERE

US veterans remain sharply divided Vietnam vets in particular are torn over Kerry's combat record, while support for Bush is far from solid.


Committee balks, but mayor wants taxes to fund symphony San Antonio’s Cultural Arts Board late Tuesday issued its preliminary grant recommendations for next year, and the San Antonio Symphony was conspicuous by its absence from the list.
One proposed recipient (again) is Blue Star Arts Complex


Houston narcs think hibiscus is pot, draw guns, scream at landscaper Finally the officers gave up and left, leaving Davis only a "citizen's information card" with "closed-report" written on it.
"No apology, no nothing," Davis said. "I realize they have a job to do, but this seems a little bizarre."


Man, 80, paid $10,000 ranson for his beloved terrier He got the dog back. A detective says: "I wouldn't pay 10 grand for my dog, but I guess he felt he had to. It's all he has for whatever time he has left in his life."

Garbage worker finds $46,000, turns it in


1 'Fahrenheit 9/11' screened in Bush's hometown Hundreds gathered in Crawford to support Bush, or to watch Michael Moore's documentary film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' at the Crawford High School Football Stadium parking lot Wednesday night.

2 Moore's movie stirs up Crawford Michael Moore didn't show, but the Crawford debut of his Fahrenheit 9/11 turned the streets of President Bush's adopted hometown into a political circus Wednesday evening.


Group opposing Austin-area toll roads wants politicians ousted
Mayor, council member targeted by planned recall petitions


Whistleblowing a factor in an FBI firing A classified investigation has concluded that an F.B.I. translator was dismissed in part because she said that the bureau had poorly translated important terror documents.

Scott Peterson's defense scores big points in early stages

Secret testimony in Bryant case won't be secret for long The judge in the Kobe Bryant case said he will make public all or part of secret testimony from a closed hearing about the sex life of the woman who's accusing the pro basketball player of rape.
Transcripts of the hearing were accidentally sent to several news organizations, sparking a First Amendment fight after Ruckriegle ordered the organizations to destroy the documents.

Iraqi prisoners allegedly forced to dance like Michael Jackson


Ultrasonic squirrel a mammalian first
A species of squirrel uses ultrasonic frequencies to warn fellow members of its group of impending danger, the first time an animal has been found to use high-frequency sound this way


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