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Wednesday, July 28, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
The most-used exit link from this home page is usually today's Commentary. The two most-hit photos on this site, ever, remain the "tasteful nudes" of Charlotte Ross and Arnold Schwarzenegger
July hit count thru last midnight 2,098,817




Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Motel ID---RESULT
posted 810am-9pm Wed 7/28/2004
A law requiring photo ID to get a hotel or motel room in San Antonio would be
a good anti-prostitution policy
political posturing (and unenforcable)


total votes 321


On Thursday's San Antonio City Council agenda:

35. An Ordinance amending Section 15-83 of the City Code to require persons registering in any hotel/motel to present a valid official photo identification sufficient to establish the person's identity, or in the alternative, documentation that the person guaranteed payment using a valid credit card issued in the name of the registrant; prohibiting a person from registering in a hotel/motel or attempt to do so under any false name or identify or by providing false identification; requiring the owner or operator of the establishment to document the type of identification provided and maintain this information for a period of two years; and providing for a criminal fine not to exceed $500.00 for violation of this ordinance; as requested by Councilman Ron H. Segovia, District 3. [Presented by Albert A. Ortiz, Police Chief; Christopher J. Brady, Assistant City Manager]

Anyone know anything about why this is being considered?

Commentary: Motel ID


Hey Brad,
The last 2 times I've tried to vote the 10 foot pole I was told I had already voted and it would not let me vote on the issue. I assure you I'm not trying to vote twice but maybe you need a paper trail like the city. Does redistricting have anything to do with the problem?
I feel Like Al Gore and that's not a pretty picture. Every vote should count. Now I can't share my feelings on this motel ID subject. Wa, Wa, WA!

Yes, this is happening because the poll host software is a little too restrictive in its efforts to block double voting, and the tech wazoos tell me this poll is set at the lowest level of blocking. There's nothing I can do about it and I apologize (I'm always always always always looking for better poll software).



Fear of Fraud It's election night, and early returns suggest trouble for the incumbent. Then, mysteriously, the vote count stops and observers from the challenger's campaign see employees of a voting-machine company, one wearing a badge that identifies him as a county official, typing instructions at computers with access to the vote-tabulating software.
When the count resumes, the incumbent pulls ahead. The challenger demands an investigation. But there are no ballots to recount, and election officials allied with the incumbent refuse to release data that could shed light on whether there was tampering with the electronic records.
This isn't a paranoid fantasy. It's a true account of a recent election in Riverside County, Calif.

1 Miami touchscreen voter records accidentally zapped A computer crash erased detailed records from Miami-Dade County's first widespread use of touchscreen voting machines, raising again the specter of elections troubles in Florida, where the new technology was supposed to put an end to such problems.

2 Lost Florida '02 vote records cause concern for '04 Almost all the electronic records from the first widespread use of touch-screen voting in Miami-Dade County have been lost, stoking concerns that the machines are unreliable as the presidential election draws near.

You are overlooking the built in solution to the electronic voting
machine problem. It doesn't matter what the machines do because the candidates themselves are basically all identical in their philosophies anyway so no matter what the machines do the outcome for the voters is the same.
You should hail this new technology as making the voting process less physically demanding to get screwed.
Gary B


Kerry in "bunny suit" peering out of hatch that leads to space shuttle.
Photo of Kerry gets tabloid play The image disrupted the campaign's carefully choreographed rollout of Kerry this week as the Democratic presidential nominee
2 Democrats hopping mad over bunny suit



Cheyenne parade rider ropes tow truck driver, pulls him 200 feet

Second Gulf beach shark attack this week

1 Flesh-eating bacteria takes legs of Port O'Connor fisherman
2 3rd case of bacteria from Port O'Connor waters confirmed


DeLay vents over fat Lady Liberty in ad

A super-sized Statue of Liberty, holding aloft an order of french fries, is adorning food tray liners in Subway restaurants across Germany.


Review: Amish in the City (tonight on UPN)
Real worlds collide when Amish trade simple life for L.A.

Death row inmate's conviction tossed SAN ANTONIO - A federal judge has thrown out a death row inmate's conviction, ruling that West Texas authorities concealed evidence and needlessly drugged him during his trial.

Prosecutors say Jacko imprisoned boy and his mother
and forced them to make a video absolving him of molestation claims.

Private money for Gov. Blow-dry's interns Business council seeks donations for program; watchdogs worry about influence-peddling. "It reeks of a shakedown," said Suzy Woodford, executive director of Common Cause of Texas, echoing the sentiments of some lobbyists. "Those who pay will be on the good list, and the ones who don't won't be able to get a phone call returned."

Board says cockpit video would help solve plane crashes but pilots kick and scream

US General witnessed abuses, Iraqi says In a federal lawsuit protesting his treatment, an Iraqi man alleges Army Brig. Gen. Janis L. Karpinski personally saw abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison

Two pepper-sprayed over cell call in movie

Tiny camera found in gas station bathroom's potted fern

School boss threatens to "beat the s--t" out of newspaperman County Board of Education member Nancy Bogart she planned to ìbeat the s--t out of newspaper editor Mark A. Stevens if the paper continues to report on controversies that have enveloped the school system

Don't chat with cops when you have pot in your pocket


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