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Thursday, July 22, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

The most-used exit link from this home page is usually today's Commentary. The two most-hit photos on this site, ever, remain the "tasteful nudes" of Charlotte Ross and Arnold Schwarzenegger

This Land Is Your Land starring Bush and Kerry


Even though I’m one of the dinosaurs on 56k dialup, I downloaded "This land is your land." It was worth the wait! (the good thing is that while it’s loading you get the stupid banjo music intro to spur the anticipation!!!!???) In this election year we could all use a lot more irreverence!
Christopher E., Architect

email 1:09pm
Just wanted to let you know that I drove 16 miles to have lunch at Texas Hamburger Company on Wednesday for one of their GREAT cheeseburgers. I did this to honor Scott Johnson. (HA! HA!) Plan on driving the same 16 miles again today to eat the best BLT on EARTH.
Travis M.


Nat'l Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

9/11 Commission final report NY Times front page with links to several summary stories


Husband's lies confuse case of Utah missing jogger

Scouting jetliners for new attacks Flight crews and air marshals say Middle Eastern men are staking out airports, probing security measures and conducting test runs aboard airplanes for a terrorist attack. (reported by our friend Audrey Hudson)

Another soothing story about airport security

Lytle fire funds missing; VP resigns Texas Rangers are asked to investigate the situation.


Fearing big battle, Iraqis flee Ramadi Tens of thousands of Iraqis have fled Samarra in recent weeks, expecting a showdown between U.S. troops and heavily armed groups within the city, according to U.S. and Iraqi sources.

Fierce fighting with Iraqi insurgents erupts in Ramadi Ramadi shopkeepers were seen shuttering their stores Thursday, apparently in fear of more clashes.

Musicians' call-up not playing well When the Army announced recently that it was going to tap into its rarely used Individual Ready Reserve to fill vital slots for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, top military and civilian personnel said the activation was a proper response to a temporary manpower crisis.
But among the tasks included in the 5,674 jobs deemed critical to the war on terrorism are slots for two trumpet or cornet players, two French horn players, one trombonist, four clarinet players, three saxophonists, one electric bass player, one percussionist and one euphonium player.

Anti-Iran sentiment hardening fast Critics in Congress finger Iranian ties to Al Qaeda and influence in Iraq as cause for a tougher approach.


Gov. Blowdry working for you!

Carlos Guerra
Is gambling interests' $232,800 in gifts to Perry a lot for 1 day?
"This bundle was contributed two days before (Perry and several close advisers) went to the Bahamas," he said, "and two months before he called the special session and said he would promote gambling to fund schools."

Study: Casinos could end Robin Hood

Governor made hay with horse-racing lobby


White House blocks tax cut extensions for fear GOP wouldn't get credit The White House helped to block a Republican-brokered deal on Wednesday to extend several middle-class tax cuts, fearful of a bill that could draw Democratic votes and dilute a Republican campaign theme, Republican negotiators said.

Fahrenheit 9/11 making GOP nervous Republicans initially dismissed "Fahrenheit 9/11" as a cinematic screed that would play mostly to inveterate Bush bashers. Four weeks and $94 million later, the film is still pulling in moviegoers at 2,000 theaters around the country, making Republicans nervous as it settles into the American mainstream.
"I guess that I think it makes me want to pursue how much of it is accurate and not just get carried away with one film," she said. "I don't hear Bush and (Vice President Dick) Cheney saying that this is incorrect."

  Ben & Jerry's co-founder inflamed by Bush The co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is on the road, towing a 12-foot-tall effigy of President Bush with fake flames shooting out of the pants.

KFC supplier fires 11 Response to PETA chicken abuse video

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Voting---RESULT

Anything over "one" confusing to San Antonio voters?
posted 935am-12pm Wed 7/21/2004
Raising taxes for VIA will be on the Fall ballot, but raising taxes to buy and set aside land over the aquifer won't.
Do you feel that San Antonio city lea
ders are telling the truth when they say they believe that putting a second tax issue on the November ballot would be "confusing" to local voters?

They're lying
They're telling the truth
Total votes 272


email most have been edited for length

I listened to your advice and had COIT come and clean my filthy rugs. WOW. great job. Best I have had. I had used [deleted] and they did a terrible job. THANKS. Now, to try Napoli's.

I will make it a point to eat at the Texas Hamburger Company more often and at Napoli’s because of you and tell them why I am there. I don't understand where this Scott Don guy gets the idea anyone was Bush bashing. Never heard you call him names, never heard you make fun of him, all I heard was you question his policy ...


Dear Mr. Messer,
I read with some amusement the diatribe Mr. (Scott) Johnson wrote to your Boss. If these are the kind of folks who do not like you, then congratulations. You are the only host on KTSA I listen to...
Erika C.

... you do not follow blindly any leader, I believe. When a leader; mayor, govenor, or president does something you believe is right you give him his points. Also when they goof up you are not shy about speaking out about that either. I like that, it seems fair. ...By the way I do eat at the Texas Hamburger Company from time-to-time and will continue to do so because they have fantastic food.... Yours in Christ,
george N. F.




... I am a Bush fan myself ... listening to you about GWB's mistakes is sorta like hearing my wife say "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA CUT THE GRASS 3 DAYS AGO”, don't wanna hear it cause i know it is probably true. Fact is: Our leaders (at all levels - don't even start about the city hall kiddos) need to know we are watching and expect answers to tough questions---no matter who or what party.period ... always enjoy your show Brad,
Jeff V.

Brad: I know most people enjoy your show cause we can never guess where you are going to take your stand on a specific event. (except the obvious ones). You criticize Bush, Clinton, Gore, right or left it doesn't matter. Your show is funny, sarcastic, and mostly entertaining. We don't want to hear talk radio all day with "the left blah blah blah. (Like [deleted] and [deleted] boring) ... There are alot of people who want to hear the truth about everybody. I didn't hear these people complain that you were bashing Clinton. (although he deserved it). Tell Scott to go eat a Texas Hamburger during your show so we don't have to hear him.
Tom Z

I remember hearing Scott's call yesterday and I didn't think your conversation with him had that much of an impact on society. It's not like you called him a Girly-man. However, you did keep calling him Don. Now that I see his last name, maybe that's what really offended him. When I think of the name Don Johnson, the Miami Vice theme song plays and I see a guy wearing a pink t-shirt with a white blazer that has the sleeves rolled up. Now, that would make more sense to me for Scott being so upset. Hasn't he heard you talk about Clinton? When I hear you speak about either Bush or Clinton, you seem rather fair in your criticism towards each of those presidents. I'm glad Scott will no longer frequent any of the establishments that you advertise for. I'm sure they will have a much friendlier atmosphere because of Scott's absence. I think your humor is wearing off on me. Thanks Brad. Your show is the best on KTSA.

I think Scott is wrong. In my opinion you are about the only host left worth listening on KTSA and I have let Mr. Reker know via e-mail. Also, I have tried [deleted] but he just isn't my kind of talk radio. To much screaming and bad music ... I have got used to your web site. Good work.


Brad, and Mr. Cook,
I am so sorry that Mr. Johnson is so easily influenced by you and your opinions. I find it laughable that poor Mr. Johnson will not be purchasing a Kinetico system, nor supporting any of your sponsors. It does not surprise me that Johnson is now following Rush like other Lemmings to the sea. I listen to your station for the varied views of San Antonio life, as well as that of the world and our political leaders that flip-flop like fish on the shore. I especially enjoy your (Brad's) ability to poke fun at himself. Please keep doing what you are doing, and as for Mr. Johnson, goodbye and good riddance.
Ed P.

... You ask questions. You ask good questions, and you seem to be willing to base your position on the information you are given, not on the party line, and not on the Clear Channel line. ... it would be absolutely absurd for me to boycott a business you guys promote simply because I disagree with your political views, a guest you had on, or a story you worked on. After all, I would ultimately only be punishing myself. I may be a liberal, but I'm not stupid-- I support my local economy. Keep up the good work,
Mike S. in Lavaca County


Dear Sir,
I cannot agree at all with Scott Johnson's view of Brad Messer. I am a Liberal, far left Liberal in fact, and certainly don't consider Mr. Messer as being bent to my end of the spectrum. To me he is more towards the center of the road, where he should be for a talk show host; he raises many good questions and allows opinions from everybody in his audience with respect. ... Mr. Messer at least radiates the demeanor of actually giving thought to most issues. ... I also want to point out that Mr. Messer's website is unique and allows me keep up when I travel with local opinions and views and when I am home keeps me in touch with your station on a more personal level than other sites. ...

Gary B
I agree with Don that Brad’s bashing of President Bush makes me tune to other stations. I’ve enjoyed Brad’s opinion for the last couple of years but he’s seemed to become more negative in the last six months. This is a military town so I’m not sure who he’s try to please. Thanks,
Mr. Reker,
... You should encourage "Don" to call all your advertises and tell them he won't use their goods and services. In doing so he will let them know that their advertising dollar is working. I always make it a point to tell them that I heard about them from the radio. I don't agree with Brad, Tray, or Ricci all the time but they do make me think which is what Talk Radio should do. I hope KTSA stays live and local for a very long time. Thank you for your time,
Brad, I've listened to you for a long time as I have all the others there at KTSA and if I said that I agree with everything that any of you think and say, I'd be lying, however, I do have a choice of entertainment and my choice is your show and that of the other fine people there at KTSA. Living in a distant county I have little opportunity to visit and shop your advertisers but I believe that they wouldn't use your show to get the word out about their products if you were not good. Keep up the fine work and keep us informed as you always have. Your ardent listener in remote Karnes County,

Dear Brad,
... I listen as often as I can and even though I'm not going to be buying a water softener because my wife doesn't want one and high-speed internet ain't gonna fit in my budget, if she changes her mind about either, I am sure telling her that we need to check out Kinetico and Roadrunner! Lastly, I do check out your website every evening after 10:00 when I am allowed to play. Keep up the good work. You are the only one left on your station that will criticize and lampoon all of the politicians of every stripe... A fan,
James Van Gee

Really enjoy your being part of my day. No I may not agree with you all the time, but it would be a boring world if'n 'everbody' wuz just like me! Like many, I still use your sponsors, and trust you when you say some company is "the right one to use"! Thanks. In the wise words of our esteemed VP, tell ol' Scott to "go $%^&#$ himself"!




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