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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

The most-used exit link from this home page is usually today's Commentary. The two most-hit photos on this site, ever, remain the "tasteful nudes" of Charlotte Ross and Arnold Schwarzenegger


Aquifer ballot initiative stalls
Anything over "one" confusing to San Antonio voters?

Some City Council members claim to believe that we would be confused if asked to vote on TWO tax issues this November.

This is the issue I discussed yesterday with former council member Bonnie Conner, who said a recent poll found that 62 percent support extending Proposition 3 to purchase and set aside more land over the Edwards Aquifer and its recharge zone, to prevent additional land development.
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Voting---RESULT

posted 935am-12pm Wed 7/21/2004
Raising taxes for VIA will be on the Fall ballot, but raising taxes to buy and set aside land over the aquifer won't.
Do you feel that San Antonio city lea
ders are telling the truth when they say they believe that putting a second tax issue on the November ballot would be "confusing" to local voters?

They're lying
They're telling the truth
Total votes 272


SAWS okays service to developers for 40,000 to 50,000 new residents




Halliburton ties to Iran probed A Halliburton controversy erupted Tuesday, fueled by a grand jury investigation into whether the oil services giant violated federal sanctions by operating in Iran while Vice President Dick Cheney was running the company.

Clear Channel to countersue Stern and Infinity

O'Reilly beaten by Franken in NYC radio wars

Ronstadt has no regrets for concert comments

Dems passing GOP in fundraising this year While the GOP maintains an overall financial edge, the Democrats' fundraising surge gives Kerry and congressional candidates an unexpected boost just as the election season intensifies. For the first time since 1992, the Democratic candidate and the national and congressional fundraising committees combined to outraise their GOP counterparts over a six-month span of an election year.

Shrinking Bush base among military Support for Bush is waning among typically conservative military families now facing redeployment.

State TCEQ backs Central Texas Clean Air Plan that includes (useless) vehicle tailpipe tests but lets industry pollute




Sig Christenson
Express-News Military Writer
Weblog: Saving the beasts of Baghdad


Inside one day's fierce battle in Iraq
In Baqubah, an attack of unexpected sophistication.


Bush wants to be 'peace president' now "No one wants to be the war president. I want to be the peace president."


Here's an email sent to John Cook (Operations Manager) with a copy to me and to Howard Toole (Sales Manager). I do not know why the writer didn't also send it to our local big boss, Reid Reker.

The writer was a caller on Tuesday. His name is Scott, but for some reason his line was labeled "Don" so I mistakenly called him that a couple of times.

He did NOT enjoy his conversation with me. Can you tell?

I am an equal opportunity critic of short sighted politicians no matter their party, whether local, state or national. No fondness for Bush, nor Kerry nor Texas Gov. Blowdry nor Mayor Garza because they represent fatcats, not ordinary people.

If you, too, would like to make remarks about me to my bosses and colleagues, here are some of their email links:



Dear Mr. Cook,
I am delighted you replaced Carl and Eliza. Frankly, I believed that they both had their strengths, but Eliza needs to be in a more liberal market where liberals rule. I got so sick of hearing how Queer Eye was the best show on television. My kids asked me why she said that. Hard to explain to 9 and 10 year olds. Carl was so negative that, during his show, I had to hide my razor blades.
That brings me to Brad. He has his moments, but his bashing of Bush is tedious. Even in discussing Linda Rondstadt, he alluded that her poor singing was the reason she was booed off stage. No, Mr. Cook, she was booed and walked out on because she bashed our president. Perhaps Brad should take a clue. All he seems to do is down grade the present administration and comment negatively on almost everything. Now, that is his right. My right is to turn him off and stay away from his advertisers. This is very hard for me. Texas Hamburger Company makes the best bacon cheeseburgers in town. But I will choose Chester's from now on, and let the folks at Texas Hamburgers know why. I have roadrunner and plan to cancel and go to SW Bell. I do not, and will not use Kinetico or the other Brad Messer sponsors, even though I had planned to buy a Kinetico to replace my water softener. You should know that my entire office used to listen to Brad, but now, much to my chagrin, Rush rules the waves. I am not a Ditto head. I will listen to Christian radio during Brad's shift. I just can no longer stand his constant negative comments on almost everything, especially Bush's decision to go after terrorism. I wonder what Brad would have done?
I love the rest of the crew, Trey, Boler, Ricci, Jack and even Duel. Also, Dave Ramsey was a very smart choice for a syndicated show. I am pained to write this, because I normally vote with my finger on the dial and am **deigned to criticize another.
Sir, I worked my way through college in radio. For many years I managed the college radio station. I applied for and received a $4 million dollar grant for a new Radio Television department, which included new buildings. During my tenure, radio TV enrollment rose over 400%. I did this in the early 70's in the Texas Panhandle with long hair which was tantamount to treason in those parts. I played Merle Haggard dutifully though my heart was with Jethro Tull. In other words, sir, I served the public interest before and instead of my own. Is that not a condition of your license as well? Truly yours,
Scott (not Don)Johnson

9:59am -- I have removed Scott (not Don)'s email link because he claims his address is being submitted to spammers.
**Scott: I envy you your college education. Look up "deigned" HERE

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Iran---RESULT

Bush, CIA at odds over possible link between Iran and 9-11 President's interest in a possible 9/11 connection goes against the agency leader's assessment.
President Bush said Monday that his administration was investigating possible links between Iran and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a statement that distanced the president from acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, who had downplayed a possible connection a day earlier.

posted 910am-910pm Tue 7/20/2004
Does this story give you the idea that President Bush might like to invade Iran next?
Yep, I'm suspicious
Nope, he just wouldn't
Total votes 256



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