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Tuesday, July 6, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Houston Chronicle 7/5/2004
Mexican soldiers interrupt funeral of U.S. Marine killed in Iraq Problems began as the six pallbearers were folding the U.S. flag in preparation to hand it to Lopez's widow, said Dickmeyer [spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City] who was present. A Mexican Army captain, backed by at least 10 soldiers in combat uniforms and helmets, demanded to see documents giving the Marines permission to carry the guns in Mexico, he said. Dickmeyer said he suggested the captain wait until the ceremony was over to discuss the matter. But the officer continued demanding to see documents and confiscate the guns, even as a U.S. Marine played taps on his bugle, Dickmeyer said.

Washington Post 7/6/2004
Mexicans Disrupt Marine's Funeral

Kerry picks Edwards as VP candidate


Uh oh
One of the biggest newspaper screwups of our lifetime

Jesus actor mistaken for the real deal James Caviezel has been swamped with requests to perform miracles by Mexican fans who believe he really is Jesus Christ.

"Don't Mess Witrh Texas" slogan in court Richard Tucker, a South Carolina purveyor of Western-themed garments, filed an application to trademark his "Don't Mess With Texas" line in 1993. The Department of Transportation didn't get around to protecting its slogan until 2000. The parties are engaged in legal negotiations.

CIA supposedly held back evidence Iraq had no WMDs Relatives of Iraqi scientists said before the war that Baghdad's unconventional weapons programs had been abandoned, but the C.I.A. failed to inform the president.

San Antonio Express-News
Roddy Stinson

Anti-North Side screechers crow about killing PGA Village

Toll road for San Marcos?

  Mouse in Miller Lite?
Judge horrified at finding a mouse in his beer ".. code on the bottle indicating it was brewed in Fort Worth, Texas, one of Miller's six breweries."

Chiquita plans strawberry-flavored bananas


Re. Emails asking about my absence
Okay, here's the deal. I drove myself straight to a hospital Thursday after my show because I had one symptom of a heart attack, but by Friday the symptom had vanished and the hospital admitted it had no idea what my problem had been, but would I like to be inconvenienced by more tests, no thank you very much and I came home. To quote JameBrown, "I feel GOOD! Na na na nana nana like I knew that I WOULD now..."


Security up for political conventions Convinced that terrorists are determined to disrupt the presidential election by attacking the United States, the government is mounting a massive security effort.

Titan pictures puzzle scientists Scientists expected to see oceans or lakes reflecting like mirrors from Titan's surface. Instead, Cassini sent back murky pictures obscured by moon clouds.

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung
Comal County river patrols leave towns lightly protected The city's river enforcement program has become a sort of summer death march for its police officers.

Corpus Christi quilters give comfort to slain soldiers' families

Rocky Mountain News
Trapped in red tape
Sickened DOE workers wait to be paid It started with the Department of Energy spending $4.8 million on a computer system when its own consultant said a $50,000 version would have done just fine.


Thank you Alamo Fireworks stand on 2252 near Garden Ridge, for the "10 Ball" roman candles that always had only 9, except for the one that had 8, and most especially for the giant fire fountain "without report" that blew up with such an ungodly "report" that my grandson started crying and my neighbors called the police, to whom I explained that I had intended to "break the law only a little bit" with a silent fire fountain without report. I did not get a ticket (if I had, it would have been deserved) but the officer wrote my name down, so I'm possibly in a police database somewhere now. Wonder if I'll be able to get through airport security...


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Teacher Sex--- RESULT
posted 915am Thur 7/1 - 1130pm Sat 7/3/2004
When a 14-year-old boy is seduced several times by an attractive 23-year-old teacher
He will be psychologically damaged (71)
He will think he's gone to Heaven (660)
Votal votes 731

comment sampler...

Jim: The only person is going to be getting any ridicule is her husband. Seeing as he doesn't know how to lay pipe.

Underage: I got caught by one's mother. We scrambled for our clothes and I accidentally put my shirt on inside out.

Michael: He probably will never get another opportunity like this one.

Elcochin0: Where do I get a job as a security guard at the prison she gonna be in.

Joe: I had the Hots for my 9th grade Spanish teacher.

1. Where is the crime?
2. Where was she when I was 14?!

Jim: I was traumatized when I was 14 by my science teacher, Mrs. Phillips. I tried everything I could think of, but she just wouldn't seduce me.

Clayton: i wanted to lay ms. hass my jr high teacher for the love of pete she was married to a shrink. and also my high school english teacher.

Rick: I'd say most 14 year old boys are like Beavis and Butthead (remember them?), and all they can think about is getting laid!

Ross: She is a child molester.

ms. hass: I remember you Clayton. I'm in the home for teachers now, come by and see me.

Brent: It would be rape if she was ugly! Let her go.

Elizabeth: will he now think that any woman who is nice to him, shows him compassion, etc....wants to have sex????

[Editor’s note: Yes.]

Reed: If the boy wasn't doing this with her, he'd be doing it alone. I think it's much better with skilled adult supervision..

larry: I lusted after my 6th grade teacher, and still have dreams of her at 55




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