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Wednesday, June 30, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
June hits as of midnight this morning 2,076,610


JPL website with photos here
Seven-year, 2-billion-mile flight just about over The Cassini spacecraft is closing in fast on its destination, Saturn, and mission officials say it is all set to apply its rocket brakes on Wednesday evening to become the first robotic visitor to orbit the spectacularly ringed planet and its family of 31 known moons.

Rain causing concern at Hill Country vineyards

Gas blamed for 3 train wreck deaths Autopsies showed that a railroad crewman and two southwest Bexar County residents who lived near the tracks died from breathing the poisonous gas that escaped when two freight trains collided at 5 a.m. Monday, a medical examiner said. More than 40 other people who breathed the fumes reported injuries, and five remained hospitalized.

Didn't our city hall say that SA was one of the best prepared cities in the US to deal with a terrorist attack? If that's the case, think of how many people would have died from a simple infusion of chlorine downtown. If they couldn't get to the people near this last train wreck for 6 hours.. imagine how many people would die had this happened downtown.
I would imagine this incident could give a terrorist a great deal of encouragement knowing that a simple chemical has this kind of potential with a failed response team.... and it isn't near as serious as a bomb! Scary!


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Train Wrecks RESULT
posted 9am-12pm Tue 6/29/2004
Should San Antonio send the railroad a bill for expenses of handling yet another local train wreck?
Maybe we ought to consider it.
Of course not!
Total votes 343



ON MY SHOW 2:10pm
Halliburton whistleblowers say millions wasted in Iraq New testimony from former Halliburton workers and congressional auditors released in Washington, D.C., this week has revealed millions of dollars worth of wasteful practices, major over billing and virtually no oversight of the company's work to support the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq in March 2003.

US military lowers profile in Iraq "..moving convoys at night and scaling back its offensive operations."

  Construction in Iraq Is Stalled
More than a year into an effort that has been likened to the Marshall Plan, fewer than 140 of 2,300 construction projects are under way in Iraq.


Saddam becomes Iraqis' prisoner Legal custody of Saddam Hussein and 11 others was transferred today to the Iraqis, a first step toward the ousted dictator's expected trial for crimes against humanity. Iraq's new national security adviser said the Iraqi Special Tribunal would be able to impose the death penalty.

Andy Borowitz
'No Way,' Says Cheney
One day after the United States transferred sovereignty to Iraq, Iraq unsuccessfully attempted to give sovereignty back to the United States.

    Thousands of troops who paid own R&R airline expenses will be reimbursed


Animated editorial
Halliburton: America's Favorite Contractor
Thanks, David P.

New Iraq and the Same Old Same Old Former Iraq viceroy L. Paul Bremer's heels had barely scuttered across the tarmac to his plane Monday when the new Iraqi government proudly unfurled the nation's flag, but it was the old red-and-green and-black flag of yore.

Authority faulted over Halliburton hotel bills

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British



Net attack aimed at banking data Computer security experts warned Tuesday of another new Internet threat that can steal the passwords and account information of people who bank online -- the second such discovery in a week. The bug targets users of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser. Experts said users can protect themselves from the bug by using a non-Microsoft Corp. browser or by using software to block pop-ups. Internet Explorer users are immune if they download and install a patch that was released in April.

FBI terrorist suspect got Haz-Mat license

Jack Wheeler - Washington Times
Harry Potter and Bill Clinton Bill Clinton is such a repulsive subject I never thought I would ever write about him again after he was replaced by a man of decency and integrity in the White House. Yet the sight of all those women lining up to buy his book, to get that book autographed by a serial abuser of women, like prostitutes idolizing their abusive pimp, is sadly illustrative of a bizarre truth.

Texis highskool gradution rate worst in natun, agin

Teacher accused of sex with 14-year-old boy Link to her photo HERE

11-year-old California boy gets stuck in chimney

Mom threatens, throws pizza at Chuck E. Cheese mascot The mascot's sin: She wasn't paying enough attention to the woman's child. (Next story under "Kidnapping" headline)

Bathing in someone else's water to save a few pennies? Yup, it's been done. Meet the winners of the 2004 Penny Pincher of the Year contest.

Driver: I hit a Mercedes and the guy didn't even scream at me "The first words out of the mouth of the young gentleman whose antique Mercedes suffered at the hands of my inattention were, 'Are you all right?'


Barbie gets new toy boy after ditching Ken


Brian Tobias of the San Antonio Astronomical Ass'n went to California for the suborbital flight of a civilian rocket man aboard SpaceShipOne, and got some wonderful pictures including this one. I thank Brian for being a guest on my show immediately after the successful spaceflight.



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