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Thursday, June 24, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
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Alamo City surpasses Dallas in population

San Antonio grows 5.5% in 3 years
San Antonio has passed Dallas to become the second-largest city in Texas and the eighth-largest in the nation, according to new Census Bureau population estimates.

Jeanne Jakle - San Antonio Express-News
KTSA pulls plug on two hosts
KTSA fired veteran San Antonio radio talk show hosts Carl Wiglesworth and Eliza Sonneland on Wednesday.
Station general manager Reid Reker wouldn't comment on the move, except to say "ratings were an issue." He said successors should be in place within a month.

KTSA Statement
2:38 p.m. Wednesday

Carl Wiglesworth and Eliza Sonneland are no longer with KTSA.
They have made many contributions over the years to KTSA for which they should be thanked. Please join me in wishing them the best for the future. We are currently searching for replacements and hopefully will be able to announce them within the next 2 to 4 weeks.
Reid Reker
Senior VP / Market Manager, Infinity Broadcasting


12:00 a.m. Thursday

Folks, you're sending me a lot of email about Carl and Eliza, which I am sure they would like to see. I will try to find forwarding addresses for them.
(added 8 a.m. Thursday: Eliza's is HERE)
(added 8 p.m. Thursday: Carl's is HERE)

This whole situation is sad for a boiling potful of reasons. I'm not going to comment much, but here are a couple of remarks.

I love my job. I have an employment contract. As a talk host at KTSA I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Yet, losing my job crosses my mind virtually every day— exactly as it has for a majority of my years in radio.

What I'm about to say applies not to our two departed friends, but to radio in general: people's jobs sometimes evaporate for the very silliest of non-reasons, and radio pros learn to not be too surprised. We are just plug-in commodities, aware that we can be unplugged on a whim. People who don't deserve to, get tossed, right along with people who do deserve it. It goes with the territory. We all know it in our gut.

And one more thing. Please don't sucker in to the conspiracy theories about revenge by PGA Village or retribution for making negative Clinton remarks. There's nothing to that stuff.

Finally, yes, if my former colleagues relocate on the dial, I will see that you find out where.

Your friend,



US extends own immunity in Iraq The Bush administration has decided to take the step of bestowing on its own troops and personnel immunity from prosecution by Iraqi courts for killing Iraqis or destroying local property, U.S. officials said.

More than 80 killed in Iraq attacks Police stations across the country are targeted as civilians, several Iraqi police officers and a U.S. soldier are among the casualties.

US gives up trying to get war crimes immunity Troops' abuse of Iraqi prisoners causes U.N. members to back away from proposal. The move represented the Bush administration's biggest setback at the United Nations since March 2003, when the White House dropped its push for a resolution that would have authorized the war in Iraq.


Rules change on seeing troops' remains return The Defense Department will allow families of U.S. troops and others killed in Iraq to watch their loved ones' caskets be removed from military transport planes at Dover Air Force Base, according to a little-noticed memo issued last month.

CIA officer says US losing terrorism war

England case revives Women-In-Military issue
Her case has helped reopen the debate over gender in the military with a vengeance. Beyond the Abu Ghraib incidents, there are reports of widespread sexual activity, pregnant female soldiers, and darker reports of rapes against women.


Rarely used reservists may go to Iraq

Tenet furious over scathing CIA report


The missing Clinton women Bill Clinton calls his sexual encounters with White House intern Monica Lewinsky "immoral and foolish" and said his "relationship" with Gennifer Flowers was one he "should not have had." But in his autobiography flying out of bookstores, he doesn't mention several other women whose names were linked in scandal with his.

Most men stall, but do want to get married

Edmund Tijerina
Get ready for elephants on 281
See the proposed freeway ART HERE


Houston restaurant inspections may go online

San Antonio should do this, but our poor restaurant inspectors don't even have computers: the city doesn't adequately fund our health operation

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Cafe Inspections -- RESULT
posted 930am-9pm Thur 6/24/04
Should San Antonio computerize restaurant health inspections and put them online?
Vote total 238


Canyon flow will be reduced for weekend tubing
The change will mean tubers should be able to tube the Guadalupe this weekend. Last weekend, 5,000 cfs flows closed the river, forcing all tubers onto the Comal River.

Upgraded Guadalupe
gauges to give river data quicker "..having information updated more frequently makes it easier to determine river trends important for judging flooding problems."
Note: the Victoria Advocate site has especially-irritating popup ads

Cibolo calls election to create charter
Cibolo - one of the fastest growing cities in Guadalupe County - passed the 5,000 resident mark in the first part of 2004, which made the city eligible to adopt a home rule charter.

Woman awarded $7.4 million in suit against Metabolife
Diet supplement caused stroke, attorneys argued

Illinois Republican took actress wife to 'kinky sex clubs' Allegations that a millionaire politician took his wife to kinky clubs and pressured her to have sex in front of other people have scandalised America and are threatening to rob President George W Bush of his Senate majority.

Toxic pollution rose in 2002, reversing trend

Chicago priest chases down moneybox thief

Las Vegas Comdex axed for lack of interest

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