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Tuesday, June 22, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
105,167 hits yesterday • 1,212,076 hits so far in June
Down column:
Anglos to become Texas minority by end of 2005

S. Central Texas FLOOD WATCH

No Statement
KTSA will issue no statement in response to the Leaked Memo Incident reported Monday on

In her column linked below, Jeanne Jakle writes: "KTSA General Manager Reid Reker said the memo — which was posted on the Web site — was authentic, but he wouldn't comment on it. "It was a memo designed to be an internal memo that received wider distribution than it was supposed to," he said."

One thing: according to my emails, a WHOLE lot of people think that some KTSA talk hosts fell into disfavor for voicing a negative opinion about either the Bill Clinton book, or the hour-long Clinton program that Viacom has ordered all of its News and Talk stations to broadcast Thursday. It is my personal belief that no aspect of the Clinton story had any bearing at all. Commentary: KTSA Free Speech

San Antonio Express-News - Jeanne Jakle
Memo hints something's up, or out, at KTSA Media wags are buzzing loudly about a Web report involving veteran KTSA personalities. A local online publication appears to be the origin of the buzz that major changes are on the way at Infinity-owned KTSA.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Bill's Book--- RESULT
posted 12am-11pm Mon 6/21/2004
If I set KTSA policy this week, Bill Clinton's new book would get
Not one mention all week
60% } 89%
Maybe a passing reference a few times per day
At least some coverage every hour
A tremendous amount of coverage
Overwhelming almost-nonstop publicity and promotion
Total votes 372


Paul Krugman commentary
Ashcroft ignored Texas terrorist with WMD

Senate backs ban of GI coffin photos

Supreme Courts upholds Texas law against HMO lawsuits


Washington Post
Starship Private Enterprise Flying a foam composite rocket ship powered by laughing gas and burning rubber, Mike Melvill took off faster than a bullet over a ramshackle airport in the desert Monday and overcame serious malfunctions to become the first astronaut to reach space in a mission entirely funded by private entrepreneurs.


Evangelicals urged to vote and 'shape public policy' Evangelical Christians, who emphasize personal conversion, faith in Jesus and public preaching, make up about one-quarter of the electorate.

Baghdad -- Military chiefs are drawn into prison abuse trials

Bush pushes marriage initiative in re-election battle

Iraq, Al Qaeda, and what constitutes a 'relationship' "..straightforward talking is supposed to be this administration's strong point."
Bush contradicted on Iraq and al Qaeda? Or not? Even the 9-11 comissioners don't agree about whether their staff contradicted the Bush administration.
The staff of the The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission) issued a statement June 16 saying it found "no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States." It also said "contacts" between al Qaeda and Iraq "do not appear to have resulted in a collaborative relationship."
Whether or not that contradicts the Bush administration's stated reasons for invading Iraq is a matter of interpretation, however. Some say it does, but even the Democratic vice chair of the commission says he sees no discrepancy.

Washington Post-ABC News Poll
Bush loses advantage in War on Terrorism Doubts about the long-term consequences of the war have helped erase the president's advantage over Sen. John F. Kerry on who is best able to deal with terrorist threats.


South Korean hostage beheaded The Islamist Web site "Voice of Jihad" also posted a message saying that the insurgents had killed Kim.
Kim, 33, was an Arabic speaker and evangelical Christian who had worked in Iraq for a year as a translator for a South Korean firm supplying goods to the U.S. military.

Recent air-traffic gaffes show FAA is vulnerable

Houston ex-radio host pleads guilty to child indecency

Super Bowl streaker may be jailed for 6 months

A look at Texas in 2040 Austin would be larger than San Antonio; state would be older, more Hispanic.
Anglos will soon cease to be a majority ethnic group in Texas, falling below 50 percent of the population by the end of 2005.


Paul Johnson execution most-searched last week on Lycos Paris Hilton second


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